July 13th 2009 10:50 pm PT

Cool shades for your Avatar

A whole new set of eyewear is now available for your Avatar.



  • Black Shutter Shades
  • Red Shutter Shades
  • White Shutter Shades
  • Hippy Shades


  • Blue Shutter Shades
  • Green Shutter Shades
  • Yellow Shutter Shades



All clothing choices are free, and will remain available. It is easy to tell what is new when you are in the avatar editor, just look for the gold star. Any item of clothing with a gold star is new since the last time you signed in to the avatar editor.


Gaming By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • The 12oach

    whahoo me likes shades :D

  • Vasilii Zaytsev


  • OmegaKain

    cool, been looking for some new eyewear

  • Exu

    Such variety.

  • Arsenic13

    When does the marketplace and awards come? Fall? And I saw a Warthog toy car award and it was 320 points. WTH is that?

  • SumHydroponic

    Hey Major, any word on when the Avatar Marketplace is coming? Fall update is what I have heard, would be nice to have a solid date though.

  • Piztup

    Major, i serioulsy want a set of John Lennons, small circular lens’ in blue. in real life as well as avatar land, know where i can gan a set like?


    No more preview pics, Major? :(

  • FyroniK

    So… this time and last time, you have said they are available but then they don’t show up on my avatar editor :(. Is there some sort of delay by region? I am in Ontario Canada. With the boardshort update I noticed my friend in Alberta had his boardshorts show up while mine did not show up until the next day… all previous updates to that I had instantly when they were put in at the same time as everyone else, what happened?

  • XxLightkunxX

    Not bad, but these increasingly smaller updates just further hint about the Avatar store coming up.

    What’s with the slow progress to it though? Why’s it taking so long? We should have the store pretty soon right? But new glasses…..meh…I’ll check them out next time I’m online.

  • eiVaL

    Posted: Jul 13 2009, 05:50 PM

    its now 10:55pm an i dont see any new shades…. so even if you posted this California time its been way more 4 hours….WTF

  • ItsNymo

    I don’t get how the last two avatar updates have been delayed for me. Each time I check, it’s not there, not until probably the next day. yet, Others appear to have it.
    granted, I’m in no rush to get some new shades for my Avatar, but it just strikes me strange that it’s been happening recently unlike before, when they were actually there when you mentioned it…

  • Anonymous

    i got nothing. i think it’s slow for PST ppl


    Did Kanye have something to do with this update? How about some nice Oakleys?

  • DL CyberSkull

    How about more unisex items?

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    One thing I noticed is that for some reason, like maybe after certain games update your system, I lose all my Avatar updates and I get reset to the original release stuff (with the exception of what I am wearing). The only way I have found to get my full selection back is to recover my profile.

  • PiNkEyE69

    Not showing up in the UK for me :( I’m guessing when they do everyone on 1v100 will be wearing them

  • oO MG81 Oo

    Not showing for me yet either.

  • Anonymous

    Must take it’s time to arrive over the pond i guess.

  • Anonymous

    none of the clothes are showing up for me, only the original ones are.

  • davidkenobi

    Hmm, nothing there too !

  • Sausage Villan

    avatar store ……. hmmm that doesn’t seem like a ploy for even more money ….. they start off drug dealer style “here ya go the first couple are free …… like them? … well now you can pay for them!” come on microsoft do you really have to act so sleazy?

  • theuglyteradon

    I don’t see any of the competitors giving away “clothing”, although if the avatar clothes cost more than the PS3 Home clothes then I probably won’t ever bite on anything. I’m just hoping that, for once, I will look at something while contemplating a purchase and think that I’m not getting ripped off.

  • FightDog 85

    Can`t see anything new for my Avatar in Germany :(
    There`s still the old stuff…

  • wolfzero01

    sure would be nice to have some pics :)

  • WinterSnowblind

    I don’t see why it’s “sleazy”, at least they’re giving us free stuff. When the marketplace comes, you don’t have to buy any of it, and most of it appears to be liscenced stuff like Halo gear. As was said, Sony make you pay for stuff like this already and it’s far lower quality. And Nintendo have never once even updated their Mii’s.

  • x2i4eva

    No avatar shades here for me in the UK… any comments Major?
    Btw I’ve been keeping up with a lot of the new content from the avatar marketplace and I’d just like to say – looking good! http://tiny.cc/SAkRk

  • MadMojo

    Still not showing in US, as well. I can’t wait for some new shades, though! :)

  • Supreme Entity

    What in the hell is going on? It’s been over 12 hours and I still haven’t received the shades! (Neither has my girlfriend – we have two Xbox’s in the house) This is a first for me as with any avatar update, I would usually get them instantly. What gives?


    I’m in Texas and I’m not seeing any new glasses. I want them…

  • Rick Dias PK

    WinterSnowblind: That’s true, but in their current states… Nintendo’s Miis are more flexible in design by far, and allow recoloring various items. Microsoft’s “Mii Toos” need more normal functionality and variety before I can really understand them charging money for new content.

  • onagimi

    bring some nba jersey’s into the line up.

  • Keeby Boy

    You can’t look cool in shutter shades.

  • skyfire420

    why post there available when there not? its been almost 24 hrs, someone forgot to hit the upload switch once again?

  • Anonymous

    keep cool people new stuff is always released on wednesday

    I love 1vs100 ty

  • cliftonJONES

    I haven’t received any update yet, and this is the first time it’s happened…what’s up?

  • Exu

    Usually this stuff is released late on a Tuesday, in my time zone anyway. Maybe Major got the green light to post a little too early? I wouldn’t worry about it, they should be up by Wednesday at the latest.

  • eiVaL

    yeah EXU thats all fine an dandy just one problem….

    Posted: Jul 13 2009, 05:50 PM by Major Nelson

    this was posted yesterday not Tuesday,

    its now JULY 14TH 7:57PM EASTERN, last i checked its well past the 4 hour time difference between EST an PST an my avatar still shows the stupid “new item” stars on the pants an shirt sections, so tahts an automaticly tells me the glasses arent updated….

    the fact that he(or someone else who works at XBL) posted 3 other articles on this site since this one, but didnt offer any response, is pretty lame.

  • eiVaL

    the funny thing is by the description of the glasses they probably are stupid anyways, they need to start making Game specific clothing, like a shirt with the Gears logo on it, or a Halo helmet…its not like they have to go through hoops clearing products that are liscened by Microsoft lol, an im pretty sure fans of specific games would rather show their love of that game than these generic clothes.

  • Shiaoran

    I’d rather have spring or spiral eyes glasses… Maybe even a disguise one :P

  • Shiaoran

    @eiVaL: They’re definetly holding those off for when they can charge for it. Expect to see 800+MSP Halo and Gears armors.

  • kaldo

    Gee…. Great.

    Major, how bout getting the crew there to create something useful? Like achievement points for the full downloadable XBOX games?

    I don’t buy microsoft’s answer that it’s too hard on that one. If you can dig up absolute dreg from the 80’s and early 90’s and make it available on xbox live arcade, complete with 200 achievement points, you can add 500 points into every available XBox 1 game now available.

    If you guys don’t think sales of 1st gen games would go through the roof, then you’re all out of your minds.

  • shadaik

    So, I asume there is something gender-specific about shades now? I mean, I can accept this with shirts (due to body shape) and skirts, but shades?

  • Shade Tail

    Lovin the hippy shades Major :D


    isnt this suppose to be summer? Where are the hawaiian shirts at??

  • Zacabeb

    Achievement unlocked. Panic release – 5G.

  • XxLightkunxX

    Wow. Finally checked out the shades today.

    Where the hell did fashion go? What’s with the Kanye-West obsession on both sexes here? Do people actually wear those things in real life or what? I mean just…..blah. Seriously. I hung my jaw wide in shock of “crap” quality I saw. But oh well.

  • Exu

    I tried to put some of the shutter shades onto my Avatar but he immediately tore them off, threw them to the floor and stomped on them, muttering something about how he “couldn’t see a ****ing thing”.