July 14th 2009 11:00 am PT

New Add-on coming for Halo Wars


It’s called Historic Battles and it will be available July 21st for 800 points and it has four new maps and four new Achievements. Here is a breakdown of what Historic Battles for Halo Wars will contain:

  • Barrens (1v1 Map): Difficult terrain channels units into killing zones. The side that controls the Forerunner artifacts will have the advantage.
  • Blood River (1v1 Map): Secure base locations on nearby cliffs overlook this naturally red-tinged river. The soldiers that fought over its two narrow crossings gave the river its name, which has since taken on a greater meaning.
  • Glacial Ravine (3v3 Map): A snow-topped mountain range forms a natural barrier that cuts this region in half. Control of the two energy walls at the narrow central pass often determines the outcome of the battle, though clever use of the Sentinel Factories may play a role as well.
  • Memorial Basin (2v2 Map): The high ground in the middle offers good cover for infantry, while the generally open terrain transforms organized battle plans into bloodbaths.

The four new Achievements worth a total of 100 points are:

  • Tour Coming Through: Hot drop 50 squads to your Covenant Leader in a single game on Memorial Basin (30 points)
  • Never Leave a Man Behind: Finish a game with 5000 net resources contributed to your teammates on Memorial Basin (15 points)
  • Drain Cleaner: Kill 20 enemy squads with a continuous Covenant Leader Power on Memorial Basin (30 points)
  • Killjoy: Disrupt 5 active Leader Powers in a single game on Blood River (25 points)



Game Add-on, Halo By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • SteelCity Beast

    Wont pick this up

  • WinterSnowblind

    I loved the game, but I can’t say I’m too interested in purchasing just a few maps for it. Some bigger expansions would have been really cool.

  • xTheRulerx

    Cool. Achievements don’t look that great but new maps look fun.

  • yolarrydabomb

    I don’t even own the game. LOL

  • RageKage657

    “Finish a game with 5000 net resources contributed to your teammates on Barrens”

    How do you do this on a 1 v 1 map?

  • TSA jpicard

    Interesting will prob pick this up

  • xTheRulerx

    “”Finish a game with 5000 net resources contributed to your teammates on Barrens”

    How do you do this on a 1 v 1 map?”


  • Ollyh

    Grew tired of Halo Wars a while ago. I guess I wont be picking this up.

  • Get2DaChoppa

    No Covenant campaign? Pass.

  • Hindesite

    Though I liked Halo Wars, I would’ve LOVED it if it supported split-screen co-op both on and offline. Having multiple people on the same team is where it’s at in this game, but not being able to share a system really hurts it’s viability for the kind of console experience I’m looking for. I wanna be able to toss my buddy who’s hanging out at my house a controller and say, “Hey let’s hop online and dominate some people.” and be able to do it just like that. I hate popping the game in and my buddy getting all into it then having it be like, “Alright, well… I guess go home so we can play it together.” :/

  • Raz 360

    Absolutely love Halo Wars but just as I didnt pick up the last DLC, I will not pick up this DLC. For a start I only ever play 2v2 and thats with the same team mate when we’re both on, not really with anyone else. I RARELY play 3v3. Halo Wars also suffers from a drought, there is a dying population of players on the game so sometimes it can take a while to find a game. Also games tend to be spoilt by players who simply want to rush you instead of building up a respectable army in favour of hog rushing, or using a covenant leader which really does get annoying because ANYONE could do that, I just choose not to (and quite alot of the time I can repel such an attack).

    SO with all that added up I wont pick this up, simply because it contains only 2 out of the 4 maps id ever use (and i really stress the ‘ever’ on the 3v3 map), and for 800 points its just not for me.

    Ye whats with the achievement for sending 5000 net resources to ur team mate on a map u’ll never ever have a team mate? Whats going on there?

  • AIaskanGrown

    fiiiiiiiiinally, i got burnt out on the few maps within a month, cant wait to play these new ones.

  • QualityJeverage

    “Don’t even own the game”, “Won’t pick this up”

    Then really, why even comment?

  • ToothlessFrog

    The best way to “revive” a game that is constantly losing players is to release a $10 add on that has a few maps and a few achievements LOL, make it 400 points and it starts getting into an acceptable realm. I’m just a bit lost on this one.

  • clarky456

    800 Points is a total rip for this. Will not buy.

  • Surly x Duff

    I liked Halo Wars more than a lot of people, but I will not be buying this. Gimme more campaign missions, or Covenant campaign. The multiplayer is all but dead anyways.

  • Anonymous

    Won’t be buying this. The devs already proved they are greedy bastards with the last DLC. Plus, this only adds one 3v3 map … JUST ONE. I’ll pass.

  • skyfire420

    whoa whoa whoa wait, people still play this?

  • XxLightkunxX

    You know…Halo 3 has done similar things with each of their map packs releasing….to be honest I don’t see why you people are complaining.

  • RageKage657

    Because this is a comment-enabled website. People love to complain when they don’t have to.

  • krisxx

    one of the most amusing forums for crybabies and complainers too. Soon as I saw 800pt price, I knew I would get a lot of laughs.

  • BeAkErOo

    i’m tired and my screen is way too bright, how dare you major nelson!

  • gaz721

    First 800 points for lame playlists, that i regrettably bought, and now 800 points for 3 maps, and i’d probably only play the 3v3.. poor show..

    I’m completely disappointed in microsoft and robot for crapping all over us when it comes to halo wars.

    I’ll be spending my points on something worthwhile, like the next fallout DLC when it comes out.. at least then i know im getting my moneys worth.

  • Exu

    Not bad but eh, there’s so much better out there. I enjoyed Halo Wars but it just isn’t that special and I feel no inclination to pick up this content whatsoever.

  • EtTuBruteshot

    Well, after the last DLC from Robot and Microsoft, I’ll have to pass too.

    I love Halo Wars and still play it at least 4 times per week, but after getting burned on the last DLC, I think my money/points are put to better use elsewhere.

    One thing that Robot could do to clean up the multiplayer playlists and get rid of the Party only lists and handle XBox Live parties the same way everyone else does… if you’re in a party, the players stick together. If not, you can still play the matches on all of the play lists… so, instead of 2v2 and 2v2 Party, you’d only have 2v2 (or 3v3 in the case of a three player map).

    The last DLC was 90% unplayable unless you’re in a party wanting to play and everyone has purchased the DLC. It’ll be even worse with this round after everyone felt betrayed with the 1st DLC package.

  • Special C

    Why do people keep saying this game is dead? I play 2v2 with my friend and we always find good matches. We play 4 or 5 in a row with no problem.

  • Malrinth

    If you don’t like the price of the DLC or the fact it is priced at all – I for one am too used to getting RTS maps for free to pay for them and I know some people feel the same – all you can do is not support the dlc and/or the game. I did not buy the game. I would have, but I did not like the price for the amount of content available; the fact that DLC was held back did not help it. If enough people agree Microsoft will have to think about changing some of their policies. Simple as that.