July 21st 2009 8:49 am PT

Halo Wars Historical Battle Map Pack Add-on


Content: Halo Wars Historical Battle Map Pack Add-on
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: [ESRB: T (Teen) MILD BLOOD,MILD LANGUAGE,VIOLENCE] Expand your Halo Wars experience with the Historical Battle Map Pack Add-on. These four new maps highlight key turning points in the epic war between the UNSC and Covenant forces. The maps include: Blood River – battle a single opponent over a treacherous natural chokepoint; Barrens – engage your enemy in the midst of the Flood; Memorial Basin – two vs. two team play in one of the bloodiest battles in Halo history; and Glacial Ravine — three vs. three action as you fight to control a narrow corridor flanked by energy walls. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see www.xbox.com/live/accounts.

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Game Add-on, Halo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • DurhamNC


    When I try to purchase and download the pack, I’m given only the option to enter a redemption code. Do I overlook something?

  • Sneeches

    not free = no purchase!!!

  • X Smalesh X

    Yeah ! 4 maps for 800 points, I take it !

  • BeAkErOo

    really should have had a new campaign for covenant and then i’d have talked turkey with ya bill

  • TitanBlue67

    “not free = no purchase!!!”

    Brilliant! *lol*

  • swrdfish


    I love you guys want everything for free. Did someone spend time making those maps? Is it an addition to what you agreed to get for the original cost of the game? Why would you expect it to be free?

    Do you go to work every day and not ask for a paycheck??

  • Sneeches

    @Swrdfish – I just think this game isn’t that good and didnt sell too well so they should offer some free swag to get more people into it.

  • swrdfish

    @Sneeches – That makes sense… but at the end of the day, you spend $10 on lunch, if you enjoy the game, $10 bucks for some more maps really isn’t that big a deal. I haven’t played the game yet, so I’m not sure I want to maps… I’m still fighting through inFamous ( can I say that on this site? )

  • Sneeches

    @swrdfish – infamous is awesome!!! But the side quests got boring fast. they were all the same.

    As for paying 10$ on this stuff, i agree completely with you but I didn’t like this game and I know it didn’t sell too well so for them to charge another 10$ seems a little crazy to me. lol.

    I have over 50 arcade games and have paid for tons and tons of DLC, so I’m a full supporter of xbox live, but this DLC should have been free!

  • alex5523

    this DLC are not worth for most of the people that has this game, probably if you charge 800 but for this maps and the last map pack, then they will actually consider this maps

  • Archangel3371

    The game sold pretty good. I know it sold over 1 million at least, maybe even 2 million by now. While this price for the new maps isn’t too bad I’m still pretty ticked off at the 800 points they charged for the new game modes to really want to purchase this dlc. It’s a shame too because I do really enjoy the game.

  • gaz721

    I like the game too, but being severely disappointed in the last “DLC” means i won’t be buying this one. I seriously don’t know how someone can justify a couple of game modes being the same price as a nice looking set of maps..

  • Ranger7722

    800 points for this is ridiculous. If you combine the two DLCs, you get some new game modes, and 4 new maps for $20. Compare this to “Knights of the Nine” for Oblivion, which is basically a full blown expansion, for the same price.
    Or compare it to Gears of War 2’s “All Fronts Pack”, which is 14 new multiplayer maps and a campaign chapter, for the same price.
    Honestly I’m a big Halo Wars fan, I love the game. But I’m not getting enough bang for my buck here to download either of these packs.

  • sashimix

    Wow, pretty steep price considering it’s just 4 maps… I mean, the other map pack had some new game modes too, right?

  • XxLightkunxX

    Anyone who has ever played Halo 3 knows that all of the expansions were also at one point 800 points for the same line of thinking Halo Wars does for their map packs. I don’t see why you people are complaining about pricing when you drop Microsoft Points on something maybe someone else thinks is useless.

    Either don’t buy and shut up, or buy it and enjoy it. I myself will eventually get all the map packs and like it.

  • Archangel3371

    You need to check your attitude at the door Lightkun. I’m not merely complaining for the sake of complaining as I don’t expect things to be freely given to me and I’m all for “to each their own” in what they find to be of value. What I won’t do is simply “not buy something and shut up”. If I don’t at give a reason as to why I don’t want to buy something then developers/publishers won’t have clear guidelines as to what gamers want. So if it’s all the same to you I’m going to continue voicing my desires both with my wallet and by explicitly stating them whenever I can, albeit in a reasonable and respectful fashion.

  • Exu

    Thanks, but no thanks. I’ve got better things to spend my points on.

  • Special C

    Unfortunately me and my friend bought these maps and played 7 games last night without getting any of them in the play-lists. Map packs + Current matchmaking system is fail. I love new maps, and I love matchmaking. But they don’t go together very well under the current system.