July 27th 2009 10:43 am PT

Deal of the Week: Far Cry 2 Fortunes Pack

Xbox LIVE Gold Members can now grab the Deal of the Week which is the Far Cry 2 Fortunes Pack Game Add On for 240 points.


Add Far Cry 2 Fortunes Pack Game Add On to your Xbox 360 download queue




Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Snake eyes 211

    hi major

  • Arsenic13

    Hmm Ill think about it. I may buy just one Avatar thing if im selected today. Probably wont be doing that alot though. Prices are outrageous for virtual clothes. 320MP for a useless Warthog accessory? Come on.

  • The Detective

    Ok, this is a lame deal and I’ll tell you why. The game is still BROKEN for most people and Ubisoft isn’t exactly fixing it properly. Why the hell would anyone want to buy a pack for a game that they might not have been able to finish.

  • Danowat32

    Farcry 2 was my biggest mistake purchase ever, and it only cost me £15, its very broken.

    Quite why anyone would buy DLC for a game this broken is beyond me, even at 240MSP

  • Anonymous

    man lame !!!

    the game is a joke.

    so much hyper and broken, boring mess of a game.

  • FlyExpress

    Please can you tell us when emails for dash are coming out

  • Anonymous

    Major I love your new weapon to fight locusts in GoW2 dlc !
    Is it a Q-tip ?

  • bUbbALoUmCc

    To everyone saying it is broken… They patched the game recently if you didnt hear. (Unless that patch has been found to still not help I dont know 100%) I got it and I love it, but no dlc for me because I am saving my points for Shadow Complex and I might buy Splosion Man too.

  • Enkeixpress

    That’s cool, I’ve already got it though.

  • Danowat32

    Where did you get your FM3 gamerpic from Enkeixpress?

    I’ll have to fire up FC2 and see if the patch helps out.

  • clarky456


    “Those whom have been accepted into the Preview Program will be contacted by email by July 31, 2009″

  • sepulturas666

    We need more arcade games in Deal of the Week. :/

    FarCry 2 is very broken and mediocre game. What’s the point to put DLC for this as Deal of the Week, even for 240 space bucks?

  • Arsenic13

    In Majors twitter, he said we will be contacted Monday the 27th.

  • Firecrest

    I’m really interested in the process the marketing team uses to select these deals. Just how many people play Farcry 2 multiplayer anyway?

    Also, these offers should be taken one step further and become permanent markdowns. I don’t think many folks are willing to pay full price for some of the older DLC. It’s extremely possible that MS could work in conjunction with devs to pull through with something that could benefit both parties and us. Otherwise, those items are nothing more than wasted server space on XBL.

  • FlyExpress

    Thanks clarky

    Farcry is ok the mapmaking is good but i ont like gameplay

  • DubbeL FriSSS

    Good to see that there is some discounts oce in a while :), glad I found this site,

    Today it’s E-Mail day ;)

  • DubbeL FriSSS

    @Arsenic13, then buy nothing ;)
    They sad you could also unlock things by getting some milestones,

    I really wanna know more about that,

  • Exu

    Is that it? For that I’d expect two concurrent deals.

    Meanwhile, preview emails will be sent later today, MN said he doesn’t know when though.

  • L0rN

    It`s obvious that we won`t get any discounted Arcadegames during the “Arcade Summer” time. Because then people would buy the discounted games instead of the advertised ones.

  • Louie

    Another pointless deal.

  • Bacon McShig

    Larry, what kind of numbers do these DLC deals pull compared to the XBLA game deals? Every time an XBLA game is featured, it shoots up near the top of the list in the “Most Popular” sorting in the Arcade section of the Marketplace, so obviously those do well. I simply can’t imagine that expansions for games that require prior ownership of a specific game, many of which have a largely abandoned online component, are seeing anywhere near the same bump.

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the sentiment and I think it’s still worth running sales on DLC whether or not doing so lights the charts on fire. But with Arcade games, there’s no prerequisite that the prospective buyer needs to have the game and still be actively playing it. It seems like the best course of action, from both a corporate and a consumer standpoint, is to do two deals a week, one for an XBLA game and one for game DLC.

    And speaking of Arcade, whatever happened to the Arcade Hits section? It’s been AGES since a new game got added to that lineup, and there’s no lack of candidates that could benefit from it.

  • clarky456

    Just to clarify the emails are going out today. My comment was simply a quote from the preview program page stating that you will be notified before the end of the month.

  • The Detective

    Yes, there was a patch recently, but the game is still broken.

  • BillyMagnumFOD

    Hmmm 240 points for broken-game DLC or a stupid avatar shirt….. Neither.

  • BustedChain

    Here’s a formula for Deal of the Week that Microsoft *SHOULD* (but isn’t) following:

    A> All new games (that have DLC) should have their DLC featured on Deal of the Week 4 to 6 months of coming out. Basically, once the initial “sell-through” of the content has started to stagnate you do this to give it another spike. Hopefully there will be some residual sales after that as more people buy the game because of the additional “buzz” the DLC causes.

    B> Any DLC for somewhat unpopular games should be paired with other DLC during the same week so that you keep people coming back for more. Hopefully if they didn’t want DLC “X” they will opt for DLC “Y” that week instead.

    C> Don’t be afraid to put DLC up on sale a second time at a later date, but follow “B>” when you do it and pair it with another piece of DLC so that again you keep the buyers happy and keep them coming back for more.

    D> Decide on a point in time where all DLC is discounted. There is absolutely no reason for someone to pay full price for DLC that has been out forever for a game that no one plays any more just because that person FINALLY decided to buy the game. 50% is a good price cut, but even 30% off would be okay.

    E> Even if they don’t adopt these guidelines (or some variation of them), they need to do SOMETHING because the current system of throwing a dart at a list to pick DLC for deal of the week stinks. People were a lot happier when the deal of the week meant that you had the chance to get add-on type DLC *AND* full arcade games at a significant discount… if you didn’t want the add-on, then there was still a chance you might like the arcade game. Also, something like this should be sponsored for the “Indie” games and Microsoft should foot the bill for it. That would be supporting independent development, that’s for sure!

  • PriusGuy2004

    Major: I would like to piggy-back on comments that were already made by @Firecrest and @Bacon McShig. While I understand the “Deal of the Week” is ultimately up to the developer, I think it would be nice to see multiple “Deals of the Week” (notice the “s”). I’m not talking tons and tons of content each week…just a few items each week…maybe a few add-ons and a XBLA game or two. (You could certainly mix it up each week.) With over 200 XBLA games and over 200 games that have add-ons, surely this could be a possibility. This idea might better support the “something for everyone” concept. It offers a choice rather than a single item per week. The ideas brought forward would be similar to getting a weekly ad in the mail from your local Target or Best Buy store (for example)…lots of items for sale…but you don’t have to get everything if it’s not of interest to you. Just my two cents.

  • JH2006

    What happen to them Arcade Hits? There hasn’t been a new title promoted to that thing in ages. Did no one ever buy anything from there?

    Surely there are now many titles, that for one reason or another might not have been purchased right away (and judging by the comments, its because most things are 1200 points) that some users might find appealling to purchase as an Arcade Hit and thus rekindle some income for the publishers/developers?

    Best thing about that was non Gold members could also pick up a bargain (if I remember correct), you know the casual gamers that might not renew their Live each year, or the new Xbox console users dipping their toes on Live?