July 28th 2009 7:29 pm PT

Preview Program Emails are being sent out


We’re in the process of sending notification emails out to the first group of people for the Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program. Please check your email (and spam folder…just in case) to see if you were selected. If we stay on schedule, those selected should receive a prompt to accept the update later today/tonight.


We’ll be sending another wave of notifications later this week, but we are holding registration open a bit longer to make sure everyone has a chance to participate. If you signed up but did not receive a mail yet, please head over to the connect site and review your information to make sure it is correct. I am being told that there are quite a few people did not properly complete the survey. If this is the first you are reading about the Preview Program, go ahead and sign up and you may be chosen to participate before the update is released on August 11th.


Update: Sign in to the connect site to see if you are accepted, since many of you did not opt-in to allow us to send you emails, or your email was not properly record in the system.



Gaming By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • darkwaddi

    I wish we had forum access seen as we have the update.

  • Wallmark

    Yay, no e-mail or notification on MS-connect but I got in! :D
    Many thanks from Sweden!

  • Haz450

    I hope their is a 3rd wave, i signed up just before the 1st, and haven’t got into any yet D:

  • Hunkyandrich

    On the site it only says “participating” for me, and I haven’t received an email, but I have got the update :)

  • JamesFitz

    On the site it only says “participating” for me, and I haven’t received an email, but I have got the update :) me too :D thanks Major.

  • Eppelheimer

    The update is sick. I have a couple of freinds and they got it too and we were already able to try out the netflix party as well as look around at the new clothes. I can tell that alot of time went into this one. So far so good.

  • Anonymous

    The Streamlined parties work like this, when you go to the Xbox Live Party tab and where it says ‘Invite Players to Party’ you no longer have to click their name and THEN send the invite because now all you do is have to click on their name and it should send it. Saves about 5 seconds so it’s sweet.

  • WheelzthatKeelz

    @Captain Fa1con
    That’s extremely pointless, I have never gone to the party tab to start or invite other players to my party. It is easier just to go to your friends list and press x on whoever you want to come in…
    Thanks for explaining though.


    I wasn’t able to make it into the first Preview Program for the initial release of NXE, so how does it work for Preview Program participants once the update goes public? Will we continue using the same update we’re using now on August 11 and after, or will we need to install the public update too? And if we do have to update again on August 11, will it be a different version of the update than the one we’re using now?
    (Wow isn’t this the first blog post of the year to get over 1,000 posts?)

  • Goodeye84


    This is the same update the public will get the only thing that will be different is that the “xbox preview” channel on the dashboard will automagically disappear.

  • AnotherSociety

    Got it and liking the shop with new items ; ) Looking forword to seening what new items will be unlocked with 360 games? Rating games is sweet and how long you have been a memeber ; ) (2)

  • Zekeban

    Got in ! Thank u Microsoft =) ! A nice surpirse for the weekend ! Thanks again and enjoy the rest of the summer u guys !

  • ProjectMayhem69

    Sweet got the update last night thanks as always Larry! Really enjoyed all the new Netflix and avatar features. The Marketplace tabs and menus are lightning fast now!

  • Razlyn

    I did’nt get the e-mail, but i got the update at midnight.

  • KyoKasungi

    I GOT IN YEAH!!!!!Second time 2…i got in when they had the nxe preview also…but the weird thing is no email and no congrats on connect website…but i was playing sf2hd remix and they just stoped me booted me from my game and asked to update my system…WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • CoG Genesis

    No e-mail nor update. Not that I’m surprised =P

  • H2O Dynamic

    I GOT IN YES!!!! lol I like how you can rate your games so cool :)

  • coma darkvale

    i got my download by complete surprise late lasnit the features r awesome thx you so much microsoft for picking me

    but some items in the avatar store are expensive

  • NYGFan992

    I agree with coma darkvale…you’d think some of the BETA stuff would be free…i just spent all my MS points on All Fronts and now i’m broke lol

  • Alexiz92

    What if I have the update already but I haven’t recieved an E-Mail stating I’ve been accepted or I have not got a message on the Connect site? When will I get either of them?

  • MrGreen13

    no email but got the update last night! So far so good!

  • Xtr3m3Shrapn3L

    Got the update last night. No email or Connect update, it just happened. Netflix is great, nothing else “earth shaking” news. I do like the speed of the dashboard now, noticeably faster. Avatar Marketplace is a waste of money as far as I’m concerned. I’ll use my MS points for game add ons and content, thank you.

  • tingdal

    Jey! I got the update today. No email, no Connect update, the system just updated.

  • wyoming SBG

    After cruising around the new feature set of the dashboard, I’m left wondering if Avatar Marketplace content disappears at any point in time, i.e. I browesed around, saw an item I wanted to buy, but when I came back to it later, it was gone.


    YAAAAYY….. IM IN!!
    Honestly did’nt think I would get in, still no email and when I check my microsoft connect page, it still says ‘participating’ and no new events….. but I just turned my 360 on and Im IN!!

  • Javi Mata

    i hope there is a 3rd wave, and we can get in D:

  • OrangeSodaSmurf

    i want in sooo bad hopefully thar will be one more wave!!

  • oldskoolgamer69

    Does anyone know when Games on Demand will be available in the Preview?

  • The Grim Heaper

    @oldskoolgamer69 Probably August 11th, when the update launches.

  • David2SLY

    Hey Major, I was accepted in the first wave. Unfortunately the 360 I had registered with had been exchanged at Best Buy due to a faulty DVD drive. So I updated the console ID number the night of the acceptance e-mails. I still have yet to receive the dashboard update. Any chance on knowing when they will update the system?

    Anyone else with this problem?

  • Crimson King

    No email or acceptance on windows live, but I did get the update last night. So far I really like what has been done in the menus. Seems to be more streamlined. Have yet to try out the Netflix portion yet.

  • Myst3r1o

    I turned on my Xbox 360 this morning and got the update screen. Pretty damn awesome that I got in, considering I was a tester for the NXE update preview program. Really awesome!

    By the way.. got two questions:

    1. Where is the private forums dedicated for this Update Preview Program on Xbox.com?

    2. Is the Twitter/Facebook/Last.FM available in this update preview or will these new features launch on Aug. 11 or later this year? Anyone know?

    And thanks Major Nelson and the entire Xbox LIVE team!

  • KoG IceBreaker

    I just randomly turned on my Xbox 360 and got the update. No E-mail or anything. YAY! :)

  • Dann XD

    I havent got the email but I got the Update this Morning, =D Woo!

  • skyfire420

    Twitter/Facebook/Last.FM will be implemented in future updates.


    @ Myst3r1o:
    1. The Preview forums are aaallll the way at the bottom of the main xbox.com forums page. If you’re not seeing them, make sure you’re signed in.
    2. They’re going to trickle out the updates for Twitter, Facebook and last.fm gradually later this fall.

  • Myst3r1o


    Ahh… darn! I was looking forward Twitter/Facebook/Last.FM in this update. Oh well… better to work out all the kinks rather than include ‘em I guess.

    Well… still, this new update looks really nice. The new achievement system is awesome along with the ability to add movies/tv shows to your queue right from within Netflix. Works really well. And all the other small/big additions are great, too!

    Keep it up, Xbox LIVE team!

  • avfallskverna

    I think im in.. I havnt got any email, or the connect site dosnt say something about it. But i have all the new features ect.

  • Myst3r1o


    Ahh.. okay. Still don’t see the private forums, however. Maybe it’ll take a few tries before they appear maybe.

    Anyways, thanks man!

  • Anonymous

    i dont think theres gonna be a third wave…..:(

  • ShadowEmt

    Good luck to all the rest of you who joined. Hope to see you in wave 3.


    I didn’t got the update :(

    i realy want to try it

  • OrangeSodaSmurf

    hope theres third wave!!!

  • SUPER X4

    Haven’t got a e-mail or conformation, but I got the update earlier today! Whoo!!

  • Satanic Goat

    I never got the email or confirmation on connect but I have the update too. First thing i did was buy a Halo 3 shirt.

  • CoatedTrout

    As many others, I have not got any message or congrats page, but I have got in!

  • StormRaging

    I got the update over my lunch break but I got no email or acceptance on the connect site. I also cannot see the preview forums.

  • StormRaging

    also just out of curiosity..i have been on xbox live since beta so that is like 7 years or something but the circle by my gamertag only shows a 6.. will that update once xbox live hits 7 full years? when november rolls around?

  • oCORYo

    good luck to all who didnt get in yet!!! i hope theres a wave 3 for you guys!

  • IconicSoulJA

    I got into the Third Wave at like 12:30PM EST. The only speed increase I see is in Friend’s List loading. Everything else feels the same.

    ooo Avatar Marketplace… What a waste of money.