July 29th 2009 8:22 pm PT

Demo: Ashes Cricket 2009


Content: Ashes Cricket 2009 Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Only in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom
Dash Text: [ESRB: RP (Rating Pending)] The Ashes, the most exciting and thrilling confrontation in international cricket, is brought to you in the official game of this summer’s tournament; Ashes Cricket 2009 … download the demo now to get the most authentic cricket experience possible, without having to don your whites!


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Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • lie07

    how come i got it.
    so sad that i won’t be on playing any games till my 360 is fixed and back home.

  • ChargingMuffin

    It’s been up ages, Major. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind watching the Ashes- but there is no way in this world I would get this game.

  • Thomas Egebaek

    “Only in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom ”

    That is a lie, we have also got it in DENMARK for some reason.

    Another lie is that Indie Games are available worldwide, which they are not, we cannot buy any in DENMARK.

    We also don’t have San Andreas in the Xbox Originals section, although we have all the other games


  • II EV0L 0NE II

    hmmmm no thanks…

  • Mcmax3000

    This one was available in Canada & the US as well, or at least was last week when it first went up (haven’t checked lately).

  • JohnnyricoMC

    Dopeheads raises a valid point, indie games are claimed available in all xbl nations yet several countries (including Belgium, Denmark and a few others) don’t have community games anywhere on their marketplace, yet Microsoft does distribute XNA creators club memberships in those countries.

  • AMT

    Get AC!

    Next Question…please! Now while I am waiting for the next tough question you ask:

    Now how about an option for an SSD in our 360s. With games on HDDs now it seems like a good idea. The option….meaning I buy my own and pay Microsoft for an expensive addon for using our own HDDs. You could do what sony does and just allow it, but for speed I would pay for an overpriced piece of plastic and the software on dash to format our own HDDs to have a 250GB SSD drive…ZOOM!

  • AMT

    Do it Microsoft…do it for the love of the Game! I thought the 360 was about options (granted more than PS3) but give us the highspeed HDD option….oh sony has that option :\ Oh the silly plastic contraption mentioned above is the add-on to allow up to use 2.5 or whatabout 3.5 inch drives….the sky is the limit with plastics, and you could put the word Microsoft on it and charge $99.99. Or maybe $49.99 to limit some of the shock, still make a profit and then I could tell all my friends via txt or voice that my HDD is faster than theirs…I currently don’t have that option… but still..it would give people raptor options or velociraptor options, or the the slowly improving SSD option, or the 1TB option, etc…plus more room to save stuff that you guys actually charge for…2+2 is whatever, you are me and I am you and we are one and we are all together the eggman, walrus, lucy, pigs, see that I am crying without SSD.

    LOAD screens would be doomed.

  • Exu

    CRICKET! /Russel Howard

  • H2O Dynamic

    This is available in the US to lol

  • Mcmax3000

    @FaTaL BuLL3T You may want to double check that because it was available here in Canada too when it came out but I looked at Marketplace after posting my comment & it’s not there anymore so it appears to have been pulled at least up here.

  • Alex Atkin UK


    If only they would. I would love to get a 500GB HDD for my 360 so I can install/download more games.

    Games on Demand will never be plausible for me until a MUCH larger HDD comes out as mine is always full and no way I am sacrificing the quietening of the DVD drive just so I can buy new games online. It would simply take too long to download again if I had to delete it to free space.

  • Mongey Mongrel

    I’m an aussie. I love cricket. This game blows . The batting is ok but the bowling is just terrible

  • AMT


    Agreed! I cannot even figure out one remotely good reason to not allow for our own HDDs. The more space the more downloads. It is human nature. We expand, that is what humans do, even on disks, platters or flash drives. We expand. And the expansion costs money. Microsoft would rather peddle RC Warthogs than their film and TV partners movies and shows. Maybe because only a RC warthog download is what will fit on a 13GB HDD. :\ Luckily I have a 120GB, but oh well.

    Plus, the speed benefits of fast harddrives are important but currently unknown due to the restrictions. SSD could prove very, very worthwhile.

    And luckily Barak’s health cough plan has been pushed to after the August recess. So people outside the US still have a place to come when their socialized medicine doesn’t offer them what they need. At least we are all safe until August.

  • KING 4D

    ive had this in america for about a week already. no box cover on the marketplace, just the generic xbox green circle cover

  • Purple Maniac

    finally a cricket game for 360 that you can download from the marketplace

  • AMT

    Just so I can give a hypothetically so everyone sees a possible benefit for having a SSD drive as an option in our 360s. This is only a guess, since Microsoft has the HDDs locked down like Obama has his Chicago politics and his teleprompter on lock. Actually off prompter, O sounds less articulate than George W. Bush. Yes I said it. Truth! Now to the matter at hand.

    Now to give almost real world “estimations” of what we could expect from our own HDD use:

    Assassin’s Creed Level load 39.5 seconds (DVD) vs 25 seconds (HDD) vs. 12 seconds (SSD)

    Call of Duty 4 Level load: DVD 15.5 seconds, HDD 10.5 seconds, SDD 6 seconds

    Fallout 3 48 Second load down to 25 load on HDD. (How about 13 loan on SDD?) Timed the loading times for transitioning between inside and outside game environments. Before installing the game, these transitions took about 20 seconds; afterward, it was halved on HDD, (or 5 seconds on SDD).

    Ninja Gaiden II 125 seconds initial load on DVD, 45 seconds off HDD, (and maybe 25 seconds on SDD).

    Got some of the above from bingegamer.net and added my guess on SDD. However, YMMV, but I think it actually may very better than what I listed. But more than just HDD speed comes into play as I witnessed from my PS3 trials. If I had Major’s platfrom these are the things I would be researching…it makes sense. Have a segment on his podcast where these are done, and researched and whatifs, and possibilities…I know he has a box to stay in, but we gamers love hypotheticals…that may if Microsoft would release that expensive piece of plastic where we could attach our own internal drives, we all could be happy…well all except “poor people”…that tended to vote for O more often than not. However, O’s trickle up poverty may cause me to not be able to afford that SSD, so Microsoft best hurry while there is still time for me to purchase my own or a larger Microsoft 5,400:( for that matter, cause someone named O is trying to Bring it all Down Girl! But what do i know I spend my time speed testing SSDs in PS3s. I have stuck more HDDs in a PS3 than games, but that is for another post. :|

  • HighDef Edition

    I got a Question Major.

    I managed to download the Demo earlier this week using a U.S.A XBL account. Was that an error? If so, why for the love of God can’t the U.S.A. Cricket fans get their hands on a Cricket game?

    I enjoyed the Demo & was looking forward to purchasing the game in August. Come-on guys put the game up for sale on XBL and see what happens.


  • Anonymous

    awful game. awful.


    Sucked in Yanks!!!


    @highdef Edition, the reason you can’t get cricket in america is the same reason we can’t get baseball games in Australia. it’s apparently not marketable. even though baseball is a better game than cricket to watch and play, we have not been able to get a baseball game here for the last 7+ years. and since the games are region locked we can’t import them.

    everyone else incl Major – for once it’s nice to see the marketplace NOT get something. it’s music to our ears!

  • BrooksterMax

    Would love to know how many Americans get hold of this!

    Cricket to watch = ok, the latest Ashes is good entertainment.

    Cricket to play on a console = never really translates that well IMO.

  • Anonymous

    i’m in france and we got the demo too since a few days

  • HighDef Edition

    @ Vegemite 98 – Microsoft talks about the ‘global economy’ & how X-Box LIVE connects millions of people. Then refuse to release titles in some countries and still release the games region locked.

    It’s time that Microsoft & their partners stepped into the 21st Century. I dare you.

  • Ark Hunter

    I’m in US and can’t get it. Too bad I was hoping it would teach me the rules. I have no idea how that game works.

  • xTheTruth72x

    Yea what he said. I’m an athlete and I wanna learn.

  • gameweasl

    why can’t we download it???

  • AnotherSociety

    Cricket ooo no thanks..

  • Sneeches

    not avail in canada… i just tried to download it lol.

  • Cupido

    That’s funny. I am in the US and i downloaded the demo a few days ago and played it. I didn’t know what was going on but it was fun.

  • Sainthropee23

    why xbox delimited demos for countries? i don’t understand. how can experiment with other games if i don’t play demos?

  • Romaen

    I snagged it while it was available in the USA. I think it was an error though, it didn’t have cover art like the other demos and now it’s gone. I can still run it from my HDD though.

    That said, I tried it hoping it had some kind of tutorial so that I might actually learn how to play the game. However, there wasn’t so I was pretty clueless as to what was going on. I’ll hold off on any kind of judgement on the game until I actually know what I’m supposed to be doing. Being born and raised in the States means that the first time I’d ever even HEARD of Cricket is from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live action movie and I still don’t know much more than that to this day.

  • Dumplin

    I managed to grab it too. I was REALLY hoping it would be released here in the US, but now it seems that there was an error that let us download it.

    How about this: They should make this game available to the US ( or any other country who’s not slated to get it) via digital download? That way they don’t have to worry about all the physical logistics if selling it in the states, but those of us who’d like to purchase it would have access to it. Obviously since some of us are running the demo there isn’t a concern that it “won’t run” on US 360’s.

    Please consider this option!