July 30th 2009 7:44 pm PT

Halo Wars Leaderboards


I wanted to make you aware of an unfortunate incident that has resulted in the loss of all data on the Halo Wars Xbox LIVE Leaderboards. This includes all singleplayer, multiplayer and Trueskill leaderboards, as well as all matchmaking data, resulting in the Halo Wars leaderboards being reset to original launch day status.

This was human error related to Xbox LIVE servers. It is not a broader service issue and will not impact other titles or Xbox LIVE experiences. The Xbox LIVE team is investigating the cause to prevent this from occurring in the future.

Thank you to Robot Entertainment for working with us through this issue and thank you to our Halo Wars community for your patience as we’ve sorted this out. On behalf of everyone at Xbox LIVE, I’d like to apologize for the incident and any frustration Halo Wars players have experienced in having their statistics disappear from the Leaderboards. You can rest assured that we’re putting processes in place to prevent this from happening in the future.


Halo, Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • ChadR

    oh well

  • NBA Kirkland

    Is this data ever backed up for any Xbox game? It should be; accidents happen.

  • Morgon

    This just goes to show that you always make sure you have a WHERE clause in your SQL statements ;)

    (Note: I have no idea if it was database-related, just useless conjecture)

  • IconicSoulJA

    WOW! I bet they will give every owner of Halo Wars the Halo car prop.

    That sucks! I am not a big time online gamer but if I was, I’d be pissed!

    Ever hear of RAID Microsoft. It’s a great technology you guys should use.

  • oO MG81 Oo

    That’s gotta suck if you put a lot of time into playing this game. I’d have thought there’d be some sort of backup for Xbox Live leaderboards.

  • Big Poppa Ryan

    There’s only one word for this…. LOL!!!!!!!

  • ChuckieJ

    My “stats” are fine. I never paid attention to the leaderboards.

  • Raz 360

    I am a Halo Wars player, generally get on it everyday or so and to find my stats being reset was really a joke. Shouldnt have happened. It doesnt really mean anything other than the ranks being reset cos at least im still halfway to getting the ridiculous general achievement which takes like 500 hours to get…although its still fun to play! Haha @ IconicSoulJA I want them to gimme the map packs for free! 800 points for 3 maps is a bit of a ripoff

  • TheBestTheyHad

    oh well I don’t care two much about leaderboards

  • Frayteez

    “You can rest assured that we’re putting processes in place to prevent this from happening in the future.” Firing the guy once you figure out who did it? ha. I play halo wars(havent for a bit tho). Sucks that all that data is gone. Lets just hope this doesnt happen to halo 3 or the COD games. I’m sure a LOT more people will be mad then.

  • Exu

    Oh but I was so close to making General, too. ;D

  • Raiden BR

    First we are ripped 2 times with DLC. Then we have all our stats deleted. What else will guys at Microsoft are planing to do? Come to our houses and take the Halo Wars DVD away?

    We MUST get some sort of compensation for this error. A price reduction for both DLCs would do the trick.

  • BMF Irish ace


    .” Firing the guy once you figure out who did it
    ok will do ur nuts

  • Shadowed Ghost


    RAID isn’t a backup! It’s a means to ensure higher than normal availability in the event of hard drive failure. Still, certain RAID controllers are notorious for spewing bad data from a failing hard drive which of course corrupts the data on other drives, among many other ways RAID can be rendered useless. And of course, RAID doesn’t protect against human error, which is what happened in this case. The only solution here is a set of sound backup policies which, being that this is the first such failure I’ve heard of since the inception of Xbox Live, are more than likely in place and generally successful in mitigating such situations on Xbox Live.

  • Xx iTz a GhOsT

    No the word for this is FAIL

  • Shiaoran
  • Alphos

    Nice, no backups, and we pay for this…

  • CLB509

    Microsoft needs to send brand new 60 inch HDTVs to everyone that was affected by this. And build everyone new homes with a dedicated home theater room to house those HDTVs. And give them free health care. And a private jet. And a private airport. And a robot butler. And the city of Redmond.

    And that’s just for starters.


    this sucks i was 4th in the world on single player co op high score now i have to do it all over again.. we seriously should get that warthog skin for free

  • oboeman

    Computer: Are you sure you wish to delete these records?
    User: Yes
    Computer: Are you sure you are sure you wish to delete these records?
    User: Yes
    Computer: Are you sure you are sure you are sure you wish to delete these records?
    User: Yes
    Computer: Records about to be deleted last chance! Are you sure?
    User: Yes
    Computer: Records deleted!
    User: Oh crap, what happened.

  • IconicSoulJA

    @Shadowed Ghost I never said that RAID itself was a Backup. I was implying that RAID is a means of backing up data.

    Either which way, the fact that human error caused such a thing to occur means that Microsoft isn’t putting in the proper safe guards to prevent such problems. I’d really like to know what our money goes towards. It might be paying for Microsoft’s debt for being too visionary.

    What ever happened to LIVE Anywhere??? I still waiting with my Windows Mobile phone!! You guys don’t even have an Xbox LIVE app for Windows Mobile. MS is really a mess.

  • Anonymous

    Because being on top of the leaderboards is serious business, right? It’s nothing but bragging rights and growth of e-youknowwhat

  • Rossa AU

    Man you can imagine how annoyed the people would be who were at the top of the leaderboards in this….considering not many people play it, it won’t be easy to get back up quickly lol

  • KungLao9

    …hey, whats this switch for….?…

  • ChargingMuffin

    The person who did it is gonna get the sack!

  • AutomaticOcelot

    @oboeman: Achievement Unlocked. You just described a side effect of Windows UAC fatigue.

    I like that alert messages appear five times, I usually click too fast to read the first four. :)

  • Freaky Priest

    Human error in IT means someone accidently deleted the files and the backup.

  • B5D Heyy You

    As long as this doesn’t happen to Halo 3 or ODST. I don’t really care, but make sure that guys gets fired or away from Bungies Games.

  • XYullX

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL U FAGGETS AND LOSERSSSSSSSSSSSS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at least my leaderboards for ONE and FROGGER are intact xD hahahahahahhahaahha btw why that guy has a red account???

  • drudaddy

    I could have only imagine the outcome if this was HALO 3 stats erased.


    Could you arrange for this to happen to the quake 4 leaderboards! it would give people a chance to get some achivement points!

  • metallicorphan


    i love it how you obviously put so much thought into that post
    he has a red account i think because he is a V.I.P. or a game developer or works for Microsoft(pick one)


    Can we please arrange to have the person(s) responsible for this to be demoted to work on the G.R.A.W. leaderboards?

    Im really happy this happened, now everyone has a fair chance to be at the top again, not just the cheaters.

  • Goodeye84

    Sounds like someone forgot to feed the gerbils that run in the wheels that keep the LIVE servers running for Halo Wars.

  • Anonymous

    99.99% of top 10 players in LBs are cheaters, so who cares ?

  • XYullX

    btw there r no marvel vs dc game

  • inajeep

    Embarrassing on many levels. Excuse me while I back up my various laptops and desktops at home….

  • Jvpde

    Thanks for the update, Major. It’s nice to see people actually take blame for mistakes made instead of making up some lame-ass excuse.

  • Computerdude103

    Wow, how unlike Microsoft to admit an error. And even more unlike Microsoft to tell us what caused the error (human mistake).

    Props to you guys for not being a-holes about it for once. (Aka “a minor portion of our users will experience issues with Halo Wars leaderboards” blah blah blah crap statements you usually post)

    Anyways, things happen, and I’m sure your honest, and to the point post will make people a lot less angry about it than they otherwise would have been. Good work on this!!

  • Ivory Soul 696

    Someone’s getting fired for sure!!!

  • Anonymous

    You’re sorry, but offer nothing in compensation for those who worked hard to get up the leaderboard.

  • GoobTuff

    Lol. Did an angry ex-Ensable Studios employee sneak into the offices and sabotage everything?

  • LawdaddyCO

    Any chance you could do this with COD4 too? I wouldn’t mind starting over again. My kd ratio is taking forever to go up. Over 14 days of playing time with only a 1.58kd ratio and most of my rounds now I end up getting about a 3.5 kd ratio…In about one year I’ve gone from 1.4 to 1.58. Lame. Restart please! *I’m such a loser to even care about this type of thing too. It’s the only game I play where I actually care about my stats. Nerd bragging rights? If only my wife knew how many hours/days I’ve spent playing this…

  • Big Scooby 82

    Good thing I’ve only played like 3 online matches in HW… Otherwise i’d be pissed off too. They should give all players some sort of compensation though. I’d take one of the avatar props for sure…

  • BrooksterMax

    Assuming in future all is well, how long will the leaderboards be kept up?

    For instance are original xbox games like Outrun, still having their leaderboards kept alive?

  • Anonymous

    good to see them apologising about it – accidents happen – nothing MS can do about it now

    perhaps offer something for free to soften the blow perhaps?


    why should the person be sacked for making a mistake, it’s not like your so perfect!

  • Thief000

    Has anyone tried UNDELETE or another data restoration program? Seriously…

  • metallicorphan


    LOL,i asked that the other day on another thread…thanks anyway

  • Max Limitz

    First Microsoft cleared all my Forza 2 records for all the tracks for all the car classes and I have never cheated in any game. And now this! I have used hundreds of hours in both games and again I have lost my precious stats! What’s next? My achievements?