July 30th 2009 6:45 pm PT

Preview Program Update


Waves 1 and 2 of the Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program have been pushed out and we have seen quite a few Xbox LIVE members already download and start checking out all the new features in this update. We are collecting the necessary information for another Wave, so please hang tight if you have been accepted but have not received your update yet. A fair number of you have not provided accurate information (like an invalid console ID or serial number) so if you previously signed up, and have not received the update, you may want to visit connect and confirm your information.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you are still in luck – we are is still taking additional signups.  You can do read more about the program on my blog, or on Xbox.com. If you want to get some of your friends to try the new Netflix party mode, get then to sign up and you can try it out together!


Gaming By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Trust Serenity

    I just got my update. No email and the connect site still says participating. I guess it’s different for everyone.

  • Javi Mata


  • Lites

    When do us wave 3 people start downloading? I can’t download yet…


    If i’m not getting accepted because of the wrong Console ID? Then why the hell can’t i edit it so it can be fixed???? This is such BS!!!

  • Trust Serenity

    I’m wave 3 and I’m downloading right now.

  • Haz450

    @ Javi

    WOOP good to know more people that didn’t get the update before are getting it now, WAVE 3 FTW

  • Lites

    I haven’t got the download yet? Is the problem on my end?

  • six100dollarman

    i have just had my 2nd 5-minute update in 3 days??? normal??

  • ideal rep

    Major I was in the first wave and I just received another email saying congrats and I had another update when I turned on my xbox again,do you know why?

  • Javi Mata

    @Haz450 thanks Haz:’D

  • Javi Mata

    BTW, hope U R ok major nelson: O

  • Judau X

    @KNIGHT ZOMBIE: If you got an email telling you that you got accepted, the email should tell you that you can correct your console ID and it should also give you a link that takes you to a page on the Microsoft Connect site where you could correct your console ID. In case you didn’t get the email, here’s a link that should take you to the page I’m talking about.



    @ Judau X: I havn’t received any emails since doing the survey when it came out. I’m pissed cause i have been on Live since 360 came out. Other then the Console ID being wrong, I don’t know why i’m not getting accepted.

  • Echelon23

    I just got an update for the preview for a 2nd time (got my first on in the 1st wave) kinda weird…

  • Arsenic13

    Why did i just get another dash update?

  • werewolf7171

    I just signed up earlier today, and was wondering about how long it takes before I might get an email or get the update, if accepted? And congrats to those who have already gotten the update.


    Yeah I was in the first wave too, and I also just got another email about an hour ago and when I turned on my 360, there was another 4-min update to download! Was there an update to the update? lol

  • Lites

    help… i haven’t been able to download yet. Resubmitted console id and everything. help me!

  • Lites

    Anyone help me please… Major?

    Got e-mail
    no update
    can’t get to the forum
    Resubmitted console ID

    Please help…

  • CaNiBaL Elite

    Got informed first on connect, then email, then went in netflix prompted update. The update took like 2-3 minutes total. Great job, can’t wait to dig in.

  • Lites

    Just got it!!!

  • Lites

    need people to try the net flix who wants in?


    wow, I guess i’m not worthy of an acceptance :(

  • Kenjuan

    @Knight Zombie:
    Is it possible that you mistyped your console’s serial or forgot to opt-in for correspondence?

    Check your Microsoft Connect Dashboard and your NXE Dashboard. Not everyone who was accepted has received an email; I know I didn’t.

  • Kenjuan

    For those ppl in the 1st wave wondering why they’re being prompted to dwnld a 2nd update, yesterday MajorNelson blogged, “Thanks for all your feedback. Based on your suggestions, today we’ll be sending out a fix to some of the items you pointed out in the first and second waves of the preview.” So, that’s probably the patches.

  • Col J Matrix UK

    I can’t seem to get on this program at all, when ever I click the Sign up link on Major’s page it takes me to the connect page but I can’t sign up to the preview program and also when I search for it, it’s not there. What’s going on?

  • Unique Girl TM

    signed up yesterday at 4pm xbox live cut off around 2 maybe 3 am bam update and i thought it took a week to be considered

  • EveofLight

    If you signed up and haven’t gotten it yet, go to system settings and and click on TEST XBOX LIVE CONNECTION it will sign you out and then check your LIVE connection and it will ask to update the system (if you were accepted to the preview program). I hope this helped those who were having problems ^_^

  • H3MANG

    i havent gotten the preview program update…
    i really want it….come on major nelson…can you hook me up!!!

  • judas invisible

    Is netflix comming to France ?

  • SUZUKI0179


  • SpaceNinjaDino

    I am in. Awesome. Already spent money on the new stuff. Love the improvements to Netflix!

  • addison84062007

    I hope I get in

  • NeoXDonut

    Got in few days ago, got my avatar a sexy Halo 3 shirt.