July 31st 2009 7:06 pm PT

Rock your Avatar in Guitar Hero 5


Earlier today, Activision announced that you can use your Xbox avatar as a playable character in game. If you want a preview of what this will look like, download the special GH 5 trailer from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. In the trailer, you’ll Xbox’s own Don Mattrick, Shane Kim, Phil Spencer and Marc Whitten take their Avatars from mild-mannered video game geeks to glam-rockin’ metalheads and “Shout It Out Loud” with a Redmond rendition of KISS. I am sure If there was a way to have your avatar as a roadie, that’s where you’d find mine with this band.

Listen to my weekly podcast when I post it this Sunday, where I’ll have the Guitar Hero 5 producer on to discuss how this avatar integration will work.


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Gaming By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • TheBestTheyHad


  • Xanadeath

    I thought we already knew about this before today…. didn’t we?

  • Anonymous


  • PunkyV2

    thats pretty cool that you can use your avatar.

  • Frayteez

    The only thing i wont like about this is when the avatar is singing. It looks like they are yawning/smiling. Kinda like 1vs100 whenever the avatar talks it just looks ridiculous.

    Should be fun to have my avatar play guitar/drums/bass tho.

  • Frayteez

    @Xanadeath Official Xbox Magazine had this in their lastest issue(#100) about 2 weeks ago.

  • WinterSnowblind

    I’d like to see avatar support like this in more games :)
    Assuming it fits of course, we don’t need to be playing Halo with them running around.

  • DJHepcat

    first question from my wife….”but will I still be able to get tatoos?”

  • amacvane

    Those are pretty fluid animations… I wonder how they did it

  • Whetzel

    I’ve known this for a while due to a leaked achievement list. And I’m actually kind of upset about it. I’ve been asking for an option to completely disable avatars since I first heard about them, but instead of getting that option these avatars are being forced down my throat more and more each day it seems.

    I bought an Xbox 360, not a Wii. If someone likes these avatars (and I know there are several people who do) that’s fine. I’m not trying to say that they should be scrapped completely, but don’t FORCE everyone to participate if they don’t want to.

    All I have to say is that they [avatars] had better be optional in Guitar Hero 5 or I will not be buying that game. Of course I’ll be doing what I need to do to get the achievement, but after that I will never use my avatar in that game again. That’s all provided that it is in fact optional.

  • JQ 117

    No not really, I’d rather see games that support using my Avatar more then just a picture or pre-rendered movement. Were is the Small Arms +Avatars, or similar game, of that ball/head one don’t count its pretty crappy, I wanted to run my whole Avatar around grrr, Joy Ride better be worth it, oh wait its free hurmmm

    Maybe instead of milking the Halo franchise till its bone dry, get dev’s to make some other original games for a change, I’m tired of 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th versions of games with little to no difference in them. As well as stop this whole re-printing every classic game that exists enough already.

    Thats just my opinion, make people want to actually use their avatar.

    Also can we have the options of turning on a delay in the start up Xbox logo/vid, my new Sony Bravia W-series TV always has a second or two delay when I turn to the 360, if it can’t see the 360 yet it will display a purple wave image, then the 360 comes on and by the time it turned off the purple wave pic the Epic intro logo/vid is finished, I miss seeing it. :'(

  • Markatansky

    Does anyone else think that the head of the Avatar on vocals looks really weird when it shakes to the beat?

  • Javi Mata

    @Xanadeath / he told it on twitter, and it had been told before like Frayteez said (:

  • BeeDizz

    @ Whetzel

    I’m pretty sure you don’t HAVE to use the Avatars on GH5. There are still other characters as well as your own created characters that you could use besides the Avatar.

  • BeeDizz

    This is from the story on Joystiq.

    ” Activision announced today that you’ll be able to import your e-doppelganger into your Guitar Hero 5 band to rock alongside the other characters that you’ve created.”

  • Shinji257

    My intepretation is that you don’t have to use an avatar if you don’t want to but you can. I wouldn’t mind using mine really.

  • EyeR8

    Already see people complaining all over about this.. but come on.. its a added feature to the game.. and it will be fun to use our avatars when playing with friends and so on. It’s not like we are going to be forced to use them.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the avatars when I heard about them.. but I like the way they work in games like 1 vs 100.. and not to mention, my avatar does look pretty much exactly like me.

    I just wish I could use my created rock star from GH: Metallica in GH: World Tour.

  • Anonymous

    ppl that spend money on their avatars= FAIL!

  • DHartmann

    Great news !

  • I Yova I

    looks cool except for the singer but anyway it’s a nice use of avatars

  • Jaymoon85

    Let me guess… Instead of using in-game money to buy instruments, players will have the “privilege” of spending *real* money to buy props for their avatars.

  • ElisabethinCA

    People that spend their money on their avatars = Because we have the money and can.

  • DubbeL FriSSS

    yes and if you didn’t want to use you could allway’s buy rockband ;)

    I gonna buy and use it, I like the avatars, becouse I try to let him look a bit on me with a bit of fun in the back like the Eye Patch

    buy not buy avatar stuff, if there is some cool funny stuff why not like that white Monkey Island shirt (all I got is this stupid shirt), I like fun-shirts in real life too

    Persenal I hope a lot of games get’s the Award in so we can unlock also a lot, and GH5 will then be one of them I guess because of the avatars that can be in

  • Murkel Jackson


  • KaYotiX

    Whats sad is the Avatars look and animate ALOT better than the regular GH Chars…..thats says alot about activision


    Anyone know where I can find this please? the link is saying it’s not available/unknown url.


    This has to be the most stupidist thing that could have been done, if companines stopped supporting the Avatars, we would be able to get rid of them, The avatars are blatant rip off the nintendo mii’s , and they sucked on the nintendo and they suck here. get rid of them!

  • XYullX


  • Yukon Cornelius

    Disappointing that avatars can only either smile or open their mouths in an “O” shape. Yeah, that’s about what I think of them. Use of avatars seems like a lame counter-attack to “Lego Rock Band”, which should, at least, look a little better with outrageous costumes rather than the lame selection of “free” clothing which doesn’t cost 80-240pts per piece of virtual cloth.