August 1st 2009 12:22 am PT

Preview Program Wave 3 has begun (and an update for 1st an 2nd wave)


great thing about our Xbox LIVE previews is the people who participate
in them – you. Thanks for all
your feedback.  Based on your suggestions, today we’ll be sending out a
fix to some of the items you pointed out in the first and second waves
of the preview. The third wave of the preview starts today.  You’ll be
seeing a prompt for another update this afternoon
. Keep the feedback coming Not in it yet ? What are you waiting for? Sign up now.


Gaming By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson


    I’m finding it a lot easier to bring up achievements description when I get them pop up.

  • H3MANG

    omg….i m totally jealous of you guys with the preview update…
    i still didn’t get in…and probably wont :(

  • jnzn

    I got the email that I got accepted twice, once in Tuesday and 2nd on Friday, but still no update and its almost Aug 11. :-(

  • MadMaddiesDaddy

    Are emails still being sent out..?

  • Lites

    @MadMaddies, I doubt it because it goes public next week. But you never know

  • Lites

    It looks like you can add several ready devices (AKA xbox console) to a single account. From my understand you can add up to 6 ready devices which includes you PC. Only have 3 xboxes under my account. (I let my brother and his friend under my account)

    Can’t wait till the update goes public. Again only saw that 1 issue with HDMI and netflix. Other than that its perfect.

    wait, MS can bring doen the price oof some of the things on the market place. shirts should be 20-60 MS points


    Was there supposed to be a new update? ‘Cause I signed in today and yesterday and I didn’t get a prompt (yes, I was in the first wave).

  • Admiral LuRcH

    I signed up last week and have gotten the email along with the update, I’m in wave 3, but would like to know when the next update will be, and what to expect. thanks.

  • TheGodfather354

    i just got in and its pretty sweet. thanks microsoft.

  • Djviacal

    I was wondering if we can unlock the props or do you have to buy them?

  • NoiZeKilla

    So far I think the avatar clothing/props seem logically priced. For example a simple T-shirt will sell for $1.00, and a more complicated pirate outfit or whatever is $2.00. For the props, the simpler ones are $2.00 and the RC Warthog everyone’s complaining about that has significantly more Avatar interaction and graphic detail, is $4.00. i.e. the more work that goes into creating the item the more expensive it is…

  • FOCookie

    Alright I am having fun buying and testing out some new avatar props and such when I noticed a bug.

    If you equip a prop item (such as the giant Q-tip) and then spin your avatar around a few times in order to enact the animation that makes the avatar look/get dizzy… your prop will actually vanish and the only way to get it back is to click another prop or click on the Big Red “X” that disables props and then reselect your prop.

    I know it is not a big bug but I thought I would bring it up to everyone’s attention.

  • GriffGB

    “Come on people, does it really matter what number is next to your name. This Veteran thing is only a very neat idea by Microsoft to make you more likely to renew your membership. It does not relate to how many feet your pecker is!”

    It’s not the end of the world agreed, but what people are saying is, if you’re going to put a ‘feature’ in, at least get it to work properly. Some people are proud of how long they’ve spent on XBL.
    I’ve been on a gold account for around 3-4 years, with no break, but it says 1 on the gamercard.

  • Eppelheimer

    Major I have not gotton the newest update yet mine is still running 2.0.8496.0

  • Lites

    @GriffGB I have the same issue with my GT. It used to be Litez a year after I started my gold account 5 years ago. I paid 800 MS Points to changed the Z to an S. Because of that it says that I been apart of Live for 4 yrs instead of 5.
    @MajorNelson Is there anyway that you guys can account for GT changes on a gold account. I missed out on Live is 5 because of my name change.

  • IIII Bobby IIII

    I just got the update last night, but when using msn messenger the interface is still slow, what you fix ?, this was a critical part if i am sign in to messenger the friends interface part is terrible really sucks, so in mexico we dont have netflix at least fix the speed on the messenger part, regards

  • Kenshin Kamiya

    I hope i get in the 3rd one “crosses fingers” sent in the App on the 3th hope it wasnt to late =3

  • Stubby Simmons

    Does anyone know if you can unlock any avatar clothing through playing games yet and if so what are some of them…

  • Lites

    @Stubby, you can’t unlock avatar clothing untill it goes public from my understanding

  • Stubby Simmons

    @Lites do you know what games will unlock clothing

  • H3MANG

    hey guys i just turned on my xbox 360…and the update is going on…not sure if thats the update and if i got in the preview program because i did not receive an email…
    fingers crossed!!

  • Stubby Simmons

    good luck but if anyone knows what game will have unlockables for your avatar please let me know

  • Lord Of Blah

    @ Lites; correct, no game unlocks Avatar Awards until the Update is Live. When it goes live, games with Avatar Awards will have an update that activates the ability to unlock them.

  • Stubby Simmons

    But is there a list of games that will have unlockables or nothing known as of yet

  • Anonymous

    Splosionman is the first Arcade title to feature new unlockable goodies for your avatar i believe.

  • H3MANG

    i got the update…but no email…thanks microsoft!!!
    the update is awesome..i m now thinking about joining netflix…cant wait for the games on demand!!

  • Anonymous

    Sweet I got in

  • Anonymous

    anyone wanna try the netflix party send me a invite id like to check it out to see what it is like…gamertag…XxTheJoker420xX

  • H3MANG

    i so want to join netflix!!!

  • Murkel Jackson

    Cool I just got in today!

  • FiredDark Sumo

    sweet hope i get in. my friend got in and he said some of the stuff was pretty cool.

  • TrevelyanL85A2

    Man, this is messed up.

    I got the offer for the update, but no e-mail so I’m assuming I got accepted into the invite programme, since I filled out the survey and all.

    I had once again, like previous dashboard updates, got disconnected and now won’t let me download the update, and I have a working Internet connection.

    It should just easily DL the update to my system and not disconnect me like this for no reason. Or they should have just ManageSoft-ed the update and send it in silently through a central server letting people know about it and then announcing when it was complete.

    Can this issue be fixed please? <_<.

  • Zacxx201

    I didn’t get email and it still says im pending for the update but i got it 2nd wave.

  • dcabai

    This update was great! It worked perfectly, I received the email and then downloaded the update. It works just fine.

    I want to ask you something, is there any webpage, forum, poll, post or something that we the users can post or tell what we want for the next dashboard update? I’m telling you this because I saw this great changes and everything but it could be great if we can tell you what we want, for example, I will love some friend search engine based on my games rating or based on my achievement history to find people around the world who has the same preferences for games that me or who plays the same games that me. That could be a great feature that right now we can’t do it. If you think about security it could be a check box on your settings that enable or disable to be on that search engine.

    Anyway, like this we have great ideas to share and maybe some of them you can open a ticket or task to develop it. Thanks for all your hard work!!


  • slaphappygyppos

    Hey Major,

    New to the preview and love what has been done lately regarding the dashboard very speedy and really coming together now…as for the avatar marketplace of course its a nice idea but lets face it a good little cashcow it’s fun and has been better implemented.

    now, what i want to see coming is a virtual world that really makes use of the avatars not just for games that are still in development but for people’s avatar to be able to hang out, chat, arrange games, send friend requests just like a xbox live version of second life anyway you get the idea

    i have a few suggestions and what i think would be good improvements, have a game reminder that tells you when you are due to meets up with your friends in a party or have setting to automatically adds you to a partylist at a certain time and date

    In friends list have categorise friendslist by things such as country or even more useful a facebook style search to find friends on xbox live via gamertag or country along those lines….sounds possible

    btw add a ms points balance on same line with gamerscore and maybe have a notification that tells player that by getting a certain achievement they are awarded example gamerscore/achievement and avatar clothing item

    Anyway hope this was interesting reading on my first post.

    Thanks for reading

  • slaphappygyppos

    The thinking behind the achievement notifier is that is encourages you to play on its natural progression away from the gamerscore as we all know things don’t stay the same forever and its only on improvement that the experience will really change

    Amyway i have written enough great to be apart of it.

  • MadMaddiesDaddy

    Got my update yesterday..No email, but still…Very cool as far as the way things could play out, but not the most impressive thing to date…

  • ShockedBranch

    I GOT IN

    My borther updated it while I was at my friends house…

    So glad I was just messin around in the dashboard!

  • kaleido42

    Anyone know if there’s going to be a fourth wave? Getting mixed signals. There was a sign up link in this post but on one of Major’s latest tweets he said stuff that sounded like the third was the last. Any idea anyone?

  • slaphappygyppos

    Just noticed now games can get scored why not allow reviews on a games along with the score system

    I doubt there’s going to be another wave as i remember reading somewhere that this update we are all currently playing with is will be final and out on the 11th so leaves very little time to be introducing any new wave features even if there’s loads of testers in different regions just not enough time in my view.

  • Warrengonline

    @Raiden BR
    Thanks, I came today to ask for that link as I looked for the ‘NXE Preview’ report that issue, but my friend are having that issue with ‘Could not Join Party’ – only with me. Although it took us like 7 minutes to lull the issue. My friend has his settings (not preferences) set to Always Offline (so no one could see him and interrupt his gaming). He finally turned it off and he was okay.

    @Lord Of Blah
    Stop talking about it, I know you can’t control it (the remote controlled warthog), but it looks so cool! I feel like the biggest hypocrite – some of the new stuff is awesome! A bit pricey, but ‘bling-bling’ ain’t cheap for a reason. :)

  • The Grim Heaper

    Got an email to change my Console ID a little while ago… Hopefully that means I’ll get the update. >_>

  • Stubby Simmons

    I just noticed that they added New 360 Games to the On Demand section but does anyone or has anyone heard about what games will have avatar unlockables


    Is there any way to improve the loading of the game library? Clearing the cache didn’t work and this update really hasn’t improved it all that much!

  • Stubby Simmons

    Now when you read the diclaimer it says you can not put your updated hard drive on another xbox, because if you do you wont be able to connect to xbox live until the update goes public…

    Now for some odd reason i can not connect to xbox live could this be the reason….


    Whats up with the years youve been a member number? Ive been on live since the old xbox and it says 4 as my years ?? What gives it should be at least a 6 or 7.

  • TSD zoomerx

    Hey Major: I’m in, but I didn’t get an email, and am still waiting for the private forum. There’s a whole thread of outcasts on the main forum. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    ahhhhhh this is weird…..for some reason i just got an third update ike five minutes ago(i got in on the second wave,had another update for netflix now this)did anbody else got this? n i dont now wht its for

  • Javi Mata

    just got an update, i was gonna fix my avatar, and got an update, what’s this?:O

  • Mr Knocturnal

    Just got a new update, whats new