August 1st 2009 12:22 am PT

Preview Program Wave 3 has begun (and an update for 1st an 2nd wave)


great thing about our Xbox LIVE previews is the people who participate
in them – you. Thanks for all
your feedback.  Based on your suggestions, today we’ll be sending out a
fix to some of the items you pointed out in the first and second waves
of the preview. The third wave of the preview starts today.  You’ll be
seeing a prompt for another update this afternoon
. Keep the feedback coming Not in it yet ? What are you waiting for? Sign up now.


Gaming By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Jezuz OPT

    the new update and all that stuff sucks…its all just trying to get u to spend more money…

  • EveofLight

    @Jezuz OPT and possibly many others

    Some people like it, some don’t..and like it was said YOU DONT HAVE TO SPEND MONEY IF YOU DON’T WANT TO some people don’t seem to realize that. If you got extra money/points to spend on whatever you want like arcade games, pics, themes, videos and now avatar stuff or you can save for other DLC then ITS YOUR all depends on you…NO ONE is forcing you.

    No one is pointing a gun and telling you “spend your f–ing money on the avatar NOW or I will kill you!!”

    People want to look different and they use their avi to express it and if they got the money to burn then let them.

  • BrooksterMax

    Useful programme for both parties :)

  • WoozyDan25

    Hi Larry

    Thanks for the update as the featured download section loads a lot quicker when you browse marketplace so i am happy


  • PhAnToM x M1L3Y

    @ chrOma (Off topic) Where did you get the left 4 dead gamerpic of Bill?
    i didnt think gamerpics were available for l4d.

  • CoatedTrout


    Didn’t you hear? Any company trying to make money is evil!

    They must be the slaves of the consumer!

    In all seriousness, it is unbelievably absurd when people on gaming sites ‘demand’ that something have its price lowered. I am thinking that the vast majority of them are spoiled in one way or another.

  • PhAnToM x M1L3Y

    When i hover over your pic it says “OXM Disc 99″ Anybody know what or where that is?
    Sorry for the off topic but i love Left 4 dead.

  • PhAnToM x M1L3Y

    Never mind, Google helped me.

  • Slider2nl

    Hey major nelson, can you answer this question please.
    Can the avatars in de friendslist use the props. i got the halo remote controlled car.
    But can my friends (with same update) see the props i have in there friend list?

    If not can the team change that before the orginal version is launched.
    Would be cool thanks.

  • Mr Knocturnal

    For the people complaining about the avatar clothes it’s just like anything in life. If you can afford and you want it then you get it. If you can’t afford it then then you either save up for it and get it or you just do without it.

  • NYGFan992

    yea…I’m in the second wave and I never got a second update…

  • H3MANG

    i am so jealous of you guys with the preview update!!!

  • The 9th Complex

    Ok! This sucks! MS Connect will not even load the damned survey to fill out! I’ve been trying for over 24 hours. MAJOR!!! What gives!!!???

  • H3MANG

    @The 9th Complex
    you should just give up because we both are too late!!!
    we dont have a chance of getting in the preview…

  • Murkel Jackson

    I didn’t get in.

  • Murkel Jackson


  • Lites

    the netflix update is just amazing… I’m watching ghostbusters with some friends… When does it release to the public?

  • Quaranj

    I got in before the weekend. There are two gold accounts on my 360 full-time. We both bought new outfits mostly in a Halo theme, but only one of the new outfits showed up in 1 vs. 100. I am guessing it has something to do with my account being the gamertag attached to the preview, but everything else seems to be working fine. It’s working well, some menus are still a bit slow, but nothing like I feared it would be with new features added.

  • TheMacJedi

    The cost of $1 to $4 for virtual clothing, is Microsoft on crack. Seriously, you don’t actually think this stuff is worth that much do you? The stuff looks cool but there’s no justification for those prices. It’s like the Avatar Marketplace is using the same scheme that mobile phone companies use with their Text Messages. Everything in the Avatar Marketplace should $0.05 or $0.10 each.

    Microsoft is already doing shady business practices on Xbox Live by using the whole 80 points for a $1 scheme. Then they price things at 100 points, most people forget they didn’t get 100 point for their $1 and 100 points looks like $1 when it’s actually $1.25

    And the Update Preview still doesn’t play iTunes Plus songs. Does no one at MS own an iPod?

    I like the feature updates and enhancements. Netflix client is much better.

  • Joergen8

    Havent noticed any slowness in the dashboard, in fact the “Get Item” link appears much sooner now since it doesnt load all the screenshots etc before letting you dl.

    We just didnt get anything new apart from the ratings and avatar store.. no movies, no indie games no 1 vs 100.

  • Archer XUE

    Hey all i was wondering how do you get the awareds and what games work and give this new gear from playing games if anyone could give me a shout it would be awsome and the new update is awsome

  • Lites

    @archer, So far the first game to release awards is Splosion man. You unlock then through achievements, and etc. Its tells you the requirements. As for other games, i know you can get gears of war armor and ODST armor for your avatar in the fall

  • Archer XUE

    cool thanks lites i am going to try tat out where do you go to track the achiveents progress

  • Goodeye84

    @Archer XUE and @Lites

  • Goodeye84

    Sorry major accidently hit enter if you can delete my above comment

    @Archer XUE and @Lites

    ODST armor has NEVER been confirmed actually MS said it was just “show” for showing off what could be done and they stated they had no plans to release that as avatar clothing. Now we will probably see it but in case it never shows up don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

    Secondly in Spolsion man they will be releasing a Title update when the update launches to everyone. So no avatar items yet.

  • Lites

    Someone was telling me that for those of us that got in for the preview, we get a present from microsft… Aside from the preview. Is that true?

  • forbrukerombud

    Probably not. Can anyone link to an explicit statement from Microsoft on whether or not there are plans to expand Netflix access beyond the US? I’m so ready to throw my money at this service, but if nothing is going to happen I might just go ahead and downgrade to silver again.

  • Lord Of Blah

    Wish they would release the game updates that unlock Avatar Awards. I would LOVE to see some from Oblivion, or Uno (for some odd reason.)

  • Lord Of Blah

    ^^^Adding to that, A deck of cards to play with as a prop would be awesome!!!

  • Sogeman

    @forbrukerombud Don’t you think you should bug NETFLIX with that instead of MS. You know that those are two different companies right, RIGHT??

  • Sogeman

    @forbrukerombud Also downgrading to silver would be bad, seeing as you bought BF 1943. Nice to waste your money :)

  • GBOvenom

    lovin the new update

  • Destoyerv17

    I gotten in! Yes, congrats to the others who got in.

  • GBOvenom

    man why oh why cant we get netflix in the uk the sheer amount of videos tv series and cartoons the usa have on the xbox is wish the skyplayer would come out soon an save me booting my pc all the time to watch it while the missus has the tv, same goes for twitter i wanna tweet from my box not from my pc

  • SUZUKI0179


  • EveofLight

    My friend got an avatar prop but its only for one profile. He was wondering if it can be shared with all profiles within that console that holds the avatar data, so they don’t have to buy things for different profiles.

    I haven’t bought anything yet, but I was wondering if that could be worked on since my daughter and I share the same console and I would like to share the clothing and props with her profile whenever I decide to get any.

  • High im Hungry

    i hope i get in :)


    Still waiting for twitter, facebook and games on demand but loving it so far!!

  • SToNeP2277

    @SUZUKI0179 and Who ever wants to try out netflix party with me… hit me up.

  • Lord Of Blah

    @SToNeP2277, it’s amazing. I tried it out with my friend.

    @ Anyone (lol)

    When does wave 3 get the Update that wave 1 & 2 got?

  • Rechain

    Love to be in the BETA preview…and 1 thing I don’t like, is that NEW ARRIVALS is gone from the quick GUIDE, but only with Games Marketplace…because its still under Video & Music (new name) in the guide…can’t you make the NEW ARRIVALS to Game Marketplace to come back :( it was a quick and easy way to see if something new stuff is on the marketplace, without to have to go in and out of all categories. Thx.

  • Quaranj

    After reading all the comments on here, I can agree, there should be a songs section as Lips/Rockband/Guitar Hero have been flooding the new add-on section and I never check it anymore. I didn’t even know an add-on was released for Space Invaders Extreme b/c of all the songs.

  • FuegoTee

    I am enjoying this preview program :)

  • AL0IS

    I’m in, thanks.

  • Col J Matrix UK

    I must have accidentally quit the preview program. I couldn’t find a way before hand to change the console ID, so perhaps that’s something they should implement for future preview programs. Oh well, looking forward to the 11th.

    Can I ask those who have the preview. Did anyone who had the problem of their game library taking AGES to load up on the 120GB, has that now gone with the update?

  • Eppelheimer

    Everything seems to be working on my end Major. Tryed the netflix part it worked great. Still a little confused about how an invite is suppose to be faster now. I still feel like i have to do all the regular stuff if Im in a game.

  • Lites

    Still no ipod support… : ( come on. This one is a no brainer. I highly doubt every MS employee has a zune

  • Lites

    Sorry for double post but. It I found something last night and I don’t have access to the forum yet. If your using HDMI while in netflix (during a movie) you can only here background noise but not what they actors are saying. Was watch lost season 4. I couldn’t watch episode 2 : (

  • JUZtin jOy

    @Lites. Does both need to have netflix account to watch a party movie or only anyone ?

  • Lites

    @JuZtin, yes all people in the Netflix party mode must have a netflix account. I think its a bit unfair for those who don’t have it. I wonder if there is a way around it by adding another console onto your netflix account… gotta try that