August 3rd 2009 8:55 am PT

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta


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Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: Not available in Japan
Dash Text: [ESRB: M (Mature) BLOOD AND GORE,INTENSE VIOLENCE,SEXUAL THEMES,STRONG LANGUAGE,USE OF DRUGS] A strange Alien signal is being broadcast throughout the Capital Wasteland, originating from a crashed UFO. Is it a distress call, or something far more sinister? That question is answered when you find yourself beamed aboard an enormous Alien spacecraft, with only one alternative – to fight your way to the bridge of the ship and secure your escape. Mothership Zeta takes Fallout 3 in an entirely new direction – outer space. Meet new characters and join with them in a desperate bid to escape the Aliens’ clutches. To do so, you’ll wield powerful new weapons, like the Alien Atomizer, Alien Disintegrator and Drone Cannon, and deck yourself out in brand new outfits, like the Gemini-Era Spacesuit and even Samurai Armor. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see

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This content is also available for the Games for Windows version of Fallout 3.


Game Add-on, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • ufcmike1

    Yes, just noticed that an hour ago. Downloaded it and will start playing it in a few hours after I finish up these True Blood episodes.

  • ChargingMuffin

    I just completed The Pitt. Will get this eventually though.

  • Chitwood7412

    Yes more Fallout 3 to play. *Crosses Fingers* Hope there are no weird bugs with this one.

  • IconicSoulJA

    Finally you give Fallout 3 for Windows some love. Could you start posting the Games for Windows LIVE stats as well.


    Not on Australian Marketplace, are we getting screwed yet again?


    Never mind it just updated.

  • Chicken Wyng

    Great to see Bethesda still bringing out content, other companies should take notice. I had to trade in Fallout awhile ago, and not by choice, but I can’t wait for the GOTY edition to be able to take advantage of all this DLC.

  • I Yova I

    another one? I’ve lost count of how many Fallout 3 DLCs I’ve still had to play xD

  • Turtle502

    already downloaded :) will start this tonight, which means setting aside Prototype for a couple of days.

  • metallicorphan

    is this really the last DLC for Fallout 3?,because i will be happy to keep buying if Bethesda keep bringing them out…Operation Anchorage was the worse of the lot,but it was still great,which says a lot for the rest of the DLC

  • Raven Xp

    Why did my xbox have to die! WHY I ASK YOU!!!!

  • Anonymous


    yes this is the last of the DLC

  • Col Hartman

    800 points is a steal, thanks Bethesda!

  • Lynch182

    @Raven Xp – because microsoft can’t make a decent console and they use cheap parts to save money. join the club, i reckon 90% of xbox owners who use their console for over 4hours a day, everyday, have had to have an xbox repaired at some stage. My PS3 hasn’t broken down yet, and i don’t expect it to either.

  • Spargo CXVII

    I’ll buy it, love this Game. Way to go Bethesda!!!!

  • Carl72x

    Shibby! Downloaded and played about 30min and no issues. Hope it stays that way. And I second the GFL stat posting request.

  • r3dreck

    Last DLC for Fallout right? Love the game and still need to get the last 3 downloads.

  • DubbeL FriSSS

    I need fallout it becoming better and better this game :)

  • DigitalE

    Looks fun. Too bad I have no money to spend on games right now :(

  • tsrblke

    With this being hte last Fallout 3 DLC, I wonder what bethesda has in store for the Fallout Franchise next?


    bummer its the last dlc it was awesome. but now they are working on Fallout new vegas

  • metallicorphan

    @tsrblke/Mr supreme69
    Bethesda are more than likely looking ahead to the next Elder Scrolls…the next Fallout game(Fallout:New Vegas) is being done by Obsidion using Fallout 3 game engine…
    the next fallout game from Bethesda i am guessing will be about 3-4 years away

  • BeAkErOo

    @Lynch182 – My PS3 has died and been replaced, I also have to download DLC several times to get it to work most of the time as it errors whilst installing, also have several friends whom have had their PS3 replaced due to faulty BR drives. My 360 died once and was replaced my MS within a week, Sony took a month and that was partly due to me calling 5 times a day for the last week. MS also offer a 3 year RRoD warranty where as if you get the YLoD with PS3 after a year you’re screwed. All companies are out to make money, I’m sure they don’t pick out the cheapest parts but rather weigh up the pros and cons of each component like reliability, availability and cost. Lighten up on MS as they do a decent job when you compare it to the rivals. The 360 costs a lot less than a PS3 and even the Wii. It is still on a level par at least with the PS3’s graphics and game play and we get great exclusive content and a better online experience, my experience of PSN is a pretty poor one to be honest, the store is OK but the match making in most games is weak.
    My PS3’s [I have 2] are mostly for watching BluRays and other movies that I have converted and stored on the upgraded 500GB HDD’s. My 360 is my gaming machine of choice.

    Oh and I can’t stand Fallout 3, so I’m out…

  • GeekdadCanada

    Looks like Bethesda needs to fix this DLC as well. I’ve had the game freeze while in the slow motion VATS shooting mode three times today. It’s very frustrating.

  • Glossophobia

    Can’t wait to play this one. Point Lookout is the best one so far…but we’ll see :]

  • Misaki Ki

    I enjoyed it lots, it’s mostly a “dungeon” type DLC though so that might disappoint some.

  • Freakin Crow

    Fallout 3 is awesome i downloaded this immediately.

  • Lindy Aces

    I’m having the same problem with getting stuck in the Observation Deck. Can’t progress, can’t go back the way I came. Reloading the last save doesn’t help. I wonder if it has anything to do with one of the NPC’s getting killed earlier? Anyway, it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. Hopefully there will be a fix for it.

  • Lindy Aces

    I loaded my game prior to Paulson getting killed, and was then able to finish the game normally. Your mileage may vary, but something more specific to try.