August 5th 2009 7:54 am PT

Arcade: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled


Content: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: Not availabile in Japan and Korea
Dash Text: (Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) The Turtles are back! Relive, or discover for the first time, the flashy visual style and humor of one of the most acclaimed arcade games of all time. Starring Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo – everyone’s favorite pizza-loving, wise-cracking, reptilian crime fighters. The game has been recreated in beautiful full 3D HD graphics and enhanced animations but still has all of the favorite moments and gameplay from the original. Use pizza power-ups and huge body slams to make your way through history in an attempt to restore peace to the Big Apple. This game requires the Xbox 360 hard drive for storage.


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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • EveofLight

    Bought it, I loved it, enough said :D Not everyone is going to like it and you can’t change that opinion. I wanted it to have the original music but the remixed version is good as well, will need some getting used to but I finally have an old classic remade in its own way.

  • XxLightkunxX

    I’m quite worried about what you guys are saying about the game….

    I didn’t figure it would get such feedback. I’ll download the trial later and make my judgment then…

  • wiirule111

    I had to try trial on this game, and it wasnt what i expected. I guess i will be skipping this after all. Maybe i should buy the original at 400 instead.

  • weetibix

    Now Bubble Bobble Neo I would have bought
    but Turtles just ain’t my bag

  • AMT

    They offer us TokiDoki clothing but not an option for our own HDD.

    Microsoft EMployee 1: WE could allow our 360 gamers the choice of adding their own HDD>

    VP of something: Ahh, do you know the mark up we make on each HDD sold?

    Microsoft Employee 1: We could upcharge the gamers for a piece of plastic that looks like the current HDD holder with our logo on it so customers could install their own, and we could make a lot more.

    VP of something: Huh, what you talking about? You mean we could sell the device without a HDD and people would buy it?

    Microsoft Employee 2: Probably, I know I would cause I would add a slick 250GB SSD in mine so load times would dissapear. We would have to add some functionality in the dash to allow for adding info to their hdd for security, but it would be a marginal cost associated with that…as far as I know.

    VP of something: What is SSD?

    Microsoft Employee 1: That is not important right now, what is important, we could even make more because larger drives would allow for more stuff to be bought including Dookie Tookie Clothing.

    VP of something: What is Dookie Tookie?

    Microsoft Employe 2: Not important either.


  • Computerdude103

    WHy don;t you people get this!!!??? Micorsoft has NOTHING todo with the pricing of games. It is up to the game publisher. And if you want to know why games cost more now than when the system was released… well then just look at the quality of the games. When the system released you were paying $5 for poorly done ports of old games, or $10 for bad to ok (albeit a few good) quality games, not to mention none were bigger than 50MB. Now you are paying $10-$15 for excellent games with excellent graphics, etc that take real development time with real development costs, and are as big as a couple GB’s.

    We’re lucky costs haven’t gone up more. So stop complaining about prices. Wii owners will probably get stuck paying $50 for this game some day, so be glad you can get it for $10 or $15 on the XBLA. If you don’t want a game, don’t buy it. Nobody wants to read your complaints about how expensive these actually cheap and affordable games are.

  • DNAgent

    Now I know why they lowered the price on this. The remake sucks compared to the original game. IGN even gave it a 5.9. I won’t buy this mediocre game. I’ll just stick to the superior and ORIGINAL SNES version.

  • GPanOnline

    Turtles in Time Re-Shelled SUCKS D:

    We want Bubble Bobble Neo!!!

  • KMetalmind

    I´ve bought it. I think the price is correct for the work after it, but the game is really worse in gameplay than the original. If you haven´t got TMNT 1989 yet, go pick that one. As someone says, they have just broken the gameplay that made these kind of games work. I got bored of it on the first play, and that isn´t a good sign in a beatem up. The game is just a button masher, and little more.

    If they wanted to remake the graphics or music, they should have left the gameplay. This game didn´t reserved 1200 points, so I´m glad it´s 800. Sorry, but it´s still one of the worst beatem up games I´ve seen. Good graphics, good music (I haven´t got a problem there), but nothing else.

    Once I get all the achievements, I won´t probably play this game again ever. I´ll just play the original SNes or Arcade versions. Bubble Bobble is entire different. Graphics aren´t as cool, but it has the same music (remastered) and the same gameplay, so it´s a better game overall. I´ll wait for it´s release over here. I hope it´s soon.

  • Anonymous


    Before you run you lip, you should get your facts straight. First off Im 31 years old and havent needed to borrow money from mommy and daddy for quite sometime. Second off sorry I didnt have a hard on for the snes version of this game, or any ninja turtle game for that matter.$10 isnt much money to pay for a ARCADE game that really isnt that bad of a port. Im sorry you cant afford that much money, I see from your profile just a kid yourself, and if not having
    “I like ( o Y o )’s” as your motto shows some real maturity. Have a nice day son.


    Content: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled
    Price: 800 Microsoft Points
    Availability: Not availabile in Japan and Korea
    Dash Text: (Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) The Turtles are back! Relive, or discover for the first time, the flashy visual style and humor of one of the most acclaimed arcade games of all time. Starring Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo – everyone’s favorite pizza-loving, wise-cracking, reptilian crime fighters. The game has been recreated in beautiful full 3D HD graphics and enhanced animations but still has all of the favorite moments and gameplay from the original. Use pizza power-ups and huge body slams to make your way through history in an attempt to restore peace to the Big Apple. This game requires the Xbox 360 hard drive for storage.

  • Pico Revolver

    Major, I know this is off-topic, but I’m in support hell because of that 80150003:0 error message you guys thought you fixed. Got my refurbished box back after RRoD, tried to recover my tag, and now I can’t even renew my licenses to play the DLC and arcade games I bought! No one seems to be helping my case and it’s been weeks. I know you passed along tags a while back when this was a huge issue, think you could do one more good deed, mi amigo?

    Gamertag: Pico Revolver

  • Waromac

    I tried downloading it but after I hit 99% it says “can’t finish download” and then I get status code: 80075500

  • X Reza X

    Same here: bought the game through Major’s XBOX Live Marketplace link (as I almost always do) and at 99% I get Status Code: 80075500. Good to know I’m not the only one but please…….FIX IT!

  • AMT


    It might be because you don’t have a SSD HDD. I’m just fooling. Have you tried to delete and download again?

    Hey MajorNelson: We are having download issues because we can’t use our own HDDs.


    Probably not related but we should try….no?


    I keep up the fight….for….well….me.

  • Waromac


    I did try deleting it and re-downloading it.Still not working.

  • AMT

    Hey there is number 2 at 99%.

    When we get three we will have a movement. FREE THE SSDs from NEWEGG so we can add our own with faster speeds and help Waromac and Reza be able to finish downloading this game!

    Oh well, luckily I get twitter before Christmas so I can read Major’s tweets that will not even address the HDD crisis. FREE SSD NOW! BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

    SO a report came out that 37 million or so Americans are on anti-depressants or similar drugs :| Add to that weed, booze, or other drugs. We have a nation of zombies…and all I have to show for living in a VALVE game is a lousy 120GB laptop HDD.

    FYI: Walking around in a trance is not living, but you are helping the drug companies, so that is cool. :D

    I can’t concentrate MOMMIE :*(

    Yeah, it is because you are doing boring stuff.

    You can concentrate on reading text messages on that cell phone can’t you.

    I can’t take idiocracy anymore. I am going to play L4D.

  • Waromac

    Tried again and it worked!

  • X Reza X

    Can’t delete the game if it isn’t downloaded, at least it doesn’t show up in games list under system settings. So I really have no idea what to do here.

  • AMT

    Congrats @ Waromac!

    SSD for the win….one day.

    Am I the only one that wants Bill Clinton to be Prez instead?

    SOmebody is bringing it all down :|

  • AMT

    It should show up Reza, but the last I tried to delete these types…it was a yellow triangle with a ! in it. You can tell by the size…unless that was changed recently. Good Luck

  • XxLightkunxX

    You know I was expecting this to be completely unplayable.

    My only, and I mean, ONLY complaint, is that the music is changed. Everything else I can deal with and it plays like the old fashioned TMNT arcade-y games. Meh, you people over-dramaticize everything.

    I’ll be buying this for its price. :D

  • Marsher

    Someone give me a verdict on this game I’ve seen mixed reviews some really good some pretty bad, if i didn’t play the original will I like it. BTW I love the Turtles, but not sure if I’ll like the game.

  • I Cristiano 9 I

    major when is the launch of games on demand ?

  • metallicorphan

    @I Cristiano 9 I

    i believe this coming Tuesday with the rest of the new update

    here is apparently the list for launch,although i haven’t heard any prices yet

    # Assassin’s Creed
    # Need for Speed: Most Wanted
    # Burnout Paradise
    # Perfect Dark Zero
    # Call of Duty 2
    # Prey
    # Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    # Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis
    # Fight Night Round 3
    # SEGA Rally
    # Kameo: Elements of Power
    # Test Drive: Unlimited
    # LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
    # Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas
    # Mass Effect

  • Atheist Primate

    Cristiano, Games on Demand comes with the dashboard update August 11th.
    Read more here:

  • oAssassin Xo

    Lets get some facts straight about MS:

    1. THEY SET THE PRICING! When they talked to OXM in a article a few months back MS said word ford that while the game developer can ask for a price they want, in the end MS decides if that price is acceptable. If not MS lower or raises the price. A few developers have complained that MS will boost the asking price a little and they feel it hurts their game since they would have more buyers. So YES MS makes the final decision!

    2. On that same thing MS also said they do NOT allow free content very often because its a quote “Marketplace, not a freeplace.” So next time you want to know why some things aren’t free complain to MS. They are cheap people! You’d think with a hurting economy and their billions they could afford to be nicer to us.

    3. We make the difference. If you don’t like something about 360 then do something about it, or better yet don’t. As in don’t buy something. To many people still buy these overpriced arcade games and MS knows this and thats why they stay overpriced.

  • Anonymous

    it’s a bad economy right now. drop the price more

  • Murkel Jackson

    Need microsoft points. I want it really bad

  • NeoXDonut

    Can’t wait till I get my Paycheck.



    No bubble bobble for americans, not so hard to swallow when you guys miss out on something is it! first you miss out on cricket and now this. mayabe you wont be so judgemental when another country misses out,

  • WinterSnowblind

    @oAssassin Xo. “Microsoft does not allow free content”. So why is so much content up on XBLA.. free?

  • Firecrest

    Wow, I’m fairly disappointed with Turtles in Time. Basically, Ubisoft approached this game saying, “Gee, how can use as few original resources without calling this a new game?” I wasn’t a fan of the low-res 3D graphics before, but I at least thought they retained the original soundtrack. Much to my dismay, all the classic tunes were replaced with generic music that barely shadows the original stuff.

    Eh, at least the gameplay is decent and the online co-op is functional. But come on Ubi, a large portion of why we loved this game was its personality and arcade-style gameplay. What you guys did with this was extract all that and filled it with a concoction that left us with a sour aftertaste.

  • RedRooster29

    I downloaded this game last night and had a blast. I was playing it with my 6 year old son and it was awesome sharing this game that I loved on the SNES with him.

  • Printmatic

    oAssassin Xo could not be more correct. Stop saying developers decide prices.

    Developers want to give things away for free many times and Microsoft will not allow that.


    Braid Premium Theme, developer wanted to give it away, microsoft says no

    Castle Crashers DLC, the whole reason this is taking forever is because the fighting between developers and Microsoft. Behemoth actually purchased hundreds of 5X5 codes so they could give the DLC away the first time around because they really didnt want to nickle and dime their customers.

    N+ extra maps, developer wanted them to be free, microsoft says no.

    Marble Blast maps. Took 2-3 years to come out because developers thought they should be free and microsoft wouldn’t allow it.

    How much more do I have to throw at you?

    The only time something is free is because microsoft screwed up (Undertow) or it is usually a promotional piece of trash like yaris, totemball or dash of destruction. The other free stuff is usually given away because the game isnt too popular like buku suduko or chessmaster live. Sometimes they give you something decent like the Cold Storage map on halo 3, but that is a very rare case.

    All this information is easy to find if you look around in some forums or developer blogs or discussions on gaming sites. So stop defending the big guy (microsoft) because they are the ones here creating the overwhelming amount of complaints due to overpricing.


    @PrintMatic, you forgot Texas Holdem, Aegis Wing and Australia got TMNT Arcade for free!(albeit for 1 hour)

  • Just2Lazzzy

    I actually like this arcade. Shocking, because I normally avoid the TMNT games. The gameplay is pretty sweet. Loving the 3D visual look to. “Why didn’t they put 3D graphics like this. On the other TMNT arcade” witch came out last year.

  • Epic Shotgun

    The graphics aren’t very good, and the game is very short (is it even the full game?!?) I LOVE TMNT but I find that I wasted 800 points sadly..I beat the game twice once with 4 ppl in 10 mins and again with 2 in 15 mins. Now what?

    I kinda wish it had some arena where ppl could fight in hard could that be to make? oh well..

  • SeeUInTheFuture

    Meh im passing. I’d rather buy a SNES and the cartridge than this butchered version of my favorite game ever. No thanks Ubisoft, you will not be raping my childhood today.

  • DavidGX

    Not worth 800 points.

  • XYullX


  • K04 Passat

    I’ve played through this game twice, now. Once in multiplayer, once in single player. My thoughts:

    The devs aimed at the arcade version, some of the stages/bosses you remember from the SNES and Genesis versions were not in the arcade version. It is what it is.

    Before going further, I’ll say that I wish we had a chance at the SNES and Genesis versions on XBLA. I’d buy both.

    Anyway, my experiences:

    Multiplayer: I played 4-player co-op with my wife, brother, and sister-in-law. All of us are old enough to remember the Ninja Turtles cartoons, games, and such. We had a great time with this game. Just that enjoyment, the first time through, was well worth the asking price. 4-player co-op is runs great, it’s chaotic, lots of fun. Highly recommended that you play this way. For the record, the wife was the only survivor… She beat the Shredder. The rest of us lost our lives on that stage.

    Singleplayer: With more of a chance to really get into how this game works, I picked up on a few things. First, throws are entirely random, and I’m not a fan of that. Charging is now automatic, and you can’t do the charge/jump/attack move where you run, handspring, and ram the opponent. I missed that move a lot, playing this. Also, the bosses are much harder than in any version I played previously. 8-way run is a nice bullet-point, and it takes advantage of being in 3D, but it took away some of the tight controls. I missed the original music.

    All said, I still thing this is worth the 800 point asking price. Try it out, people.

    And Konami/Ubisoft… Keep ‘em coming. I’ll be waiting for all the 16-bit Turtles games to show up on XBLA. Oh, and why hasn’t the X-men Arcade game shown up yet? 6-player co-op would be a lot of fun.