August 11th 2009 7:03 am PT

Xbox 360 System Update now available

Moments ago, the team released a system update (aka Dash update) to all Xbox Live members. Over the next few hours – or the next time you sign into Xbox LIVE after that – you’ll receive a prompt to accept this mandatory update.  If you participated in our Preview Program, you already have the update and will not be prompted.  Hit for a list of what the update includes.  A couple of things to point out:

  • While you can browse and purchase Avatar items and full Xbox 360 games in the console with this update, the ability to add these items your Xbox 360 download queue from will be available this Thursday.
  • Xbox LIVE integration with Twitter, Facebook and Last.FM will be available later this year.
  • Zune Video Marketplace will also ship later this fall when it will replace the current Video Marketplace.

This update will be rolled out to all Xbox LIVE members around the world over the space of a few hours, so you may not get prompted for the update immediately. Thanks for your patience and have fun.




Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • ImaginedBug

    Quaranj, my nephew and niece (5 and 6 1/2) like having their own avatar on my 360, which we occasionally use to play kid games like Spyro, Kung Fu Panda or Lego Indy. If they see my avatar with an accessory they think is fun, they should be able to at least apply it to theirs while their accounts (not Silver, not Gold, just player accounts) are on my console.

    I’m with you on the multiple Gold subscriptions though. If people have kids that want to play online, they should get them to do chores or whatever to earn their online play, and teach them a thing or two about how the world works while they’re at it.

  • Deadly Moves

    Thanx for the great update, but…
    Games on demand prices are ridiculas! £19.99 for games i can get for £10 or less in the shops or online.

    And why wont it let us look at ALL the games we’ve completed? not just last 12. how did that pass through microsoft without someone pointing that out.

    Some of the avatar stuff is abit pricey! c’mon! 400msp for a lightsaber?!

  • tozOL

    jesus, was part of beta and I thought 80 points for T-Shirts were bad, but my god 400 points for a light sabre, its just obscene in my opinion, it really is, seriously who prices this stuff…the SAME price as an Arcade title is really so far off the mark its untrue.

    come on MS lets get real.

  • AnEternalEnigma

    I love the update overall for its features, but this update has enabled new horrors in the gouging of DLC. Microsoft has really outdone themselves when it comes to outrageous pricing on Avatar items and Games on Demand.

    I want to know how this company can justify selling certain items at the same price as a fair amount of Xbox Live Arcade games. I want to hear the argument that makes the value of a piece of digital clothing parallel to a Xbox Live Arcade game, because I can’t find one. None of these items should be over 80MS. $5 for a lightsaber? $4 for a RC Warthog that you can’t directly interact with? Who seriously thinks this pricing is logical?

    And Call of Duty 2, a game that debuted with the Xbox 360 almost four years ago, is priced at $30. Words cannot convey how ridiculous this is. I could jump in the car and buy it from Gamestop for about $10, if that. With these prices, 360 Games on Demand will fall flat on its face like its predecesor, Xbox Originals. Just as no one thought previous-gen, over-5-year-old Xbox games were worth $15, no majority will buy these old games at these prices when they can drive to a store and get them much cheaper. The convenience of downloading was not worth paying extra for Xbox Originals and history will repeat itself again with 360 Games on Demand.

    It’s a shame too. Both Avatar Marketplace and 360 Games on Demand had the potential to be great little services. But sadly, they serve no purpose than to join the abundance of social experiments, disguised as overpriced DLC, to see how many of their customers will just give their money away blindly.

  • P00K

    When is the ability to fix Windows live IDs going to roll? It wasn’t in the preview, and it still isn’t live with today’s update. That’s the one thing I actually NEED – and I’ve been waiting for 9 months already.

  • GdaTerry

    My advice, boycott games on demand. They’ll learn eventually.

  • Lazigeek

    Count me as another vote for less ‘trippy’ visualisations. Maybe it’s just me, but I like visualisations such as Nematodes for Milkdrop. Just having swirly colours does nothing for me.

    I’ve even grown envious of the planetary visualisation on the PS3.

  • darkjester74

    Larry, thanks for passing on our thoughts to marketing regarding pricing on Games on Demand. Between negative feedback and soft sales, I’m sure we will see the price go down soon.

  • Warrengonline

    Welcome to the NXE Update 2. I see loads of you are having a blast with all the new stuffs. Great!! Sorry to hear that some you (including a close friend of mine) experienced the Red Rings of Death. Hey, this IS Console War and wars usually have some casualties for the greater good. We all agree, the NetFlix upgrade is AWESOME to the MAX! I have my own opinion about the Games on Demand, but took all my frustration on Sony’s PSP Go idea and how it will hurt the game collectors of today in 2020 (if we live that long). Hey, if you want it, buy it. Simple as that. Like someone said regarding the avatar items and clothing: “If all the stuff was cheap, everyone would show up wearing the same thing.” That is basic logic and it works. Also people you can now rate most products on Xbox Live!

    I only have one suggestion after watching a TV Show on NetFlix Party:
    1. Can we have it where if the NetFlix Party Leader leaves, the movie continues? I know that sounds lazy, but some of us have a few minutes to watch a movie and talk a little, then out the door. That is my only suggestion for NetFlix.

    I’ve been asking for that since NXE 1, something along the lines of the Puzzle Arcade ‘Gallery Home’ (please, NOTHING like PS Home), for up to 8 players – Host controls all like in Party Chat. We can walk, sit, play mini games like 4-on-4: soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, hockey or a mini theme park area (Thrillville: Off the Rails – Dumbed-Down Edition for the NXE Avatars). That’d be nice. Xbox Live NXE Rocks.

  • The Big Zeus

    Sorry Major and MSFT, but the Games on Demand pricing is absolutely ridiculous. Listen to your customers and lower those prices!

  • ObiCiscoNobi

    love Movie Party

  • Lazigeek

    To all those people talking about the GoD prices… Over here in New Zealand all the GoD games are $99.99 (US$66.70), while (new retail) games in stores can be as high as $139.99 (US$93.43). Even EB Games sells second hand games for $120.00 (US$80).

    And on top of that… we get no video market place and no Netflix.

    All I’m saying is… it sure would be nice even just to get the more features for less money like you Americans.

  • Warrengonline

    @ObiCiscoNobi [OFF Subject]
    How are you liking You’re in the Movies? I have not played in a bit. I wished we could make our own scripts, import images and sound clips and share that script content.

  • Lynch182

    you are a complete idiot, if i was a fellow countryman i’d be embarrassed by you, and if i knew you…. dunno if i can put what i want to on here. what a complete tw@t

  • The Big Zeus

    @lazi we are currently accepting new citizens, apply within.

  • Digitalspirit

    The download time on this is update ridiculously slow for me. :(

  • PsychoStar

    Lower Your Prices Microsoft

    Are you trying to screw the community over? Yes!

    5$ for an outfit then 2$ for the helmet.

    What are you smoking?

    More complaining:

  • aStrangeDisease

    Love the update! Thank-you MS for pricing the Avatar content appropriately. I don’t want everybody to have the same stuff. I want to be unique. Higher prices ensure only the people who really want it will get it and we wont see every kid online with a light-saber.

  • moocow21

    ^Someone cheering high prices? What has this world come to…

  • Quaranj

    @Lynch182 At least this tw@t isn’t here to complain about lightsabers. Did your mommy tell you that you couldn’t have a card either?

  • Rick Dias PK

    + Good: Improved Marketplace/Dashboard performance. Thank you!
    – Bad: Games on Demand prices are absurd, charging for Mii Too props when even basic features aren’t implemented compared to your competition’s take on it, etc. Rest assured I will be taking my money to Amazon instead.

  • Anonymous

    drop the prices!

  • aStrangeDisease

    Yes, I am happy about Avatar Marketplace pricing. If it was cheaper, I might look like you. If you don`t like it, there are plenty of free clothes to choose from.

    GoD prices are high because of convenience. Like paying a taxi $20 to pick me up $10 worth of junk food. I also don`t need to get off the couch to play a downloaded game.

  • PeaceSquid

    Yeah, so… Kameo for 20 quid has to be some kind of hilarious joke right?

    Games on Demand is arguably even worse than those early ‘deal of the week’ things.

  • Exu

    Games on Demand pricing is a joke. 2400MSP/£19.99 for old SHITE? Not to mention that IX video with the yank bird that clearly listed Mass Effect at 1600. Not to mention other regions.
    I heard that it’s up to individual region controllers to set pricing. Well then, order these rogue ripoff merchants into line and keep the damn renegades in check!

    So, any update on the ‘Splosion Man TU with those first two Avatar Awards? Because knowing your certification process they’ll be the LAST two!

  • DL CyberSkull

    Hey Major, what games support Avatar item reward trophies?

  • AlexKokonas

    Hey guys i have been thinking about the price on the games on demand and quite honestly its more for a convenience thing to buying the game when your completley bored than anything else. Look I don’t hear people complain about renting a movie off of video marketplace. It costs more than blockbuster and red box but everyone pays it cause they don’t want to run to the store. Games on Demand wasn’t intended on buying every game they put up for sale. is it really going to be that big off a rip off when you buy a game every 6 months, play it and then enjoy it? Personally I don’t know why you wouldn’t go to the store and buy a virtual copy of the game. I myself go to Cheap ass gamers website everyday because i love finding great deals on games to go buy. Right now I think we have an over abundant amount of games (WHICH DOESN’T BOTHER ME)and there is way too many good deals out there on games. Also another thing to consider is they don’t want to piss off the retailers and take there business away from them. I’m sure XBOX will have some sales down the road on these games and then maybe buy them when the price is right. With that being said guys just take the games on demand part of this update as an added bonus to what they give us thats all.


    Why do you guys need Games on Demand you lazy MUTHER FACKERS?

  • UnarmedGorilla

    Wow, this update is hardly anything to jump up and down about. No netflix in Canada, no biggie though… the GoD pricing is out of whack ($39.99CDN for COD2… come on! it’s less than $10 at gamestop or ebay), and 400MS points or $5 for an avatar prop… wtf! Nice try MS, but it falls a little short for me considering the hype you’ve been throwing at it.

  • TANK 2old2play

    Avatar marketplace pricing is way to expensive. 5 bucks for a lightsabre? And 1000 points (12 bucks or so) for a stormtrooper outfit with lightsabre? Ridiculous pricing.

    Also not impressed by the G.O.D. pricing either. I can pick those games up used for less than those prices. Being download only i expect the prices to be significantly cheaper than retail becuase there’s no manufacturing costs for the discs or packaging, no shipping costs to the retailer either. If this is a test bed for how we’ll be buying new release titles in the future, i wouldn’t spend any more than $40 for a new release digital download title. Reasons is because of my previous points and because i can’t get $30 return on my game by selling or trading it in afterwards, so that $40 is a loss fom my wallet.


    lols. the new update is deff decent like the way the acheivements are is way better now

  • willwgp

    So … you DO get what you pay for! When I saw the new avatar stuff in the downloads and saw they were costing money I was NOT surprised, some friends of mine were already expecting this to come up in a future dashboard … here it is!

    One thing that surprised me is the pricing for the Games On Demand actually has a $ price to it … but even then it sounds ridiculous to price the game more than you would at the store. It makes sense that it costs more to reproduce the game on disc, but not so much to put it on the hard drive directly … I’d really like an official MS spokesperson to explain this.

    Ultimately, being I am a 4 year member of Xbox Live, I have learned to watch it grow. And it definitely is. I have also learned not to complain about it. There are a lot of things MS tries to justify and give out for free (honestly 1v100 is a LOT of fun!).

    So this is really something you all just need to understand, it’s part of the economy. So climb up a hill and get over it. I know something digital (as opposed to tangible) should not have a price, but that’s just the way things go …

    IN ALBUQUERQUE! Sorry just had to say it :)

  • willwgp

    Only thing I would suggest about this entire update, is that for the rating system, you should only allow people that actually own (or played) the game to rate it, not just anyone that doesn’t (or hasn’t). Now that you’ve already put this part of the update out, maybe it’s too late.

  • NICK982002

    Still cant figure out this avatar awards stuff

  • No One IX

    I actually liked the update; it brought a lot of new stuff to keep the experience fresh.
    I just have one big complain: isn’t there a way to have the Xbox team on mexico actually work in getting the deals for the videomarket place, and the rest of functions of the dashboard.
    About the videomarket place I know it’s hard to get the deals with the rights holders, but for gods sake its been almost two years and we still have nothing. It seems that the people working here to manage those deals haven’t even try. Most of the movies are released at the same time in both countries, except for forgein ones; dvd and blu ray releases are mainly on the same day and by the same studios, if the right owners for mexican films don’t want to participate, it really doesn’t matter, most of them are bad anyway, and most users won’t pay for them either. It is the mayor global studios that count and the ones we are interrested in. If possible you could help moving this situation forward, it would be really appreciated.

  • Aliasalpha

    I hate to join in with the whining people but I’m afraid I’m in the “games on demand are too expensive” camp.

    Basically I think that this GoD thing is going to die a death here if you don’t drop the prices. Its not cheaper, you get less (admittedly you lose the least important parts but I personally like manuals) for your money and the sad fact is that I live in a crap country for the internet, the amount a single 360 game takes is often a quarter of the monthly downloads for many people. Mass effect is 6.8gb, bioshock 4.5, oblivion 5.9, on a 20GB/month connection which are sadly rather common, that’s your downloads mostly gone and it takes a hell of a long time to download on the average Australian connection speed.

  • ozblogger

    Not bad update , but I was really looking forward to Video Library enhancements, all we got was Sort files by type/name.

  • DarkTear81

    Uhhh, I can’t log in with my WLID anymore… not in the MSN-Messenger nor on…
    My Gamercard shows me that I’m only 1 year on XBL-Gold… but I’m sure I’m with u longer.

  • jxbouis

    It has been said a million times, but pricing for GoD is clearly off. I mean, I am a very reasonable guy, and was actually eager to test this new functionality, but 30 euros for games that have been out for several years and can be found NEW at least 10 euros less seems like such a bad deal.

    Plus, these games can’t be sold once we don’t play them anymore.

    I like the theory of GoD a lot, but in practice, it needs tweaking.

  • blackdevil4589

    400 Ms points for a lightsaber???????? WHHYYYYYYY ????

  • nmg82

    Avatar Marketplace is WAY overpriced. There’s honestly some cool stuff on it. It’s really a rip off for what you get. Like blackdevil4589 said…why? Why do these things cost so much? Anyway, I’m having a hard time resisting the GoW and ODST armor uniforms. I’m waiting it out to see what the avatar awards will consist of. I’m sure people are buying up stuff on the Avatar Marketplace, I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’m really dissapointed they went with that high of a pricing model.

  • jxbouis

    Speaking of which, could Major let us know, even ballpark, when MS is planning to shed some light on Avatar Awards, ie be a little more specific regarding which games might have them ? Just was on Redlynx (Trials HD) forums, a dev strongly suggests that the game might have those implemented.

    Thanks for any info.

  • blackdevil4589

    1vs100 CHEATER VIDEO


  • KapuKapper

    Major, do you know when we’ll receive our E3 Trophy prop codes?


  • programad

    Hey, Major an Xbox LIVE guys.

    I still suggest that the avatars png images on the web support more positions and props.

    And a way to take a “picture” of the party, with my friends avatars.

  • wolfzero01

    the avatar prices are just as bad as the prices Sony charges for Home crap, I hope that MS lowers the prices but I won’t hold my breath

  • Quixter

    Can anything be done about the loud beep that now comes through the headset when joining or leaving a party? I’m hearing a lot of complaints about it.

  • Gameskeeper

    Games on Demand pricing is simply insane!

    Why would I pay 5 to 10 times the price of a physical game disc, and to boot lose the possibility to borrow or trade the game?

    Greed like that is simply evil.

  • Warrengonline

    No offense meant, but I thought Games on Demand would be a nice library of re-programmed (to work on Xbox Live more than just a cheap, but somewhat stable emulation software) of games that are not abundant, such as Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis or Perfect Dark Zero. Though what I DO see is a pre-release-type service for those who pre-order the game in digital format only. This would save A LOT of time (depending if there is a dedicated pre-release server) of going to the store and standing in-line. The only thing is pricing: no shipping, no printed artwork or reference guide, no manufactured physical disc that has been duplicated for world wide distribution or even a rented store shelf. All of those missing add-ons will eventually mean less cost for Games on Demand or will it? Valve is awesome in how they operate. Efficiently and Effectively.

    So true. I need a Neo Geo AES, 3DO and Sega CD outlet. No many hits since the last time I was there (sometime last year). Friends invited me to GOOZEX, but I’m a face-to-face game trader/swapper/lender, unless I’ve talked to you for a while and know you. Although I’ve heard that the site is very trust-worthy.

  • Blue Thunder28

    Games on Demand and Avatar Marketplace are amazing features.. but ruined with the pricing! There was a lot of missed potential here it’s really disappointing. I’m still greatly looking forward to the rest of this update with Facebook and Twitter and .. The small changes in this are nice but the biggest ones of all are rendered practically useless! Also I thought the option for games on demand would include MS Points and real Dollars, I only see dollars and I have way more MS Points than money so… that’s disappointing too.. heh. But seriously I’m a little surprised MS dropped the ball on this one, it could have been huge! Better pull an Indie Games and fix the pricing before Sony releases their own Games on Demand with realistic pricing.