August 13th 2009 1:46 pm PT

Avatar and Games on Demand Marketplace now on – Updated

Earlier today, the team added the ability to preview and purchase Avatar Marketplace items and add Games on Demand to yourXbox 360 download queue. Swing over to the Marketplace on the Web and browse the new addition if you are looking for something to wear or play today.

Update:  The Avatar Marketplace on has been temporarily turned off for maintenance.  We expect to have the feature returned to use in the next few days.  While our teams are working on the site, you can continue to use all the other features of the Web Marketplace. This does not affect the Avatar Marketplace in the Xbox 360 console.

Update: maintenance complete



Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • aStrangeDisease

    @ Arsenic13, You complain about Avatar Marketplace pricing more than anyone, yet you are wearing a paid-for shirt. And how do you know what Steam’s profits are? If you dislike it so much, why are you here?

  • dj shane c

    The whole games on demand is really exciting, pity about the limit on hard drive space to 120GB though. Would be fantastic if you could use an external drive to store them.

  • Arsenic13

    I have 1 paid for shirt. As I said. What else can you buy with 80 points? That was my first and last Avatar purchase. And Im here because I have the right to voice my opinions. Why do you blatantly pay for over priced content and ignore the fact that its ridiculous? Steam makes money, if they didnt, would they still be open? You can be a fanboy all you want. But knowledgeable consumers know this is BS.

  • bpsbr ernie

    I was hoping for lower pricing on GamesOnDemand. Some of those games are old and I can get physical media a lot cheaper. Should be a discount to make it more attractive to download then buy physical. Sell @ $10 or $20 lower than in store… and I’ll buy a bunch, make me feel good about buying a game that I can’t sell to EBGames…

  • Kandrick

    2800 MSP for each game. Ridiculously overpriced.

    Kameo costing 2800 is just absurd. Its a damn launch game.

  • sch50

    Very disappointed with the price gouging MS is pulling on us, were gold members and yet we have to pay for clothing for a useless character that can only be seen in certain circumstances? I don’t understand the point of pissing off many upon many of their loyal subscribers with this PS3 wannabe HOME crap, if i wanted that i would have gone to PS3. And why can we still not preview any theme or gamer pic? to me it shouldn’t even be an issue, how am I supposed to buy something that has no refund, if i don’t even know what it looks like? Even gumball machines show you whats inside before you put in 25 cents. Perfect example is Bioshock2 premium theme, very disappointing, but i had to buy it in order to see it and it was all a waste of MS points once i saw what it really was, it seems like the reason its not being shown is to trick us into buying something that isn’t worth the $ its priced at. I Dont even need to get into the pricing for the virtual games, this is crazy, why am i paying 12 months in advance if everything thats available for customizing is over priced? i’m at a loss

  • rastansaga

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Microsoft starting charging “rent” on the buttons on your controller.
    Maybe 200 MS points per-month for each of A, B, X and Y – or a 600 MS points “deal” for use of all four.
    Throw in an additional “trigger + bumpers” pack for 150 MS points per-month.

  • Omega Cat

    I think some of the pricing is really unfair. 320 points for the star wars out fit and $5 for the lightsaber?! Hello, what makes the lightsaber so special? It should be priced like an ordinary accessory like the skateboard or guitar. Pricing it exceptionally higher is disgraceful and an insult to 360 users.

    As for the clothes options — I like that Sam Fisher’s outfit is offered to me, a female gamer, just as it is. I like that I didn’t get some hooched-up street-walker version of the same outfit. The clothes options for female characters is pretty lame. Yes, lame. How many pairs of jeans do you guys have? We get two. But we’ve got at least two pairs of hot pants. And go-go boots, we’ve got that covered too. And yet we can’t have converse-style gym shoes. Why is that? You use these shoes as the freakin’ icon for footwear on the marketplace — and yet they are only offered to one side of the gaming audience.

    All in all, I think the changes show promise. I’m glad to see some items have a color scale — I’d like to see more of that. And I like that I’ll have the options of getting gaming constumes as they appear in the game — not a watered down girlie version. But please — PLEASE — the wardrobe options for women suck, and genuinely pale in comparison to their male counterparts.

  • aStrangeDisease

    It’s only a rip-off if you pay for something you didn’t want. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it. That’s life. Gianni Versace cost more than Levi’s, but doesn’t give any more value. You buy it to be unique.

  • Arsenic13

    In the case of Games On Demand. I can find it cheaper with no DRM, a manual and a physical copy that i can move from place to place.

  • Omega Cat

    I agree, you should be able to preview themes. I think the reason you can’t preview them is becaue you’d realise pretty quickly that most themes either suck completely, or are utterly covered up by the dash anyway.

  • aStrangeDisease

    I don’t like Games on Demand prices either. That’s why I buy my games from a store. Let your wallet do the talking.

  • rhod0psin

    Yea, very nice. Some cool items. But they are just too expensive.
    I hate to harp on about that like everyone else is, but it does seem to be a universally held opinion. Even the idea of paying 80 points for a t-shirt, OK, everyone will see that on your avatar, but it’s still surely more than is necessary.

    Can we not learn from Steam/Valve, that reducing the price of a sought after item will almost double the number of people purchasing it, thus making the amount of money you’d make in the first place?

  • MustardMan z

    Can someone explain why most 360 games on demand are twice the canadian retail price of the physical media brand new version of the same games?

  • Anonymous

    awesome. mine looks the best

  • TotalD78

    aww….at these prices i’ll never be able to play digital dress-up dolls again.

  • BMF Irish ace

    nice to see it but keep the games pirce to high 29.99 for call of duty 2 i can get for 10.00 in a shop

  • oAssassin Xo

    Yeah they said they wouldn’t charge us for avatar stuff. Which to be fair they said it would be a store. So its kind of a double edged sword. You can’t have a store without charging. Still though the said “no charge”.

    I’m kind of annoyed because supposedly no one can see your new avatars or props they hold anyways. Well whats the point then? Yeah its cool if I see myself holding a lightsaber but if no one else can see it why would I pay $5 for it then?!? I feel ripped off now! I want a refund. >.>

    I love my 360 and all. But next gen I am getting whatever Sony releases. Sure PS3 isn’t that great on some things but at least they don’t play head games and nickle and dime you for everything. If theres anything I want to play on 360, I’ll just play it on PC instead. O.o

  • hied

    @”oAssassin Xo” Others can see your props if they wait on the main “Friends” part of the new dashboard.

  • Ai Kago

    These “micro transactions” are starting to take the piss. Games on demand, well, you would have to be stupid to buy them when you can buy them on disc for less.

  • oAssassin Xo

    Oh ok. well thats good to know then.
    BTW why would anyone pay for GoD when you can’t actually take the game with you or put it on another system…well you get my drift. I’d much rather have a disc. Sure people claim it saves time. What a few seconds? If your that inpatient then you shouldn’t be playing video games. lol. This is why I am against anti-piracy methods. A disc means it can go anywhere and be played anywhere because YOU OWN IT. If its on a harddrive you can lose it and it can’t go anywhere you want it too easily. To much complications. And yes its a rip off. The manual is online, that does no good for when I need a quick answer. Plus there no trade in value if I want to sell it. Need I go on!

  • Arsenic13

    I love how when we the community make a complaint like this, no one from MS seems to care. But if it was us just ass kissing then they come on and go “thanks for your support” and junk like that.

  • ZaZeeMan

    aStrangeDisease, if you think that because the prices are high, you are part of some elite group of people with a unique avatar, then that is pretty funny. Whatever makes you feel better about your horse armour… :)

  • RainbowDespair

    I love the idea of Games on Demand, but I hate the pricing. Charging MSRP is bad enough, but in some cases like Lego Star Wars, they’re actually charging a lot more than MSRP (Best Buy, Walmart, and GameStop all sell it for $20 new so why does it cost $30 to download?).

  • sepulturas666

    COG Armor for fugly avatars – 320 space bucks, but wait, you don’t get the Helmet! If u want it – spare more 160 points. Oh my God.

    Games On Demand – all these OLD games must be worth 1200-1600 points. Anything above this is stupid, because you can get same game with box, covers, DVD from retailers even cheaper.

  • StefanTheMongol

    LoL, Need for Speed: Carbon can be purchased NEW on Amazon for less than $8.00!

  • hudsmack

    Anyone who pays money to dress up their dashboard doll needs to turn in their man card.

  • waldo15

    Just released Avatar Marketplace and prices are already out of line… not to mention digital downloads that are much more expensive than physical copies. A bad start MS.

    One sentence sums it up: Horse armor FTW…

  • quikDC

    The avatar marketplace and the games on demand are a complete rip off.

  • Sneeches

    cool, but this shit’s way overpriced!!!!

  • AlexKokonas

    @Sneeches you forgot a * it should be ****’s

  • Number1Gunn

    The avatar stuff is cool. I agree with everyone else that these old games can be purchased at a retailer at least half the cost.

  • Ganon255

    Games on Demand prices are way to high. I can buy these games elsewhere for much cheaper.

    Avatar items are high too, but not a pressing issue. I mean where else are you gonna buy these. It’s a luxury.

  • Warrengonline

    Hmm…. I was thinking to myself: The good thing about Games on Demand is that families can download games for the kids and the kiddies and not worry about scratched discs. I own all but 1 or 2 of the titles offered, so the prices do not bother me. Getting a bigger HDD so I do not download, play, delete, download, play, delete, etc and burn up the server to make room to play Games on Demand because I do not have the space to store more than 2 at a time. That is my concern.

    As for the Avatar clothing. I’m happy, I have my white tank top, flipflops and Hawaiian-ish beach shorts. I’m set (though currently I’m ‘trying’ to sport Kratos – not easy). IF I can put in more requests, I’d like: a kilt (for males), Altair’s full garment from Assassin’s Creed, Original Classic Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 Costumes, Crackdown (G.I. Joe the Movie) Super Suit, Capcom and SNK Character Costumes (no remixes PLEASE), Viva Pinata Costumes and that should be good. As for Accessories – a Go Cart and Mini Bike that both CAN be used in a future Avatar (Mario Kart-ish) multiplayer racing game.

    You said it right, “It’s a Luxury.” Bling-bling ain’t cheap! Nor is it needed, but you know you want it. :)

  • Exu

    Sort out the bloody pricing!

  • GdaTerry

    I wonder just how having GoD being tied to your gamertag suddenly makes it fair deal to charge more. You have to consider that you can’t resell it if you no longer like it, can’t loan it to a friend, and if anything ever happens to your account, you’re basically screwed. Not to mention that you’re also wasting harddisk space, and that you’re buying old games.

    It’s not about being whiny, these prices are infact just wrong. Anyone who buys these is not spending their money wisely.

    Also, in regards to the avatar marketplace, it’s very silly to charge us for clothes to begin with, but I don’t really care for them anyway.

  • Rokntek

    You guys have lots of free clothes to choose from… The stuff in the Avatar marketplace is PREMIUM content, and seriously – the prices aren’t that bad. I spent a buck on a Halo3 T-shirt, and what – three bucks on an RC Warthog – big deal! If I wanted to give up the Warthog, I wouldn’t think twice about dropping $5 on a lightsaber – it’s that cool…

    GoD, however – is…whack. Okay – lets say H3:ODST comes out in September, and I’ve got the choice of getting it through GoD or driving across town to the store for a copy. I know I’ll never sell it, so if the GoD and the store are selling it for the same price, that seems like a deal to me. Of course if M$ is clever and wants to lean the scales in the favor of GoD, they could do something like “$5 off MSRP – special first 24 hours promotion” on newly released titles.

    But, the older games? The convenience of GoD does NOT in any way warrant the difference in price between it and what I might pay for the same title across town or off eBay. I was excited about the idea of being able to download Bioshock, as I haven’t played it yet, but not at the way-too-high price in the marketplace. When I’m ready to play the game, I’ll grab a copy off eBay and save a large chunk o’ change…

    Great idea, insanely stupid pricing…

  • KnightOfYeshua

    My post doesn’t mean a lot because it is merely rehashing what everyone has already said.

    Dressing up my doll isn’t worth the asking price. I vote with my wallet. The same goes for buying Games On Demand. If I didn’t have all the games I already wanted, I wouldn’t buy the amount to get them because the asking price is too high.

    I do, however, love the new Netflix update. A lot more things to choose from, a seemingly faster load time for what I want to watch and a more organized menu. I’m just one man, though.

    Microsoft, I’m not mad… just disappointed. :)

  • caperon

    I think that both Avatar Marketplace and Games on Demand are overpriced. Especially GoD prices are too high, when you can buy these titles at half the price in normal store.

  • MartyPG13

    Nice idea. Woefully ill-thoughtout pricing.

  • Ai Kago

    To be honest, I think the only good thing about this update that is any worth is the rating system, which is basically very simple. All the ripoff download stuff is a joke, and the streaming video market place isnt even up there yet. Jeez, I might even get PS3 at this rate :P

  • ONI5

    While they’re doing this they can fix the Photo Party MIA issue. It just dissapeared from the ‘Spotlight’ section during the update. You can still get to it if you have downloaded it by using the quicklaunch feature and going to all and scrolling down to the ‘XBOX Live Photo Party’ but this is very annoying to do.

  • UKresistance

    Way over priced, don’t plan on buying any of it.

  • LittleBlueAlien

    Little by little – my reasons for owning an Xbox 360 are fading away.

  • a peeking duck

    Now add previews for themes and gamerpics. C’moooooooon Microsoft, you’ll make money that way if we know how cool things look (and not trick us into buying crappy gamerpic packs ;D ).

  • a peeking duck

    And I love how the Canadian marketplace charges $24.99 for Burnout Paradise when stores are selling it for $19.99 NEW.

  • krzyku

    These prices are just a test. MS wants to know how many nerds are there.

  • Drunk Ste

    New from Game
    Oblivion GOTY Edition: £19.98

    Games on Demand
    Oblivion: £19.99
    Knights of the Nine: 800 points = £6.80
    Shivering Isles: 2400 points = £20.40
    Total = £47.19

  • Euphoric Fusion

    *Lower The Prices!*

    If you agree, copy and paste.

  • Red Son Rising

    Loving the avatar marketplace, please keep adding new features and content. i probably spend 2 or 3 nights a week since the preview started just playing around with my avatar on the dash. enjoying the latest update, keep up the good work.