August 18th 2009 8:58 am PT

Games on Demand: Saints Row and Rockstar Table Tennis

Content: Saints Row
Price: Price varies by region
Availability: Australia, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, North America, Singapore and Taiwan
Dash Text: (Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) Download the manual for this game by locating the game on and selecting “See Game Manual”. Join the 3rd Street Saints in their battle for control of Stilwater in the 1st urban open world game for the Xbox 360! Offering extensive character customization, 13 unique pick up activities, 4 story lines, and a sprawling city that’s unlocked from the start, Saints Row is the next evolutionary step in open world gaming. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see



Content: Rockstar Table Tennis
Price: 2000 Microsoft Points
Availability: Japan
Dash Text: このゲームの取扱説明書をダウンロードするには、 でゲームを探し、[取扱説明書] を選択してください。 「Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis」は、グランド・セフト・オートシリーズ、Midnight Club シリーズなどを手がけたクリエイター達による、次世代機用ゲームの第一弾。 Rockstar San Diego が制作する Table Tennis は、Xbox 360 の驚異のパワーと、次世代ゲーム機専用にデザインされたアドバンスド・ゲームエンジンが融合。ハードウェアの能力をフルに引き出した Table Tennis は、美しいビジュアルと、なめらかで自然な動きが直感的なゲーム性と相まって、緊張感みなぎる現実の卓球選手権試合さながらの熾烈なゲームが展開します。 このアイテムの払い戻しはありません。詳しくは をご覧ください。


Marketplace, Xbox 360 Games On Demand By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Rick Dias PK

    I’m going to have to join in with those shaking my head at these prices. Microsoft, I know you want to recoup your losses from the sheer number of system failures you’ve had to repair… but treating us like gullible marketing statistics isn’t the way to do it. Please give us realistic pricing for Games on Demand, and offer Deals of the Week on things that our friends won’t laugh at us for buying. We’re human beings with limited (as in, not infinite) money available for our hobby… if you offer a bad deal or set ridiculous prices, we’ll take our money elsewhere.

  • Ozzzy189

    MAJOR !! Please pass on our comments. THESE GAMES ARE FIVE ENGLISH POUNDS THESE DAYS ! Sorry for shouting, but this is just silly. Still, folks will vote with their wallets i hope.

  • ImaginedBug

    Thief000, why do you want to let yourself get ripped off by Microsoft? Just shop online and save enough money for an extra game (or two).

    My guess is Microsoft is worried about multiple downloads per purchased GoD title. If that’s the case, we’re paying for Microsoft’s ineptitude, inability to think ahead and greed that’ve been clearly visible in the HDD-less Arcade, tiny HDDs on the Pro/Premium and Elite 360’s and the insane cost of separate HDDs.
    Maybe Sony’s PS3 price drop and “new” SKUs will change things.

  • Gambit3rd

    ImaginedBug is right, the hard disk capacity will be an issue in no time. I’d like to buy a 120GB one but, c’mon… 100-120 Euro is too much. 40-50 euro (about 35-45 £) would be a good deal for me.
    If the X360 PRO will be out of production and the Elite will take the actual PRO price I really hope that the 120GB will drop too!

  • SHAT7ERD Uh oh better listen to the masses and lower some prices on some things.M$ is no longer the most affordable HD console on the market…

  • Vasilii Zaytsev

    Lower the damn prices.

  • WinterSnowblind

    @SHAT7ERD: Let’s wait until tomorrow before saying things like that, hm?

  • Exu

    Table Tennis is 2400MSP here. Or £4.98 in GAME, brand new. Decisions decisions.

  • AutomaticOcelot

    WOW! $39.99 for a digital Platinum Hit title that sells physically for $20.

    WOW! Somebody’s been using the pricing dartboard again, huh?

    I’ve waited 3 years since I first rented Saints Row (6 Sep 2006) to play it again. I think I can wait another 3 days for a parcel to arrive in my mailbox, so unfortunately the “instant access” argument doesn’t carry very far for the GoD.

    So… exactly what argument is offered for GoD to benefit Live customers? Unless you’re consistently $5 cheaper than a physical retail copy, I think the publishers are missing the boat here.

  • Jaymo1978

    Yeah, the prices ARE too high for these. The convenience of digital downloading isn’t worth THAT much of a price hike over a retail copy.

    Also, I’m confused, are the downloads ALL going to be available in Points format now? I looked at some of the original Games on Demand titles (e.g. Call of Duty 2) and saw they were still listed in Actual $$. I know when the “Actual Cash Value” option was announced as an upcoming feature, it was said that buyers would have the option of using points OR doing it by cash transaction, but I don’t see that on the earlier titles yet.

  • RuairiAU

    Everyone vote with your wallets please. These prices are insane.

    Also, Gamer pics, themes and avatar clothing should be free. Its advertising!! We already pay for a subscription M$. We’re getting robbed.

  • Warrengonline

    Hmmm…. Man you guys are going a bit overboard. IF the game is cheaper elsewhere, don’t you think you ought to go there to (the cheaper place) and get it? My friend in Cleveland has to drive about 3 hours to get to Wal Mart to JUST buy a game, retail price.

    Now if these Games on Demand prices were for Crackdown 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, Gears of War 2, etc, while the retail of each were $59.99, I really do not think any of us would have any issues. You do not have to buy those games. The lot there is, there is only ONE, I’d purchase happily, which is Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse as that is a hard to find game – even on eBay.

    As for Saints Row, I bought it, played it, tried to enjoy it, but the cursing was too much for me – TWICE over. I bought it for like $19.99 brand new and actually gave it to a friend the last time I visited him.

  • HFC


    I am sorry to be boring but this is an epic fail. If this was a method by which to try and negate the 2nd hand games market then it won’t work. For all the reasons others have stated here – a) the prices are out of touch with reality and because of this, it seems like our intelligence is being insulted somewhat. Particularly when you can buy so many of those titles with a physical DVD, manual etc at a cheaper price.

    If MSFT want to make digital distribution compelling – then make it compelling. I’m lazy. I’m a gaming couch potato but, particularly in a recession, I’m not going to pay more for the convenience of staying at home to receive less product. That isn’t compelling.

    Get the pricing right and I am sure this will be a winner. I’m also sure you will leverage additional HDD sales out of it also. Make it a win-win and the folks will come.

  • TheDags

    I’m having a real hard time understanding the price structure. I would have no issue buying a digital version but if its available at about half the price in store then I can certainly say that this MS initiative has no chance is surviving. Who approved the business case for this one?

    Also if you guys are only going to release 2 a week, that will make for a long ramp up and will definitely drive people to go out and buy the disc.

    But seriously just admit the mistake and get competitive with the pricing.

  • tozOL

    Major, I know given the entire history of Microsoft NEVER going back or even reducing prices on the marketplace, seriously here every one has to question the mentality of your accounting department on these price points again.
    I commented on my podcast this week that we will really see on tuesday as in your blog post you said, “were looking into it”, just how genuinely MS actually were looking into it…what happens, there actually MORE expensive.

    And what really baffles me, we have seen just what a resounding failure the original xbox download titles were, you know what Major, the time really has come for MS to actually show they made a mistake, and do the right thing here, and reduce prices , not only on these GOD’S, but the ludicrous avatar clothing prices to, really your customers will not see it as an embarrassing failure, what it will show us, is great respect in admitting “you made a genuine mistake”, but now its being rectified.

    Truly as post after post is showing you clearly these prices are WAY off the mark all around the world, My friends and I are asking just one simple question in all this…do the powers that be at MS, really live in the “real world”, when it comes to price points, or do they just spend to much time in the office all day and make prices up as they go along.

    Anyone can see this is just plain and simply WRONG, no one and I repeat no one will buy something they can go and get for cheaper, and in many cases, were not talking a few pennies here either, were talking pounds.
    The internet has become a vast buyers paradise, were bargains can be hunted out in seconds, so why on earth is Microsoft pricing themselves out of that market, lets get one thing straight as well, I really think MS have made a terrible misjudgment in the fact that we all think the “digital download” is better, I can tell you right now..”convenience”, isnt worth the stupid prices MS have worked out here, not by a long way.

    Again my final point, Also, were was the common sense again when deciding on these titles..why not put DLC included, or special editions, say like oblivions extra content, that would at least make them slightly different to the retail games…but again you see, these are the kind of things, “real ” gamers think of doing, and MS just dont seem to comprehend.

    Time has come to actually admit MS made a mistake, rectify it now , before the great potential of the GOD’S dies in the water just like the xbox 1 titles did.

  • oAssassin Xo

    Why do people keep getting pissed at Major Nelson? Whos just the guy whos posts this stuff! Sure he can give them feedback but some of you directly attack him and stuff. Thats kind of weird. If it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t know about some things.

  • HFC

    @ Assassin

    Mate – not pissed at Major at all. But this portal is the feedback interface and Major really has made himself that interface. Major gets quite a lot of decent exposure/PR/free games etc as a result of his MSFT role/job/profile – hell he even has his own wiki page! I’m sure Major’s big and tough enough to take the good and bad together and know that feedback directed towards him in here is actually towards the company rather than him personally ! I have a rule – don’t shhot the messenger and in this case, Major is the messenger.

    I personally think that much of the feedback on this topic has been fairly constructive. I can’t see anything where Major has been “attacked”. People have the right to praise and/or constructively criticise where they see fit. That gets us all a better service. In this case, the pricing is out of touch with reality. That’s all that’s being said. No-one said Major came up with it and no-one is attacking anyone. Just criticising what is, on the face of it, a stupid pricing policy. Also comes as part an update that seemed geared towards grabbing more cash out of us in general.

  • HFC

    @ Assassin

    Additionally mate – remember when your customer is treated as a cash cow and with contempt (and the online pricing for this stuff is contemptful and an insult to anyones intelligence) then they desert you. XBL has been a phenomenal success but I would caution against arrogance and the – understandably tempting – desire to fleece as much out of your customer as possible.

    Everyone on here is basically screaming “Please Microsoft. Don’t treat me like an idiot. I can get those games cheaper elsewhere. Do you think I am stupid? That I can be parted with cash so easily? That you take me for granted?” That’s what I am hearing loud and clear from the feedback. A sensible organisation that values it’s customer and shows some humility would do well to listen. There are plenty of arrogant companies who fail to that crash and burn along the way.

    Anyway – now the positive. Trials HD. F’ing awesome game. Well worth 1200 points (first time – battlefield excepted – where I really felt like I got my moneys worth). All must go buy Trials HD !

  • HFC

    @ All

    On a lighter note, how about we request a change of title from “Games on demand” to “Games with no demand”


  • UKresistance

    With the economy as bad as it is, you’d think the marketing department would not try so hard to get themselves fired with these ridiculous prices.

  • RuairiAU

    Is it too much to ask that MSFT don’t try rip us off first time around? We get ripped off like this in Australia at retail, now most gamers here import their games. I buy new games on Ebay for between 1/2 and 1/3 the price of retail.

  • Arsenic13


    Change your motto to “Lower Avatar Prices!” or “Lower G.O.D Prices”
    This overpriced BS cant go on.

  • RuairiAU

    If they’d just make gamer pics, themes and ALL avatar clothing free (They’re charging us to see their advertising – doesnt make sense at all). Then reduce the price of Games on Demand to more rational levels, we’d all be happy. Stop being money vampires and do the right thing MSFT! PC gaming and, heaven forbid, the PS3 are sounding more economical than the xbox.

  • jxbouis

    Everyone is chatting about this ad nauseam, but…I was actually VERY excited initially by the GoD concept, very curious about the line up too. Pricing simply killed it for me. I was going to buy BioShock (who’s not out in the EU market anyway), but paying 30 euros for it is just stupid, when I can buy it BRAND new on Amazon for 20, and sell it for 10 when done with it, for a final cost of 10 euros. I understand that downloading games is a luxury, I’d agree to paying the same prices as online, but not 50% more, that’s simply armed robbery.

  • EldonTLH

    It has been said over and over again but just speak with your wallet. I’ve had a 360 for four years now and looking back at my purchase history, here’s how my wallet spoke:

    2006: total expenditure of 6,840 points
    2007: total expenditure of 8,440 points
    2008: total expenditure of 2,500 points
    2009: total expenditure of 2,950 points

    Go figure.

  • Velox Equitatus

    I created an account here simply to say that I am 100% certain that I and nobody on my friends list will be stupid enough to use Games on Demand at these prices.

    I mean seriously. OVERPRICED AVATAR ITEMS, OVERPRICED ARCADE GAMES, OVERPRICED GAMES ON DEMAND and OVERPRICED THEMES/GAMERPICTURES. This, in a service we STILL have to pay £40 a year for and soon you’re gonna be adding ADVERTS to our dashboards?!!?

    Every single day the PS3 starts looking a better option.

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft really loves to push people. Lower the prices of these Games on Demand and the hardrive.

  • Arsenic13


    Change your motto to “Lower Avatar Prices!” or “Lower G.O.D Prices”

    This overpriced BS cant go on.

  • Chambece

    To be honest, I am not too bothered about the avatar prices, I know I probably won’t be buying them,but if I wanted something, I would get it…
    The thing is for that, you’ve not got a choice, but you have for the GoD, and at the mo, however much I would like to use it, I’m not going to at the price. However, something I have thought of, if you could get these on a sort of rental basis, then may be if the price was right, I would love such a service…. Thing is, would it be at a decent price.. :(

  • Mystakill

    If this is how MS is considering deploying digital content next gen, I’m out. Anything in the Platinum Hits catalog should be $5 less than retail, at a minimum, to compensate for the lack of manual and non-trade-ability. Epic fail on this gauging/gouging experiment (that’s not a typo – MS is gauging sales, while simultaneously gouging customers).

  • a peeking duck

    Velox Equitatus: we already get ads…

  • a peeking duck

    oAssassin Xo: He’s the “Director of Programming for Xbox Live”, he deserves to hear this.

  • DavidGX

    $30 for the original saints row? Are you guys off your rockers??

    Digital Distribution = CHEAPER than retail. CHEAPER! How hard is that to understand? We know damn well the money you guys AREN’T having to spend just selling digital copies of this. We expect those savings passed on to us.

    I’m a fan of digital distribution but not when you guys are purposely trying to screw over your customers like this.

  • DavidGX
  • StefanTheMongol

    Too expensive. They are $19.99 at Target, or $6.99 used at Gamestop.

  • ImaginedBug

    Twilight Now: over here in the Netherlands there are no ads on the dash. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are only a few territories that do have them as the market in Europe is too splintered :)

    Major, could you try to talk to someone in charge of the pricing and let us know what possesses them to charge (for example) $19.99 for BF:BC in the US and €29.99 (equivalent of $43!) in the Netherlands? It’d be nice to at least get an official word on why Microsoft doesn’t want to sell these games. Why else would the prices be so ridiculously high and have such huge differences per region?
    I know there was something about each region setting its own prices, but doesn’t anyone at Microsoft think that’s strange and counter-productive?

  • matti76

    I got Rockstar Table Tennis at PC World Basingstoke last October for £4.97. Come on, Microsoft, time for a re-think. I wouldn’t mind giving Games on Demand a go, but not at these prices.

  • HFC

    I had to remind myself how bad the pricing was by looking yesterday… $69.95 Australian Dollars (around 35 GBP) for Table Tennis. I also noted that you are only one inadvertant button press away from selecting this if your CC details are on your machine.

    On a positive note….spend your cash on Shadow Complex. Now that is VFM IMO !