August 18th 2009 8:58 am PT

Games on Demand: Saints Row and Rockstar Table Tennis

Content: Saints Row
Price: Price varies by region
Availability: Australia, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, North America, Singapore and Taiwan
Dash Text: (Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) Download the manual for this game by locating the game on and selecting “See Game Manual”. Join the 3rd Street Saints in their battle for control of Stilwater in the 1st urban open world game for the Xbox 360! Offering extensive character customization, 13 unique pick up activities, 4 story lines, and a sprawling city that’s unlocked from the start, Saints Row is the next evolutionary step in open world gaming. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see



Content: Rockstar Table Tennis
Price: 2000 Microsoft Points
Availability: Japan
Dash Text: このゲームの取扱説明書をダウンロードするには、 でゲームを探し、[取扱説明書] を選択してください。 「Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis」は、グランド・セフト・オートシリーズ、Midnight Club シリーズなどを手がけたクリエイター達による、次世代機用ゲームの第一弾。 Rockstar San Diego が制作する Table Tennis は、Xbox 360 の驚異のパワーと、次世代ゲーム機専用にデザインされたアドバンスド・ゲームエンジンが融合。ハードウェアの能力をフルに引き出した Table Tennis は、美しいビジュアルと、なめらかで自然な動きが直感的なゲーム性と相まって、緊張感みなぎる現実の卓球選手権試合さながらの熾烈なゲームが展開します。 このアイテムの払い戻しはありません。詳しくは をご覧ください。


Marketplace, Xbox 360 Games On Demand By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Parm Mann

    Rockstar Table Tennis is an outstanding game! Might have to pick it up again, it’s one of the very best local multiplayer games on the Xbox 360 (in my opinion).

    I wouldn’t get it via Games on Demand, mind you. I’m all for digital distribution, but Rockstar Table Tennis is available for under £5 here in the UK.

  • Ai Kago

    Please do not buy this stuff.

    If you do, your basically saying its ok to charge over the top prices for games you can buy second hand for half the price. If you buy them second hand you have the option of installing them to the HDD or running from the disc. You also have the option to sell them on again if you so wish.

  • metallicorphan

    i think Rockstars table tennis was already up for UK,£19.99 like the rest of the titles

    i bought it as a 2 for £20 deal when it was first released back in 2006

  • Kandrick

    Overpriced, and some regions getting shafted with no new games. Why i am not surprised ?

  • StammyFi

    Lower the prices!

  • JeffRand

    Major, I think the box art is wrong. It should be the original Saints Row. Also, the marketplace is showing the price as 2400 points not 3000.

  • MyJewlzHurt

    I agress WAYYYY overprcied. Also when I click on the Saints Row link I am taken to Saints Row 2….anyone else have that issue? Which one are they trying to sell and promote, Saints Row 1 or 2???? another MS SNAFU


    The box art and both links are for Saint’s Row 2, but it’s the first Saint’s Row that’s in Games on Demand now. Also since they’re both $30 each(wtf?), then shouldn’t their point values both be 2400 points? Not sure why only the Japan availability is listed for Table Tennis when it’s available in the US marketplace too.

  • Drunk Ste

    Like all games on the UK marketplace Table Tennis is £20, I picket up Table Tennis new for £4 back in 2007. It was released as a budget priced game back in 2006 and could be picked up for £20-£25 so it seems pretty stupid having it at the same price as everything else. Mind you compared to the stupidity of the Avatar Marketplace pricing it almost seems like a good deal.

  • SixtyeightState

    Too bad Rockstar Table Tennis is only available to Japan. That was a great game!

  • erichsouza76

    Just wondering if those games are being well received by the general user. For me, the prices aren’t that reasonable but anyhow, maybe it’s just me…go figure.
    But 3000MSP por SR1? That would be like what? USD35.00?
    Just got SR2 Collector’s Edition for USD 39.90 from somewhere else.
    What a GREAT deal on SR1, huh??? LOL

  • faultrd

    Prices are ridiculous, have a word with yourselves.

  • Danowat32

    Digital downloads at nearly 4x the price of a physical copy, BOO YAH…………weeeeoooooo ONLY ON XBOX360.

    Do the XBLA team think we are all mental or something?, or are they just living in some parallel universe where people think paying 4x the price for a digital copy is a good deal?

    I’ll take some of what they are smoking please :)

  • MrT820

    HOW MUCH?!?

    I bought Saints Row just over 2 years ago for £15 (just under $25 at todays rates), and its currently available for under £10 (SR2 is under £15). As for Table Tennis, as others have said, its been available for £5 for quite a while.

    These Games on Demand prices are ridiculous and will only gather a very small number of sales from people who don’t realise that the actual boxed copy of the game is cheaper in every single case.

  • GriffGB

    I’m just echoing what most people are saying. Why the hiked up prices for old games that retail at a fraction of the cost?

  • Danowat32

    I reckon the party line that would be towed in reference to the prices would be…..

    “Well they are a fraction of the recommended retail price”

    Which of course is true in most cases, however, I can’t remember the last time I paid anywhere near close to a recommended retail price.

  • A Place for Us

    Until digital downloads are on par, below prices of retail games (hey – some new games are cheaper than this service!), I see no reason to make use of a service.

    Adjust the prices – Assassin’s Creed – £19.99? It was like £8 new on not too long ago. Pretty much the same can be said for the rest.

  • tabicat

    I agree with everyone else. These prices are ridiculous. Only a fool would spend MORE money for a DRM-encumbered product. Don’t buy these games! You get a better product and a lower price if you buy a used copy from or eBay.

  • wolfzero01

    3000 pts for Saints Row, what a joke when you can find that game elsewhere for around $5. they must think all Live members are morons to pay those prices. Please who ever is in charge of Games On Demand wake up & realize that these prices are outrageous.

  • Thief000

    I don’t want to sound awful here Major, but you do realise that you posted the boxart for Saints Row 2, where the game is clearly Saints Row 1?

    Please MS, bring these games to Europe too, as well as BioShock. Pretty please…

    Here in The Netherlands all the games are 2400MSP (around 30€), which I find somewhat reasonable and I may want to purhcase a few of the titles that I don’t yet have.

    On a personal note: One thing I think is a bit weird though is that the new Marketplace defaults to Credit Card use as opposed to buying with points for GoD. Pressing Y shows the other way, I know from this week’s show.
    I think it should default the other way around (In Europe most of us buy with point cards from my experience). Or, even better, it should show both prices at once with both options on the same screen. That will make the whole process more obvious than it is now.

  • Thief000

    Oops my mistake. The game is SR2. The title is wrong though…sorry ;)

  • BustedChain

    Microsoft: Please fire your economists and hire some people that are more customer oriented and customer focused. These prices are ridiculous and the only way I could see them being justified is by a supply/demand/price curve that shows that fewer copies sold at an OUTRAGEOUS price is somehow “better” than more copies sold at a lower price to more people. The difference between those two is that the first one is designed to squeeze every last freaking penny out of people. The second is designed to get the game out there to as many people as possible and provide them incentive to buy the games on demand.

    As a gamer and as a customer, the second option is far better where the first option makes me think that Microsoft feels that gamers are stupid and are willing to pay outrageous prices. Maybe some are, but is that really the group of “gamers” that you want to cater to? Lovely.

  • Danowat32

    I’d actually be very interested see hear just what the XBLA team expect their demographic to be, and if that demographic was the result of a decent level of market research, or the musings of 1000 monkeys handcuffed to a 1000 typewriters.

    I just don’t know who these GoD’s will appeal to.

    Sure, they’d appeal to a large number of people if they were competitively priced, but they aren’t.

    Sure, having the ability to download a game there and then is a good thing, but 99% of online suppliers offer next day delivery, I can’t imagine people can’t wait one day to get a game.

    Then there is the HDD space issue, with the largest HDD being 120GB, space is a premium, plus they are bloody expensive, so you are limited their.

    Can someone offer any advantages with the GoD system at all?, I am struggling with the concept here, it smacks of a massive, massive fail.

  • Lynch182

    enough said, i can get 7 copies of table tennis for the price microsoft charge hahaha, no chance.

  • Major Nelson

    I updated the links. Pro Tip: Don’t build a blog post at 3am with a lot of links!

  • Gambit3rd

    I really enjoyed Table Tennis as one of my first games when I bought my X360 a couple months ago but 2000 Points is so expensive. I bought it for less than 10 Euro in a BlockBuster store.
    I like a lot the Marketplace and I’m crazy for a lot of XBLA. Ok, sometimes prices are not well balanced (but, hey, Shadow Complex will be a real deal tomorrow!) but overall they are not bad. But Games On Demand platform is really overpriced, no deal on games. Almost all the titles are on deal every month in every store.

    I hope something will change. Otherwise, I’m not interested actually. :)

  • Lynch182

    and saints row for you guys, also with buying these games from the shop/online you get to re-sell and save hard drive space, you can also lend games too and from your friends.

  • Oatmeal25

    Add my name to the list of people disappointed with the GoD pricing structure.

    The only way a GoD game should cost more than the retail version is if it includes more content. For example, it includes all of the DLC.

    More suggestions:
    1) Annually slash the prices on DLC for games older than one year. (1st year 50%, 2nd year 75%, 3rd year free) Are there significant enough sales to keep items such as 2006’s Kameo Power Pack a 400 MS Points? You can find a used copy of the game for less than $6.
    2) Annually discount XBLA games that are older than 1 year and/or based on sales figures. Why let them rot on the vine when dropping the price by 25% to 50% would capture more sales?
    3) The Deal of the Week should only involve games and DLC released within the last year. Discounting food after it’s best before date is not really a deal.

  • Chambece

    I must admit, I am another one who thinks these are overpriced unfortunately. While there are some good games on there, I don’t think I have seen one yet that I would not be able to buy cheaper instore, let alone on line.

    When the feature was announced, I was thinking it would be great for perhaps some impulse purchases, but not at this price.

    It would also be really interesting to see the ‘charts’ for these, might that be possible perhaps?


    hi, Oatmeal!

    I read through the posts just in case there was a satisfied customer in the bunch, but did not see one. I also noticed there was no discussion on MN this week about the prices of this content. Usually Major is the one to defend marketing so we have to take his word on these decisions. Hopefully prices will drop on future titles.

  • ZprivateZ

    Yea Microsoft needs to rethink how they do these games on demand, for one the games they have added are all outdated and for two they wy over priced. You can goto pretty much any used game store and get them for a fraction of what they are charging plus you actually have a case\booklet\disk. They need to lower the prices drasticly I mean its not packaged or shipped to retailers or anything so cost is way down but Microsofts prices are way up lol makes sense I guess if your rich and greedy billionaires who in the last few years wanna nickle and dime people out of there hard earned cash. In the end I guess theres just no end to Microsofts greed.

    Oh by the way since games on demand has launched is there any chance microsoft gonna come off a bigger harddrive then the 120gb because with all you can do now like installing games to hdd and now games on demand its no better then having a 20gb hdd.

  • My Big Boss


  • a peeking duck

    Hah, in my Google Reader it had the Saints Row 2 cover art.

  • RetroZoon

    MS should undercut their own platinum hits titles by 5.00 at retail. The lack of a box, disc and manual warrants that at least. Maybe even 10.00. Then people would start buying more games, they would start selling a ton more 120 gig drives.

  • a peeking duck

    Larry, you and your crack team of Marketing dopes are absolutely bonkers if you think paying 3000 points (***FORTY US DOLLARS***) for a 3 year old game. You may have been able to get away with charging 1200 points for “Xbox Originals” but this… this is the height of IDIOCY.

  • ElektroDragon

    I recently bought Saint’s Row new and sealed in Best Buy for $9.99. Yet you charge $29.99 for something that costs less to produce that a physical copy? Where is the logic in this? If anything, Games on Demand should be cheaper than the lowest retail prices. You know, as an incentive to get people to pick them over a physical copy.

  • zfair899

    I’ve said this a lot at this stage, but this is why the Xbox Original download service failed.
    People just aren’t dumb enough to pay inflated prices for games available at retail. They sure didn’t pay 1200pts for XBOs

  • fidgetwidget

    Please learn from Steam, have sales (that part you are already starting to do, and we love you for it) AND drop the price over time.
    A game that is a few years old, has a successful sequel, and can be purchased almost anywhere for under $19.99… don’t charge $39.99 for it (CAD prices). You guys need to play some more with your SRP, as no one is holding to it, because the game doesn’t sell at it.
    I wouldn’t expect you to charge used game prices for a physical copy of the game, but because there is no sell back option on these, and there IS a physical copy option… you can’t charge full price. Sorry, it just doesn’t fly with the vast majority of users.

    So again, Please Please Please, learn from steam already. GFW nearly died because you didn’t learn there, don’t let a great idea die due to poor implementation.



    I really want to use this service, what benefits could be had by having my games stored completely on the hard drive so I don’t have to lug them around with my xbox and have to worry about accidentally ruining my discs.

    But, THIS PRICING IS ABSOLUTELY ABSURD almost to the point of being INSULTING!!! When I can go to a big box retailer, buy the same game for half the price AND get the box and manual, the costs far outweigh the benefits. Microsoft is on the leading edge of a huge reform in software distribution for consoles, but this service need to reflect savings for customers NOT a premium. Charge $55 for a new game, charge used pricing for old games (then the devs still get paid), charge used prices for original games (devs still get paid). Everyone PROFITS!!!

  • MyDronut

    Wow overpriced. :(

  • Ashenkhar

    HAHAHAHAH! 3000 point!? You are selling this for almost DOUBLE retail price. Get a grip on reality.

    Games on Demand is CRAP! Seriously? $37.50 for Saints Row… That’s highway robbery, especially in this economy. Amazon has this for $17.49. Retail price is $19.99.

    Anyone considering buying this game, just go here:

  • DirectJeph

    Blah blah blah pricing fail yak yak yak beat a dead horse…what I really wanted to say is that the description on Table Tennis has got me clamoring to give it a try!

  • Ashenkhar

    The funny thing is, these games should be far less than retail price for a new game on disc. Let’s look at the expenses that are avoided when sold via Games on Demand.
    * They don’t have to press the disc.
    * They don’t have to print the manual.
    * They don’t have to waste the plastic to manufacture the case
    * They don’t have to ship this to a distributor/retail chain
    * They don’t have to give said retail chain a cut on the profits.

    The ONLY thing they have to pay for instead is the bandwidth necessary to send you the game! This is Microsoft taking advantage of peopl. Plain and simple.

  • DirectJeph

    Blah blah blah pricing fail yak yak yak beat a dead horse…what I really wanted to say is that the description on Table Tennis has got me clamoring to give it a try!

  • DirectJeph

    Blah blah blah pricing fail yak yak yak beat a dead horse…what I really wanted to say is that the description on Table Tennis has got me clamoring to give it a try!

  • DirectJeph

    Arg, d**nit, why the triple oists? I apologize, everyone.

  • Beluvius

    Just for Info: Rockstar Table Tennis is *not* 2000 MS-Points, but 2400 Points – at least here in Germany…

  • Cracka81

    This is what is listed at amazon and you expect us to pay this for a download. LOL

    Saints Row
    Other products by THQ
    Platform: Xbox 360 | ESRB Rating: Mature

    List Price: $19.99
    Price: $17.49 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details
    You Save: $2.50 (13%)

    30 new from $12.98 63 used from $4.67 2 collectible from $10.99

  • a peeking duck
  • AnEternalEnigma

    Haha. $30 for a game that’s over 3 years old. These prices are STUPID.