August 18th 2009 9:23 am PT

LIVE Activity for week of Aug.10th



Xbox 360 Top LIVE Titles (based on UU’s)

1    Call of Duty: WaW
2    Halo 3
3    Call of Duty 4
4    Gears of War 2
5    GTA IV
6    1 vs 100
7    FIFA 09
8    Trials HD
9    Battlefield 1943
10    Madden NFL 10

Top Arcade Titles (Full Versions purchased)

1    Trials HD
2    Turtles in Time Re-Shelled
3    Battlefield 1943
4    Marvel vs. Capcom 2
5    Splosion Man
6    Castle Crashers
7    UNO
8    Worms 2: Armageddon
9    Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers
10   The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

The above arcade list is based on full versions purchased.

Original Xbox Top Live Titles (based on UU’s)

1    Halo 2
2    Star Wars: Battlfrnt 2
3    Counter-Strike
4    Fable
5    Splinter Cell Chaos
6    Conker: Live Reloaded
7    Doom 3
8    Star Wars: Battlefront
9    SW: Republic Commando
10    Call of Duty 3

Top Community Games (Full Versions purchased)

1    Headshot
2    Who Did I Date Last Night
3    Physics Sandbox
4    Miner Dig Deep
5    RC-AirSim
6    myFishtank
7    麻雀 三六荘 (Mah Jong Sabrosso, only available in Japan)
9    Aquarium HD
10    Fireworks HD


These lists are based on global unique users connected to Xbox Live or in the case of Arcade and Community Games, full versions purchased during the week.


Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • tantanman2852

    Map pack came out didn’t it..

  • DarkGunner93

    CoD’s back on top, I think that and Halo are gonna be swapping about for a while.

  • TimJBart

    Surely Trials HD has made a decent pot of money from XBLA, considering the popularity and price. It’s good to see.


    Wow if Trials HD did that well in the Top Live Games, then Shadow Complex should be even higher next week considering all the hype and rave reviews it’s getting so far.

  • Wet Vein

    Trials HD is great… glad to see it doing well. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see Shadow Complex crack the top 5. (Live titles)

    *Off Topic* – Major, why would you guys let people rate content that they don’t own? You know Roger Ebert is going to give everything 1 star. This is your worst decision since Microsoft Bob.

  • Drunk Ste

    Well other than Miner Dig Deep it looks like user ratings have had little impact on the Indie Games chart. The next highest rated game on the list is myFishtank at number 46 followed by Physics Sandbox at number 82.

  • T Mecha

    How come Turtles in Time Re-Shelled is ranked NO.2 & BF 1943 NO.3 in arcade but BF is in live games top 10 and turtles isnt?

  • CyberKnight

    @T Mecha:
    If I read this right:

    Live Top 10 = games played
    Top Arcade Titles = games purchased

    So more new purchases of Turtles happened last week, but more people played BF1943 (which includes all the purchases from all weeks before this).

  • T Mecha


    thanx for clearing that one up :)

  • wolfzero01

    how is GTA IV still in the top 5, I didn’t know people were still playing it online, & hasn’t everyone finished it by now?

    does anyone know when the avatar award for splosion man is going to be released?


    Good to see WAW back to where it should be.

  • oO MG81 Oo

    COD WAW is great. Good to see it in first place.

  • Anonymous

    WTF? Halo isnt #1, it must be snowing in hell. ’bout time

  • dipsetboy17

    yeah for trial’s hd. i hope everyone buy this excellent xbla game. it deserves it.

  • EldonTLH

    @wolfzero01: Bought GTAIV on launch day and achievement-wise, I’m still at ~320 (or 32% as it goes on the “other” side). It’s an excellent game and it’s less than a year old so why wouldn’t there be players? Halo 2 is about five years old now and it’s still going strong – why wouldn’t GTAIV?

    As for ‘Splosion Man, as the developers said, good things come to those who wait :)

  • Anonymous

    Take that all you Modern Warfare and Halo fanboys.

    Having said though however, I cannot wait till Modern Warfare 2. Why you ask? Well, because I’m not a fanboy who attaches himself to one game; if it’s good, I’ll play it. So stop whining about WAW, and grow up.

  • TooLegitVolz

    Honestly, how is it not obvious to some that the only reason Call of Duty: World at War is number 1 simply because they just released a map pack. It will be number one for about a week or two more and then Halo 3 will go back up top as always.

  • x8Sharrock3x

    Report: Xbox 360 Failure Rate Reaches 54%

    New survey says Microsoft’s Red Ring of Death contines to rise.

    by Jim Reilly

    August 17, 2009 – If your Xbox 360 hasn’t broken down yet or suffered from the dreaded red ring of death, then consider yourself pretty lucky.

    A new survey published in Game Informer’s print edition indicates the Xbox 360 failure rate has climbed to a shocking 54.2%. The magazine surveyed nearly 5000 readers, asking them about their experience dealing with broken consoles.

    Here are their findings:

    Console failure rate

    Xbox 360 – 54.2%

    Playstation 3 – 10.6%

    Wii – 6.8%

    Percentage of console owners who suffered a second hardware failure after the original repair.

    Xbox 360 – 41.2%

    Playstation 3 – 14.7%

    Wii – 11%

    Percentage of people who rate their customer service experience “very helpful”

    Nintendo – 56.1%

    Sony – 51.1%

    Microsoft – 37.7%

    Percentage of respondents whose friends have had console hardware failures.

    Xbox 360 – 69.9%

    Playstation 3 – 12.4%

    Wii – 6%

    The magazine also makes a few notes about their results:

    The reason the Wii has the lowest hardware failure rate could be because console is played the least of the three. 41.4% of Wii owners surveyed said they play the console less than one hour a day, meanwhile the majority of Xbox 360 (40.3%) and Playstation 3 (37%) owners say they play their console on an average of three to five hours day.

    Also, only 3.8% of respondents said they’d never buy another Xbox system because of the failure rates.

    How have your experiences been?

  • x8Sharrock3x…/1014486p1.html

  • AOClaus

    I don’t understand why people are still playing GTA4 online…has to be the worst multiplayer component of any game…ever…

  • metallicorphan


    GTA4-does that mean online play,or just connected while playing the single player?…i didn’t mind the multiplayer,it wasn’t that bad,but didnt really go back to it

    i have two friends on my friends list who still play it everynight online,they play together

    and there were a lot of different multiplayer gametypes as i am sure there was something for everyone

  • EldonTLH

    @metallicoprhan: All games on the (main) list are while connected to Live, no matter if it’s multiplayer or single player, Gold or Silver. If you pop any game in while on Live, even for a minute, it counts.

  • XxLightkunxX

    Wow…1 vs 100 must really be reeling in the attendees with the Live shows if it’s constantly showing up in the Top 10.

  • RazzLee

    I’m sure this has been commented on before but here goes anyway…

    I wonder if H3 will drop off ot the top ten all together when ODST comes out. If everyone who buys ODST uses that disc to play the HALO 3 Multiplayer, how will it count on the Live Title Activity?

  • Raiden BR

    Only 3 days and Madden already made it to the Top 10.. wow!

  • Static Jak

    So I’m guessing WAW has a new map pack out then. Also if any COD games deserves top spot, it’s 4 imo.

  • MrHumhead

    What ever happened to the Major’s Minute where he was set on fire. Did it ever air?

  • The 7raveler

    @ RazzLee

    it should count towards Halo 3’s total. The game being played in multiplayer is still Halo 3.


    Good to see Halo 3 booted from #1 by WaW.

    I hate the multiplayer in Halo 3.

  • Monster Warfare

    Good to see Call of Duty 4 going strong.

  • Searing Wave

    Halo 3’s multiplayer is the best around in my opinion, but that doesn’t mean I don’t play other games. Some people throw the term fanboy around too loosely…

    Can’t wait for ODST and Modern Warfare 2! Then it’s back to Halo 3 until Reach comes out.

  • Thief000

    Has anyone ever noticed the pictures for the achievements of Battlefield 1943 don’t show up in the Game Library list (with the achievements on the right)? It only shows bare trophy pictures on my 360.

    My prediction: CoD4 will be taken over by Modern Warfare 2 in November!

  • A Place for Us

    Uno must be one of the most successful Xbox LIVE Arcade games ever. Kudos.

  • Ion5150

    This just proves my point in WHY Larry (or whoever is in charge there) will not lists the UU’s.

    If all it took was a map pack release to put WAW on top, then Galo has only been edging out the other two (MW and WAW) by a hair.

    Once MW2 is out, it will not matter what ODST does, it will not be first because it the same multi-player game of Galo 3 with a couple more maps, which means, the current players of that game will just transition over.

    However, MW2 will re-unite the COD players, some (the MS pushers that want the Galo franchise on top) will say it wont, but watch, MW2 will crush any of the Galo online play when it comes to the UU’s. MW did it before (the only game to knock Galo from the top) and it will do it again until Activision splits the COD community again.

    Again, I have a simple request (and I’m sure others would like to see too) for Larry, e or anybody here with b@lls, please list the UU’s with each title. Since it’s the only matrix used to determine the list order, then it should be listed with the title.

  • Searing Wave


    By calling Halo “Galo” (in addition to your rant being totally off), you lose the credibility of your opinion.

  • SeeUInTheFuture

    Anyone who uses the word ‘Gaylo’ is an idiot

  • SeeUInTheFuture

    Anyone who uses the word ‘Gaylo’ is an idiot


    Btw in case nobody has said it yet, I’d like to say a big thanks to you Major for making direct Marketplace links for all the Arcade and Indie games (noticed you forgot to change that header, oops! lol). That makes it VERY helpful for getting a demo or purchasing the games straight from the lists, so please keep doing that from now on!

  • Ion5150

    Halo, Gaylo, Galo or Jlo … it’s all the same!!! And as far as my ‘rant’ being totally off, how is that so, it simply took one piece of DLC to bump it from the top? I do believe my statement is accurate. The credibility of my opinion being lost, I think not, my credibility is still intact, it’s others credibility who is questionable! I’ll ask the simple question again, why would one state that a given matrix is used to determine the outcome of a list and NOT include the matrix in the list. I do not think it is my credibility that is questionable. But go ahead, write me off as a ranting idiot, I’ll stop posting. However, I am not the idiot drinking questionable kool-aid.

  • Ion5150

    And if you thinking I am anti-Microsoft, I can assure you, I am not. My favorite statement regarding MS … Bill has paid my bill’s very well throughout the years.

  • NP Sage


    One, just because you don’t care for a game calling it gay is both offensive and rather immature. Please for the good of the Xbox Live Community, grow up.

    Two, Why is it you (and other COD fans) assume the launch of MW2 will somehow reunite the COD community? According to your logic, MW2 will reunite the players as of now split between Modern Warfare and World at War. I don’t know what makes you think this. Is it because of the fact that MW2 will be the “latest and greatest” CoD? If this is your line of thinking, then by the same logic doesn’t that mean that all of the players would have switched from MW to WaW? But they didn’t. We know this by the fact that both MW and WaW are on the top played lists. You also assume that all players either play one or the other. This is also unlikely. My preference is that I preferred MW story, and WaW multiplayer. Yes the Zombies influenced this fact. So I play both, neither recently, but both. Odds are the only thing MW2 will do is force COD: MW off the list as people switch. WaW will likely stay simply because some prefer the WWII setting.

    Finally since you appear to be implying that you are on MS payroll, I advise you be more careful of your mouth. I doubt they appreciate their employees, going off and insulting a particular group of people that right now they are trying to not irritate. Yes they can fire you for that. Granted they might not list that as a reason, but if you went off and started a KKK or Nazi movement they would likely fire you for that as well.

  • Ion5150

    Forget the game titles mention in my previous post. Pick any group of games (title does not matter), when using one given matrix to determine a list order, why not display the give matrix that determined the list order? As far as my employment … I apologize, I was not trying to infer I work for MS or any MS third party vendor. I simply meant, I make a living within the IT world with MS products and that I am not a penguin or MAC fan trying to bash MS. As far as an employer terminating my employment, they should think twice before making a mistake like that. I am aware of state and federal laws of my employment. Yea, I’d like to see that, my employment terminated for making personal statements on some social fanboy site. Please do it, that would be like winning the lotto, then maybe I could blow my settlement on game development … NOT!!!

  • NP Sage

    Actually they can fire you for that

    And I agree they should release the numbers. I’d also like to know if this is both Silver and Gold member or just Gold.