How you can play Halo 3: ODST Firefight before anyone else


If you are dying to get your hands on Halo 3: ODST to try out the new Firefight multiplayer mode, then you may be in luck. Bungie, Microsoft and GameStop have teamed up to give you a chance to experience Firefight and maybe win some Halo swag. We’ve announced that the custom created Halo 3: ODST Transport vehicle that will be making stops at GameStops across the United States and offering you an up close and hands on look of this new Halo multiplayer mode.
The tour kicks off this Saturday at 12 noon at the GameStop right down the street from the Xbox offices. Join me and a bunch of folks from the Xbox team as we kick off the tour that may bring the Halo 3: ODST Transport to your area.


Halo 3: ODST Transport Vehicle Stops


Seattle (Redmond, WA)

Portland (Hillsboro, OR)

San Francisco (Union City, CA)

San Jose (Antioch, CA)

Los Angeles (Pasadena, CA)

San Diego, CA

Las Vegas (Henderson, NV)

Phoenix (Avendale, AZ)

Dallas (Southlake, TX)

Austin (Cedar Park, TX)

Houston (Tomball, TX)

Memphis, TN

Nashville (Murfreesboro, TN)

Indianapolis, IN

Chicago, IL

Detroit (Shelby Township, MI)

Cleveland (North Olmstead, OH)

Pittsburgh, PA

Philadelphia (Fairless Hills, PA)

Washington, DC (Woodbridge, VA)

Baltimore (Owings Mills, MD)

New York (North Babylon, NY)


Redmond Town Center

Tanasbourne Town Center

Union Landing

Center At Slatten Ranch

Hastings Village

Carmel Mt. Ranch

Whitney Ranch

Gateway Pavilion

Shops of Southlake

Lakeline Plaza

Spring Cypress Wal-Mart Center

Marketplace at Wolfcreek

College Central Shopping Center

Target 31 Shopping Center

The Brickyard Shopping Center

Shelby Town Center

Great Northern Plaza South

North Hills Village

Fairless Hills Towne Center

Smoketown Station

Garrison Forest Plaza Shopping Center

Sunset Plaza
























*For the most up to date list of tour cities, times and locations, visit


  • Mad Russian Man

    Awesome news! I live about 2 min away from the Gamestop in Hillsboro OR.


  • SlayerElite18

    Well that sucks…no tour for NC >.< I guess it's to be expected since it's very boring where I live...nothing ever going on. :P


  • MikeOHara2007

    the missus and I are gonna make the drive up to the Southlake, TX Gamestop to experience this.


  • aceattorney

    desi k, you should know that the ODST truck is making a stop in Chicago at The Brickyard Shopping Center on 9/11/09.


  • BigDaddyChacon

    Umm, Antioch is no where near San Jose.


  • NeoXDonut

    Awesome Can’t wait till it comes to L.A!


  • DesertBear360

    lol Basically the list is filled with little to unknown locations. What happen to the FL stops? What about Orlando and other FL cities?


  • Renown Recon

    Thank the LORD! Finally they are coming to Memphis. I’m taking off work Sept 7th =) I’ll see you guys there Bungie! I’m heading to best buy tomorrow to pick up a Youtube Video Camera. I Can Haz Recon? =)


  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    “Basically the list is filled with little to unknown locations. What happen to the FL stops? What about Orlando and other FL cities?”

    …unknown cities like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Memphis, Nashville, Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, and NY?

    Most of those cities are the largest/ most populated in their state, almost all have professional sports teams, and if you were to chart the cities with the dates on a US map you might realize why they aren’t going to the lower East Coast/ FL…it IS a bus (a BUS…the main reason it’s not driving to the UK or anywhere else in Europe! Canada, well, there is no excuse, as plenty of roads go there!), so it’s probably taking a path someone figured was most efficient (hits the most target cities on the best route). I can assure you that MN and MS have nothing to do with the bus tour, it’s stops, or anything at all to do with this promotion.

    P.S. Everyone in Europe actually had the FIRST shot at the Firefight mode, as it was set up for the public at the big game conference that was going on this week in Germany. Might not have been as convenient, but it was there first!


  • Zeropilot

    sweet the detroit stop is 6 miles from me!


  • Logic Squirrel

    Nothing for FL.. BOOOO! :P


  • SF Psycho

    Very weird how Gamestop relates San Francisco to Union City when they’re more than a bridge apart, and San Jose with Antioch, when Union City is actually closer to San Jose then Antioch. Way to mislead people there.


  • Monster Warfare

    No Maine, I see how it is.


  • DesertBear360

    @KP ScuzzyBunny

    Look at the list and see what the cities in parentese are. Listing actual smaller, unknown cities next to big name cities. So basically, the stop list is filled with unknown cities.


  • ZprivateZ

    Would be alot better news if it was somewhere other than a gamestop, the biggest name in ripping people off with thier prices of used games


  • lie07

    oooo soo gay… why not come to Corpus Christi, TX its just 3 hrs away from Houston..

    anyway will just have to get the game now


  • GTrobotics

    Find it interesting how they don’t have an stop in Atlanta even though we have Dragoncon and a few other awesome events through out the year, but whatever we’re always getting skipped in several of these pre release events that is except for the Zune HD preview.


  • Warrengonline

    Hmmm…. On of the biggest vacation spots – Orlando, FL (Kissimmee, Ocoee, and not one location listed. My personal interest is not high on this subject, but video games in general get more hype via word of mouth. Although this is a ‘mature-violent’ or ‘teen-violent’ game, has anyone tried to setup/license a demo to Disney Quest Orlando on an event such as this? ANY game on their 1.5 STORY-SIZED SCREEN would be awesome. “The Get Tanned and Fragged Event” or a “Sun and Fun for the King of Iron Fist” :) Just wondering.


  • xXLeadFarmerXx

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any video game-related event come anywhere near Shelby Township, MI until now! Hopefully I can get a ride home from college that weekend… can’t wait!


  • Anonymous

    Damn, no NJ … I guess New York would be it but it’s still way too far away. Ahhh boo! :(


  • Devastator

    Well, talked w/ the manager at the NY one today.
    Let’s just say that there will be a Spartan at that one… :-D


  • HugoStiglitzJr

    I was in Redmond, the game was fantastic, Major should be releasing a Major’s minute soon featuring it.


  • Ganon255

    Just got back from the Portland stop. There was a 2 hour delay due to power issues. The wait wasn’t too bad because the crowd was cool to hang with. The organizers were clueless on how to run this event. The game is gonna be a blast. They gave a 10 minutes of fire fight mode. Yeah, it’s like Halo horde mode. Can’t wait till 9/22.


  • Anonymous

    Yes! One in Shelby Township!!! Only an hour away from me!


  • piderman31415

    I played it at Gamescom in Cologne and it’s very cool :D


  • SeeUInTheFuture

    North Olmstead mall! Thats like 2 minutes away! OMG yes, I love you Bungie!


  • Captain Clipx

    This is awesome but what sucks is that you need to be 17+ to play. I’m only 15 and North Babylon is only 15 min away. Huge bummer for me, have fun to everyone who can go =]!


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