August 24th 2009 10:40 am PT

Deal of the Week: Lost and Damned (1200 Points)

Save 25%...if you are a Gold Member. 
This week, Xbox LIVE Gold Members can now save 25% on the Lost and Damned game add-on for GTA IV. Normally 1600 points, Lost and Damned is the latest Deal of the Week at 1200 points. 

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Deal, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • x8Sharrock3x


  • Xcell Miguel

    Nice :)

    PS : it’s me or Windows Live Alerts just came back ?

  • Chitwood7412

    This was a great Ad-on, to bad I already have it.

  • Mr Foxhound

    One of the best deal of the week deals.

    I already have it though :-/

  • wolfzero01

    even though I & probably most people already have it, it still is a better deal of the week than what has been offered lately


    woo, this is a great deal

    i was going to wait out until the standalone disc with this and the next episode came out but I think im going to have to grab this while I can

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I half expected to see gamerpics this week.

  • Badboy5440

    Yes! Patience paid off waiting for this one, although I still haven’t beat the original campaign, but makes sense to pick it up while its on the cheap!


    Yes if you haven’t already gotten this, now is the perfect opportunity to stop procrastinating because not only is this without question one of the best things that has ever been in a Deal of the Week, but it might possibly be the only chance you’ll ever have to get it this cheap!

  • metallicorphan

    this is a great deal,great add-on

    and Xcell Miguel…yes i have started to get emails of windows alerts again,had a few this weekend but it was telling me stuff that Major announced a week ago


    Still too expensive, would buy it for 800 points.

    Posted from IPhone.

  • TooLegitVolz

    @XSAVAGE: How is it too expensive if you haven’t played it? TLAD is worth the original price, it is essentially a new game set in Liberty City. Great piece of content, this is an absolute steal.

  • rogXue

    great deal. too bad I’m one of 3 people who did not like GTA so I’ll have to pass. Looking forward to the Penny Arcade deal coming up though

  • metallicorphan

    its worth 1600 points just cruising around Liberty City with your gang while Bon jovi’s Wanted:Dead or Alive is playing :p…(or The Doors 5 to 1)

  • RidinSlow

    I have to wait for the Dual-Pack with “Gay Tony” before I can play this content. I went with the PS3 version of the full-game. The Dual-Pack will let me play the expansions on the 360 without needing the game disc. I think that the Dual-Pack is a great idea that gives gamers another way of getting to play amazing content that is exclusive to a single console.

    P.S. Is anyone else having problems signing into using FireFox 3.5? I don’t get any errors, I get redirected back to the site, but I’m not logged in. I have to use Chrome or IE.

  • ElektroDragon

    I agree, this is still way too expensive for me. I’d pay no more than 800 points for any game add-on.


    Not that great a deal,most people that want, it already have it.

  • ChargingMuffin

    Too bad I already have it, but I urge anyone who has GTA IV to get it. It is amazing!

  • DeviousBroccoli

    This is one of the rare pieces of DLC most people agree was well worth the money. I’m actually tempted to go this route over the disc, which itself would be a rare occurrence.

  • Rick Dias PK

    This is a good Deal. It is for something people genuinely want, it is relatively timely, and I am honestly intrigued by the offer. The only reason I’m not jumping on this is that I don’t have GTA4. To say this as clearly as possible to the Microsoft marketing team: This is a good Deal, this is the kind of thing I want to see. I’m not taking you up on this one (but ONLY because I don’t have GTA4, otherwise I’d buy this), but I genuinely appreciate the offer and I think better of your service for it. Please continue to offer us real, interesting deals like this The Lost And The Damned one.

  • Yukon Cornelius

    Finally … something that people want! If the savings are only going to be 25% going forward, we could definitely use 2 of these per week … but it’s still a step in the right direction.

  • Joergen8

    Sweet! Maybe I can now find players to play against in TLAD multiplayer. The game has been dead for two months, even on weekends.

    The month after it came out I played lone wolf and races all night.. no chance now. Just goes to show how poorly DLC is accepted throughout the community. If its not on disc it doesnt exist.

  • Scrappylive

    @Rick Dias PK – I believe you can play these expansions without owning the actual game.

    And I have a question: I am out of town this week. If I queue it for download now on and then log in on my Xbox 360 in a week or two, do I still get the discount?

    And while this is a great deal, I still may wait to buy in on disc with the other expansion because I would like to be able to take it to friends’ houses. And we all know the issues with these things being tied to our consoles/HDDs and not our accounts…

  • UnarmedGorilla

    This was an insta-buy for me, but if you don’t have it yet I really recommend it. Probably the best piece of dlc for any game on any platform.


    @ Scrappylive: You can’t queue it for download without paying for it first anyway. So yeah, as long as you queue it sometime this week, you’ll get it at a discount and it will be waiting for you to download onto your 360 as soon as you have a chance to log onto XBL with it.

  • TANK 2old2play

    Does the DLC version play stand-a-lone like the retail version of TLaD ? I don’t have the gta4 disc anymore, if i buy the DLC can i still play it?

  • Rick Dias PK

    That’s what I’d like to know. I’m getting conflicting accounts on that; general research online suggests I must have a copy of GTA4, while Scrappylive and a few other sources are suggesting otherwise. Could we get some kind of official clarification on this?

  • Anonymous

    for people who think its too expensive, its their loss eh?? I had a go at my mates house and what I played of it looks really good but haven’t got it myself, he tells me its huge and well worth the 1600 points, so for 1200 points I will def be picking this up

    – once again people who are disregarding things because of the price even though they haven’t played it is coming back, it was pissing me off when the summer of arcade prices where initially up and its pissing me off now, well its up the consumer I know but its just my opinion on I don’t have a clue how anyone can disregard something just because of the price – imagine if the new halo ODST game was 70 dollars, would people boycott the game because of the price? mmmm….


    @ Rick Dias PK: I already bought this as a boxed copy when it was first released and on the back of the box and the code card, it clearly says “Runs with a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360″ and “Grand Theft Auto IV game sold separately”. So even though the story and gameplay is separate from GTA IV’s (you access it from the main game menu), you still have to have a copy of GTA IV in order to play it.

  • Rick Dias PK

    Okay, cool. Thanks for the info, Macph1st0; that saves me from accidentally blowing fifteen bucks on something I can’t currently use, since I’m not 100% sure I plan to get GTA4 in any event.

  • Col Hartman

    Lost and Damned game add-on for GTA IV normally 1600 points, but at 1.4 GB I have little room on my 20 GB HDD for this! Oh well, when are they releasing Lost and Damned on disc? I want it bad, been waiting but I dont have room for DLC. another reason DLC stinks, just sell the disc at the same time as the DLC. I’d drive to the store today and pay $20 if I coould buy GTA4 and Lost and Damned! btw what is this Dual Pack I keep hearing about, will it only be avaiulable on PS3?

    GTA4 L&D is the latest Deal of the Week at 1200 points…what about the millions of people who are not online or cant get their network to connect to xbox live? Will they have to do this:

    This guy brought a monitor, Xbox, wi-fi router, external HD, earphones with mouthpiece and a controller (disguised under a NY Post, no less).
    He proceeded to play Quake/Halo/Call of Duty…some nerd fighter game while yelling out instructions to his “teammates”.
    Took him 20 minutes to set it all up. Took him 2 minutes to get kicked out.

  • Col Hartman

    This woukd be a good deal except, now that the full Retail Disc with
    Episodes from Liberty City
    (2-episode pack = Lost & Damned + Ballad of Gay Tony) is coming out in October on disk for $37 ($3 off on amazon pre-order)?…3780_as_txt_5

    Well for people with the original 20 GB HDD lik eme or for people who still dont have Gold or DSL then you can finally play this on xbox360!

    Save your money and get the full disc with both games and you own a physical copy not some DLC that can be lost if you go offline! Screw DRM! Oct. 29, 2009 Episodes from Liberty City – OWN GTA DLC!