August 27th 2009 6:00 am PT

It’s official: Xbox 360 Elite Price Drop


Starting Friday, August 28th (tomorrow) the price of the Xbox 360 Elite is getting a one-hundred dollar price cut in the United States.

Here is how the new pricing breaks down:

Xbox 360 Elite $399.99 now $299.99*
Xbox 360 Pro $299.99 now $249.99*  While supplies last
Xbox 360 Arcade $199.99 $199.99*
    * (ERP) Estimated retail price in the United States

Betcha didn’t see that coming…did you ?

 New Xbox 360 Elite boxNew Xbox 360 Arcade box

In addition, we’ve rolled out some new packaging, that some of you may have already spotted in your local stores. I’ve uploaded pictures of the new packing images to my Flickr account you can take a peak.



Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • AnB360

    When the HD120GB price cut?

  • RidinSlow

    The only way I’ll go “Elite” is if Microsoft significantly drops the price of the Hard Drives. I invested in a 20GB console at launch. I shouldn’t be expected to by an all new console just because it’s only $180 more than the hard drive by itself. And the price of the hard drives has been insane since launch. Don’t expect me to be downloading videos, games on demand, or many Arcade titles with a 20GB HDD and don’t think I’ll “give in” to the current pricing of your other HDD’s. Proprietary was not a smart move, Microsoft.

    Also; I’d like to see the wireless network adapter drop to $50. I don’t care how much Microsoft touts that it is that high quality. My home network is not setup for wiring my consoles and it’s a pain to have to rewire things just for the Xbox 360. I don’t care if Microsoft continues selling the $100 wifi adapter as long as they also offer a lower-priced $50 one (assumably less-quality). I use a $40 linksys wifi USB wifi adapter on my desktop and it runs as good as any other adapter and is barely noticable in speed from being wired.

  • Ark Hunter

    Yeah, didn’t see that coming like I don’t see a Natal bundle coming to replace that price point. LOL

  • oldskoolgamer69

    OK. So, I just sent my 360 Pro to the repair center. Because of the Pro being phased out, does that mean I’ll get an Elite 360 without the hard drive from them?

  • SuperMuchBrown

    Larry, How about a comment on the lack of HD cables? You were one of the most vocal figures bashing Sony for not including them. What gives???

  • Biomonkey

    The Elite does come with HD cables, it just dropped the HDMI cable. Here is the product page:

  • Codename6

    For those complaining about no HDMI cable, buy one from
    They’re like $4 US for a 6ft cable.

  • Arsenic13

    Bio. That list is wrong. The new Elite comes with standard def cords. Look anywhere. Everyone is saying it. No component, no HDMI, only composite red white and yellow.


    @ Biomonkey: The product page still needs to be updated. Look at the pictures on Major’s flickr. The Elite contents now show only a composite cable is included. And if you look at a closeup of the side of the new Elite box in the Contents list, it only says “Standard Definition” for the Elite.


    @ Codename6: If they’re that cheap, then there’s no excuse for why it can’t be included. The 360 should be HD right out of the box, not require you to have to get the necessary cables separately.

  • EvilTrovis

    @ MACPH1ST0

    Yes, they are cheap in general, but keep in mind Microsoft also sells a Microsoft branded cable for much more. They’ll hope you buy it, maximizing their profits. It’s business.

  • Fletch955

    “Betcha didn’t see that coming…did you ? ” I betcha we did..! Just like I betcha Major there will be a new Natal bundle / redesigned Xbox 360 ( slim ) coming the fall of 2010! ;)

  • LSpear76

    1. For $299, the Slim PS3 is still a better bargain. It comes with a Blu-ray drive, wifi, and free online play.

    2. It’s lame that if you want a hard drive with your console, you’re stuck with a black 360 since the “Pro” is phased out. Why can’t the black be a special edition, allowing people to choose a white or black elite?


    Shame I already bought a brand new Elite last month, ah well, I know it’s money well spent.

  • rogXue

    Major, the box pictures are wrong. You should have them remove 1/4th out of each ring on the systems and make it a darker red. That will be truth in advertising. :D

    You know I need to get my digs in right?

  • StabaCadaver

    IF they would have kept the HDMI cable in the box it would been $350 for the system and you would still be complaining. I really can’t see how people can complain for $299 the elite is a killer system.

  • TotalD78

    Gotta love pretend price drops.

  • Clatu6

    So I’m guessing that MS thought the PS3 Slim would be going to 350.00 and not 300.00. I love my 360 but at 300.00 the PS3 is now the better deal with free online Multiplayer, WiFi, and Blu-Ray. I bet we see another price drop around November. Rebates anyone?

  • Logic Squirrel

    Yes i did see that coming, what with the other drops going on.

  • Pixmation

    It seems like the trend at Microsoft with outrageous pricing, trying to get as much money out of you and see if they can get away with it before making any changes.

    MS is betting people who doesn’t know better will by the MS HDMI cable (very high profit margin) instead of getting one from for less than $4.00 new. Same reason for not bundling the WiFi adaptor, high profit margin.

    Another great example is the new Games on Demand and ridiculously expensive Avator marketplace items. Come on, a 160 points pom pom which has a lot more animation work put into the Avator vs 400 points for a two cyclinders texture mapped Lightsaber with not much animation with the Avator?

  • waldo15

    Man, it happened so suddenly, I don’t know what to say… other than my Pro is about to become a vintage product…

    BTW, dropping all high-def cables from the Elite… well, I kinda understand it because something had to give to get that $299 price point. But still…

  • Pixmation

    MS is riding on the installed base and the XBOX Live online play and features. If it was not my two best friends were already playing on Xbox, I would have never bought a MS product, period.

  • AK ReubenDR

    Which genius decided to remove the hd cables?

  • SalamanderSkill

    The loading screens on Forza 3 are circular red rings (RRoD)….. Who thought up that genius idea?


    Once again CHEAP CHEAP B@STARDS! all of you, not Microsoft.


    Will the elite get the white treatment?

  • BubbaBear

    Price Comparison from

    Spring 2009 Xbox 360 Elite Bundle (still available) for $399 includes Halo3, Fable II, Official MS Component Cable, HDMI Cable.

    Fall 2009 Xbox 360 Elite $299 + Halo 3 ($37) + Fable II ($37) + Official MS HDMI Cable with Audio break out ($31.49) or Official MS Component Cable ($34.99), total price: $299+$37+$37+$31 = $404 or to have exactly the same contents +$35 for the component cable, so $439. (but in real life people would either just get the component or the HDMI with adapter.)

    So the only advantage is that you can get the Elite bare for $299. If you added the bits that were already available in the Spring 2009 package (that includes games most new 360 users *should* buy anyways… Halo 3 and Fable II) it wouldn’t be much of a deal at all… $25 off, especially if the users didn’t have an HDMI audio capable Receiver or TV, then it would actually cost more.

    It’s just crappy MS marketing spin. Does MS just hope that their customers are bad at math?

    Add that to the fact that the energy efficient PS3 Slim being released at $299 with Blu-ray and Built-in WiFi, that the Elite can’t have and costs and extra $73… and I’d say that MS’ marketing division made a huge tactical error.


    As soon as the college money comes in next month, I will be getting one of these and a slim PS3. I can’t wait. I just plan on putting my Pro into the bedroom for Netflix watching. I’m not to worried about an HD cable since they come a dime a dozen nowadays if you know where to look. PEACE!!!!

  • rogXue
  • DavidGX

    1. G.o.D. prices WAY TOO HIGH.

    2. This doesn’t include any kind of HD cables now? Wtf guys.



    Make more money, loser.

  • Warrengonline

    Hmmm…. June 2010 will be nice to me. Thanks MS! :)

  • LuKhon

    How about a little perspective here, people? So Microsoft lowered the price of the Elite by $100 and everybody is whining about them not including a $4 HDMI cable? So net savings is $96. Skip a latte for one day and you can “afford” that HDMI cable. Otherwise if that’s too much work then you deserve to play the Xbox at 480i with the free composite cable.

  • DavidGX


    Yes yes you’re making money hand over foot giving out BJ’s in gay bars for $5 but I’m just not that desperate for money. Good luck with that, though.

  • DavidGX

    Trolls aside, look how cheap these freakin things are:

    There’s really no excuse not to throw one in the box for $200.

    Also, G.o.D. prices are WAY too high.

  • aStrangeDisease

    -Wireless adapter’s price should be lowered. (Even though wired internet is better)
    -120GB HDD’s price should be lowered. (Even though I bought one already)
    -HD cable would be nice,(since MS bragged about it)but doesn’t need to be included since they are so cheap now.

    Xbox 360 is still the best deal because it has the most games and the most gamers on the best online service.

  • LittleBlueAlien

    How exciting – now we get to see the PS3 Slim crush it in sales.

  • Tyger Cheex

    Could you possibly include the new pricing for the UK too… showing the “old” and “new” prices of both the Elite and the Arcade. ;)

  • LuKhon

    @Bubblebear, Amazon lowered the Spring Elite bundle to $299. Elite Fable 2 and Halo 3 bundle for $299 with HDMI and HD Component cable.

  • LuKhon

    Oops, wrong link in my previous post. Here’s the Amazon link to the Elite bundle with Fable 2 and Halo 3 for $299.


    @ LuKhon: First of all, the Fable 2/Halo 3 Elite bundle is already sold out at that price – no big surprise there, since you could get 2 games with the system and all the HD cables for the same price. And the fact that HDMI cables are cheap isn’t the point. It’s that MS has bragged about how the 360 is “the future of HD gaming”, so if they want to back up that claim, then at the very least, the Elite should continue to be HD right out of the box. Otherwise the name “Elite” just rings hollow.

  • Joergen8

    HAH, CompoSHITE cables only? Welcome to Sony style nickle and diming.. since 1995. Though Sony cables cost 4x their actual value.

    The horror of having hundreds of thousands of Arcade users using their composhite and having NO idea what they’re missing out on is enough by itself, but it will now be matched by an equal number of pro users.

    Oh well, 99.99% of 360 shop stands are running in 480i so now the home experience will match that perfectly.

  • MrBigFeathers

    I like how Microsoft is trying to spin it as a super deal. They drop the price $100 then take away the HD cables and optical audio adapter. So basically it would cost about the same price anyway having to buy MS’s audio cable and the hi-def cables. Granted you can get that stuff cheaper elsewhere. Time for a name change, I don’t think we can call it “elite” anymore.



    Not trolling, I just don’t like you. Hiding your gamercard like you’re someone special and I guarantee that you don’t contribute anything to this planet. You’re the type who is always looking for a handout. I don’t know what state you live in but, its probably one of the lower class states.

  • DavidGX


    What does hiding my gamercard have to do with wanting to pay FAIR PRICES for things? Digital content = LOWER PRICED THAN RETAIL. It’s a simply concept that neither you nor microsoft seem to understand.

    Make more assumptions, btw, makes you sound smart.



    Go start your own multi-billion dollar company and than we shall see how fair your prices are? I’m sure that a company like Microsoft has done plenty of research on prices. If you think they wrote a bunch of numbers on a wall and threw a dart than you’re a bigger idiot than I thought.

  • DavidGX


    No, I think they’re trying to get just as much as they possibly can, fairness be damned. They want us to pay more for less.

    And they’ll get away with it too if everyone is as stupid as you are and actually goes along with it. If you don’t understand why digital downloads should be cheaper than retail then you need to just go away and stop embarrassing yourself.

  • JAMS77

    I switched to all PS3 so long ago. Very happy I did. Was pleased with the year of service while gaming on the platform. Just play Halo every now and again but will skip this next one for sure. First time that will ever happen.

  • chippsownsu

    Just picked up one of these today. True fact it only has COMPOSITE cables. No Component or HDMI included in the box. It does have the capability, respectively. I found the 3 Yellow, White, and Red wires coming from the main video cable to be quit skinnier and made a lot cheaper than the ones that came with my Pro console. Another cost cutting measure? Also what sort of surprised me. The power supply was much smaller, probably because this console only pulls 12.1V, according to the serial number tag, but what disturbs me is the connector going into the console is no longer of a metal material, but entirely plastic. I personally enjoy metal more than plastic, but for $300, I can’t complain too much.

  • Bender318

    In Canada, we now have the elite for $330 including the wifi adapter and Halo 3. But our arcade versions are now $230.
    But honestly who cares, everyone posting here already has an xbox, and how many people even buy another one?