August 31st 2009 1:41 pm PT

This week on Arcade: Defense Grid & Yo Ho Kablamo


Defense Grid and Yo Ho Kablamo are this weeks Xbox LIVE Arcade titles. They will both be available this Wednesday for 800 points each.


Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Huschka

    Sigh. Another week… no Bubble Bobble. Sigh.

  • krisxx

    Has the deal of the week been announced?!

  • Cannon Fodder06

    Looks like the games will be fun. I really don’t need anymore games with the word “addictive” in their description – Peggle, Trials, and Splosion Man – are enough frustration in my life. I am sure my kids will go bonkers for Yo Ho Kablamo – the graphics look great on it. Nice to see the games back down to 800 points.

  • madnizz

    both for 800 points, or do u mean 800 points each

  • madnizz

    Oh, i see it’s corrected to 800 points each

  • Sogeman

    Yeah on the podcast like always: Penny Arcade 2 for 800.

    @Huschka: Why should there be Bubble Bobble it’s not like the Japanese Version already has English as language. Oh wait it is and they could release it whenever they want. But you can buy japanese points and buy it from there.

  • Cannon Fodder06

    800 points each I am sure

  • kuroi albatross

    Wonderful, no Bubble Bobble again… why the hell is M$ mocking us like this? Can you answer, Major? The game is already translated in western languages and released in Japan, so why this sudden hate towards the western people?

  • MeridusBeta

    @kuroi – I highly doubt it’s Microsoft preventing it’s release over here. It’s more likely to be a licensing issue.

    That said, I’ll be buying Defense Grid the very SECOND it’s available. I love this game on Steam, and on the 360 it should be even better.

  • AutomaticOcelot

    Hilarious Italian trollbatross is hilarious.

  • rastansaga

    STILL No Bubble Bobble Neo? You got to be kidding. Everybody should boycott buying anything off of XBLA until the game is released.

  • Rick Dias PK

    Rastansaga: As fond as I am of things that “stick it to the man,” I’m afraid I’ll pass on this boycott call. I like Bubble Bobble, but it is not that desperate a matter to me that I’d eschew XBLA releases until they make Bubble Bobble Neo available.

  • Exu

    Pass and pass.

  • Shamrock

    I played Defense grid on PC and that is a really cool game. It’s a Tower Defense Game.

  • madpostman

    Defense great game on PC, should be great on XBox. Not all that easy, with lots of types of towers and some hard to kill enemies. Some enemies even love to fly. When it comes to selecting which tower to erect, choose wisely.