September 9th 2009 10:49 am PT

The Beatles: Rock Band "All You Need Is Love"

All You Need Is Love...Content:
“All You Need Is Love”
Price: 160 Microsoft Points
Availability: Not available in Asia
Dash Text: [ESRB: T (Teen)] (Music Downloads Not Rated by the ESRB) Downloading this song registers you for “The Beatles™: Rock Band™ Download & Win” sweepstakes and allows Microsoft to contact you only about this Sweepstakes. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open only to legal residents of the 50 United States or DC who are 18+. Sweepstakes closes at 11:59 PM ET on Dec. 9, 2009. For full details, including free, alternate method of entry, please see the Official Rules at Build your The Beatles: Rock Band library by purchasing this song game track: “All You Need Is Love” — The Beatles. For music credits, visit There are no refunds for this item.

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When you purchase All You Need Is Love you’ll be helping to support Doctors Without Borders


Gaming By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Frantic Fargo

    Ha, getting my copy as soon as GameStop opens. Buying this now though. :D

  • tabicat

    What do I do if I want to buy this song, but I don’t want to enter the sweepstakes or give MS permission to copy me?

  • tabicat

    I meant “contact me”, not “copy me”.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Ok, I have to admit they got me, and I am a little disappointed. Gamestop kept harping on the “reserve with us for three free song downloads”, and the implication was that the album releases were going to coincide with the game release…but guess what? This one song is it, and if you want to use your “3 free downloads”, you have to wait until Oct 20th for the first album, and mid-Nov for the second. I feel a little used, but hey, got the game at midnight, about to pop it in, and what’s $2 when it’s going to a good charity? I’ll bite.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    …and they will only contact you if you win, so I am sure we don’t have to worry about an “annoying” email from MS anytime! That console is really well designed, though, and is right up there with the ODST one Mt Dew is currently giving away, and the Mass Effect one from a few years back. I don’t mind the email, really!

  • tabicat

    KP ScuzzyBunny: my concern is more academic. I don’t like the idea of buying something from the Marketplace and then being added to some mailing list and entering a contest! Next thing you know, in order for me to buy a new Halo map, I’ll have to agree to watch a commercial (and the map will still be overpriced).

  • Mushroom Jones

    I’m off on my lunch break to grab my copy. The only positive to comic books shipping late this week!

  • theuglyteradon

    How is this not already in the game!?

  • Anonymous

    Already selling DLC, damn and its just the first day. I can see it now, they’re gonna milk this one for every cent.

  • Kenjuan

    I like the fact that all the proceeds will go to charity. Unfortunately, this “download & win” sweepstakes is an Xbox LIVE gold member exclusive. :-/

  • Ark Hunter

    They really should have opened this song up to all the Rockband platforms if they wanted to get the most sales.

  • Anonymous

    If ALL the proceeds are going to Doctors Without Borders, then I take back what I said before.

  • IconicSoulJA

    DLC the first day. Does EA and Activision have any care at all about the consumer? That’s why I don’t buy these rip off music games. Overpriced plastic package with DLC that could have been put on the game but was purposely excluded. Enjoy your game and DLC. Remember, you most likely won’t be able to transfer any DLC to your next Xbox console (3rd gen Xbox). To do so, you might have to pay a transfer fee of $20. LOL! What a waste.

    That’s why I could never work in such a job because I’d feel as low as a BestBuy employee shoving crap equipment and services at you for your money.

    BTW what happened to the whole transferring Rockband DLC content. I didn’t hear any mention of this from Major when he was talking about it in his cast. I swear all these “interviews” are just big advertisements.

  • aceattorney

    Just picked it up at Best Buy – the place was swarming with Beatles fans.

  • iruhlman

    Activision has nothing to do with Rock Band Beatles

    Your DLC on your current 360 is more than likely GOING to work on the next Xbox. I doubt they go thru all this trouble on the marketplace to make it NOT compatible in the future.

    If by some rare chance I can not and they do make me export it, I’ll gladly pay as I’ve downloaded nearly 800 items from the marketplace. Including 100’s of songs for Rock Band.

    Nothing transfers from the Beatles game, it’s nothing like Rock Band, nearly everything has changed.

  • GuZ1977

    “All You Need Is Points”

  • wolfzero01

    got my copy this morning, I like that they gave a free t-shirt for my avatar

  • NavComm81

    I bought it first thing this morning. Got the game last week (gotta love having friends in video stores to ‘accidentally’ sell it early), so it was nice to finally have a new song to play. Quite a challenging guitar chart as well… 5 stars wasn’t too hard, but gold will take me quite awhile.

  • HH Li

    Why we can’t play Beatles:Rock Band in ASIA….

  • InformationHigh

    Love is all you need.

  • Mr Barrel Roll

    Will this work in Rock Band 2? Otherwise I’m not really interested…

  • Col Hartman

    I am a little disappointed. Gamestop kept harping on the “reserve with us for three free song downloads”, this is a joke I despise gamestop = this should have been in the game!

    Also “Will this work in Rock Band 2? Otherwise I’m not really interested…” DITTO!

  • Anonymous


  • Xbox Sonic

    @HH Li
    The Beatles:Rock Band is Region Free(while RB & RB2 is Region locked). So, you can order your NTSC or PAL copy, and play it on your NTSC-J console. Enjoy!

  • Cannon Fodder06

    This game is absolutely great. I am sure we will be getting most of the downloads for this one since my wife loves the Beatles. We play with Rock Band1 drums and mic and GH guitars and they all work fine.

  • Lites

    whats the avatar award tfor RockBand Beatles?

  • Binarynova

    Anyone crying that “All You Need is Love” should’ve been in the game is missing the point. All the money from this song goes to charity. Quit repeating your same old bullet-point style complaint. It actually doesn’t apply here.

    As for me, I pre-ordered the limited edition set and I don’t regret it one bit. I’ll be picking up more songs as they’re released too. My only question is that if I planned on buying the music packs anyway, can I really get three songs free? Will the packs be cheaper by one song? Or are they even releasing them as packs?

    As for avatar rewards, I’ve finished many achievements and I have received a handful of gamer pics, but so far no avatar rewards. I’m secretly hoping for a Hofner bass reward. ;)