September 14th 2009 2:00 pm PT

This week on Arcade: Bubble Bobble and C&C Commander’s Challenge


Bubble Bobble and Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Commander’s Challenge are this weeks Xbox LIVE Arcade titles. Both will be available this Wednesday for 800 points.



Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • KMetalmind

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! Bubble Bobble Neo at last!!!!!!!

    Long wait since japanese launch :P At last I will be able to play the full version :D

  • eAxis Emir

    Omg C&C Commander’s Challenge this is going to be awesome !!!

  • Chitwood7412

    Both look cool, will have to try them.

  • Nitramuse

    So…what is this C&C thing exactly? SP? MP?

  • Anonymous

    I tried the demo of BB and was rather bored with it, i absolutely loved that game on the Amiga what’s happened to me ? LOL

  • Cannon Fodder06

    So is the C&C item an add-on or stand-alone game? Looking forward to Bubble Bobble. Wonder if will be as much fun as I remember it being 20 years ago on the old NES?

  • Agodzo

    Commander’s Challenge is a single-player stand alone game with 50 missions or so.

  • Sneeches

    Both look good, will be giving both a good try :)

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Clicking on the Commanders challenge link shows it to be 1 player, co-op 1-2 player (local), co-op 1-2 player (live).

  • metallicorphan

    no word yet on a new date for wallace and gromit 2?

  • rogXue

    insert too expensive statement here on BB. The game is over 20 years old, slapping a coat of paint on it does not justify $10 sorry

  • rastansaga

    Bubble Bobble is bargain at 800 points

  • reyla

    i have been waiting for this to happen for so long!!! i love bubble bobble@!!! thank you xbox people!!

  • Zentik

    cool. Finally. Bubble Bobble NEO

    i played the japanese demo and was excelent, it bring me back old memories when i playd it in my Commodore 64, that I still have.

  • Supreme Entity

    I, too, have been waiting for the Bubble Bobble. I look forward to this.

  • AutomaticOcelot

    See now if it was *Bubble Bobble: Red Alert*, you’d have a sale.

    WOOOOOO! *pop* WOOOOOO! *pop*

  • Ozzzy189

    i have the wii version, i just hope the horrid slowed down jumping mechanic has not carried across. i love bubble bobble, but wonder why any sequels have never made it to download, memories and symphony are great.

  • H2O Acidic

    Shadowed = FAIL AT C&C

    Just kidding with ya Shadowed… Off to play the DLC

  • BrooksterMax

    I was not expecting the command and conquer game at all, this is a pleasant surprise having owned all the C&C releases on the 360. 800 seems good value.

    Bubble Bobble is a classic, but why not 400? Sonic games were 400 and I would class it the same.

  • Exu

    Sod Bubble Bobble, where’s PUZZLE Bobble? ;D – I like Bubble Bobble, but not THAT much, so I’ll probably pass. Good for you if you get it though. As for C&C? I’ll give it a try.

  • ElektroDragon

    Bubble Bobble will be purchased for sure….

  • SumHydroponic

    Bubble Bobble 800 points?!?! Wow. Will give C&C a try.

  • PriusGuy2004

    Cool…C&C and Bubble Bobble…looks like I’ll be trying both. Looks like BB has been enhance a bit (just from the YouTube videos I’ve seen) with better graphics and remastered audio (?).

  • wiirule111

    Looking at C&C Content i would expect higher price…but i will buy it. :)

    I might buy Bubble B. too.

  • RuairiAU

    C&C looks fun – I may pick that up if the demo is good

    Links dont work for people outside US (or at least here in Australia). Why is there a delay in getting localised information on Is it really that difficult? It’s not like it has to be translated, what gives???

  • TaygetaVendetta

    @Exu – Puzzle Bobble (aka Bust A Move) is out Sept 30th for XBLA.

  • yamayamayaamaa

    Thank you SO much for Bubble Bobble, I can’t wait for Puzze Bobble now!

  • bUbbALoUmCc

    I love bubble bobble. Hey Major when are we getting avatar awards? I cant believe that it has been this long since the new update and no avatar awards yet. What gives?

  • DavidGX

    $10 for bubble bobble? Really?

  • Exu

    @TaygetaVendetta – Sweet. Now we just need to hope Taito don’t withhold HALF THE GAME as DLC again.

  • Serblander

    @ Kilwinkieland: what happened to you!? lol

    Actually, the biggest difference between the Amiga/ST/C64 version and this that i found is that here there is no option to press UP on the joypad/joystick to JUMP – like every console version of BB you have to press a button for UP and a button for blowing bubbles. I wish they included an option to customize your controls this way :( Having said that, the game plays AWESOME with an Arcade Stick (i use the DOA 4 stick)

    As for all those who are bitching about the price, 800 M$ points for this is great value! 100 original 2-P mode, another 100 level 4-P mode, as well as a 4-P VS mode. Top that with Leaderboard challenges and Achievements and you have a great valued game! (IMHO at least). Any fans of Bubble Bobble should at least try out the free Demo!

  • Billytk2k6

    Waiting for Panzer General: Allied Assault. Can you say something about when it will be released @XBLA??

  • GriffGB

    Sweet, can’t wait for BB.

    The links in the Major first post don’t seem to work for me though. I get an MS Page not found. ;)

  • Gambit3rd

    I loved BB but I didn’t like the Neo! Japanese demo. I don’t know how the full game feels like but OXM gave it a poor 60. I will pass on this.

    But I’m really waiting for Puzzle Bobble (aka Bust A Move). It’s confirmed to be avaiable in Japan (don’t know if it will be worldwide) on September 30th pricing 800 MS Points. The game will feature 135 Single Player levels (divided in 5 zones), Endless Mode, VS Mode. Multiplayer will be avaiable via Live and Local.

    Avatars support is pretty limited: they will be on-screen cheering you up.

    Taito HALF-GAME/HALF-DLC strategy: together with the game will be avaiable two DLC(s) each one featuring 135 levels from past series (one from Puzzle Bobble 2 and the other one from SuperPuzzleBobble and Puzzle Bobble DX). 240MS Points each. I will be fine with the starting 135, Puzzle Bobble is much fun on Live for me. 270 levels for 480 points could be a deal for some PB addicted.

    The game will be pretty much the same as the WiiWare one. The XBLA versione will feature HD visual improvements (I do not really expect miracles here) and 12 Achievements (Achievements list is already avaiable).

  • Djizasse

    Puzzle Bobble? If my girlfriend finds out about this, I won’t be able to play any other game.

  • Warrengonline

    Bubble Bobble, cool, cool… I wonder if Bust-A-Move will make the list.

  • ReaPer jedi

    Great, Bubble bobble is one of my fave all time games, loved it in the arcades and on the c64, hope its online play

  • Ozzzy189

    Greta. bb- The horrid jumping of the wii has gone, the proper popping and linking of bubbles that the wii didn’t have has also been ammended. good version.