September 15th 2009 7:26 pm PT

A message to the Shadow Complex community


The team at Chair Entertainment continues to look for ways to enrich the “Shadow Complex” experience for players even if it means taking action by deleting leaderboard information generated by those who try to compromise our game.

This week the Xbox LIVE enforcement team will begin taking steps against players verified as cheaters. These players have not only violated the spirit of the game, but they have also violated the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use. Moving forward, initial steps will be taken with a number of player accounts that belong to verified cheaters including:

  • The player will be deleted from the “Shadow Complex” leaderboard
  • The Xbox LIVE enforcement team will investigate individual players removed from the leaderboards for potential resetting of the user’s gamerscore. The reset would include all games, not just “Shadow Complex.”
  • Those accounts determined by the Xbox enforcement team to have their gamerscore reset will be branded on Xbox LIVE as belonging to a cheater, and this information will be reflected in the gamer profile, both on and in the Xbox Dashboard on the console.

We believe that our players deserve a level playing field, and both teams at Xbox LIVE and Chair Entertainment are committed to providing the best overall game experience on Xbox LIVE. To learn more about the LIVE policy on gamerscore corrections, please read the FAQ on


For more information on the Xbox LIVE terms of use, please visit


Update: Chair has made a forum post that goes into a little more detail around the cheating.




Arcade, Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson


    Remember kids: cheaters never win and winners never cheat! ;)

  • Morgon

    Excellent news. Hopefully more game developers will work with Microsoft to remove the bad apples (Trials HD, looking at you)

  • Anonymous


  • XstonefryX

    Can we get the top score in Pac-Man CE removed please? Kthanks.

  • TooLegitVolz

    Leaderboards are obviously serious business.

  • Sole Epiphany

    Great Article, I do wonder what these people do in their lives to get ahead if they do this to a game. Pathetic!!!

  • JQ 117

    Woah! *sigh* anyone that did that kind of stuff, yeah, you deserve it, sorry… Actually I’m not sorry LAWL!
    I dislike cheaters, & respawn campers (I’m lookin at you Halo 3 which I never play anymore)

  • rogXue

    aww I came here from twitter thinking this was going to be a DLC announcement. Could care less about leaderboards….

  • aceattorney

    Goes to show how disrupting cheaters are…enough to warrant a smackdown.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder when MS will finally say: “Software developers, please quit releasing games with bugs that can be use to glitch gamer scores and leaderboards.”

  • My Big Boss

    But not if you used that secret thing they put into the game right?

  • UnHoly One

    I haven’t looked at the leaderboards recently, what kind of cheating is going on????

  • acsofspades

    Awesome, it was quite obvious that people cheating when you looked at the top scores and compared them to the test.

  • A Place for Us

    Shame the same policy can’t be applied to other titles.


    Why cheat. I don’t have this game but I plan to get it when I can. But why cheat if it’s not legit. I could never understand that.

  • doyouheuyahoo

    Don’t have the game but still a great news. I hope these verifications will be extended to other games.

  • Rokntek

    Epic Fail Cheater – Achievement Unlocked.

    Hope the “Scarlet Letter” treatment get applied with other titles soon. Like for anyone that’s had Bungie’s banhammer swung at ‘em.

  • JamesFitz

    Always good to hear, hope that this can be applied to more if not all games out there.

  • Chief McBeef

    Now if we could do something about the price of Games on Demand, that would be wonderful :)

  • TheHakku

    So I’m assuming the secret sequence breaking exploit in the game intentionally programmed in by the developers doesn’t count.

  • hied

    Ha ha ha I love this.

  • XxLightkunxX

    Why do so few games get this treatment when crap like the leaderboards on Halo or GTA4 are messed up every single day? God Microsoft you’re slow.

  • BillyMagnumFOD

    Ooooo someones in trouble lol

  • ANTI DEMON 777

    They said they would wipe GOW2 cheaters and what did they do? nothing, the guys laugh at Epic and MS because of that, and proudly show their ridiculous rank 100.

    I guess it’s great to wipe cheaters GS,especially when ppl such as myself played the game nonstop to get to level 50 and 200 the game. But it MUST be done.

  • waldo15

    Let the Hammer come down and come down with Might! I remember that one main reason I stopped playing Halo 2 was because of all the darn cheating happening. Glad to hear this is being done in such a popular game. Let’s hope this permeates to other games as well.

  • AutomaticOcelot

    Excellent, thanks for fighting the good fight, folks. A little fear-of-god announcement never hurts once in a while.

    *goes back to PS2 and loads up Codebreaker disc*

  • Thraxen

    So what the hell is the cheat?

  • Exu

    I’d not even heard of people cheating in SC. Regardless, the punishment is plenty good enough.


    i care about this but major when is the dashboard update when that going to be

  • XYullX

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY DID SOMETHING!!! I WAS GETTIN TIRED OF THIS. u always try to make something good, and come another and cheat! like ALLLL the leaderboards of trials! like ALLLL the leaderboard in GOD, inclusive in batman! come on, u can finish a predator in extreme in 15 seconds! like u have to eliminate 20 guys without being seen. CHEATERSS!!!!! u will be rip off this planeT!}!!!!! and with a stamp CHEATER on your forehead, thx world! xD

  • Exu

    Reminds me, several people have Trials HD’s “Marathon” achievement but only one has actually done it.

  • Goodeye84

    Why the heck would someone freaking cheat to get themselves on leaderboards? WHO CARES.

    It’s your name next to a freaking number and you didn’t do any work to get there why would you even feel proud about that.

  • Sly Jon

    Lets get this treatment set up on good games now instead of Mediocre games like this

  • zatch34

    I can’t believe people find meaning in cheating…

  • bbe94 WAM

    More power & let the Hammer Fall!

  • N3WB13 R0N

    i want the cheaters to be whiped from castle crashers!!!!! if possible to figure out cheaters.. I want the Batman cheaters to be banned too.. God i want so many games leadership boards whipped i would so be happy to see less cheaters in the leadership board deparment bring back people for old games.. please microsoft delete all leadership boards and get the cheaters!!

  • Warrengonline

    I don’t even know WHAT to say – I can see cheating in first-person shooters by taking someone’s kills and etc, but in a single player game – what’s the point?

    Patience, we do not need any innocent causalities. Right? THE ‘stain’ of ‘CHEATER’ should warrant enough to keep normal regular players on the correct side of the fence.

    @ANTI DEMON 777
    Read the The Tortoise and the Hare, [insert result here] please.

  • Thraxen

    “Lets get this treatment set up on good games now instead of Mediocre games like this”


  • jnzn

    Real gamers don’t cheat, people who cheat can’t play games.

  • Thief000

    The 4% Master Challenge bypass doesn’t count as a cheat people. Otherwise: count me banned! :(

  • Olimite

    Good news for the people who honestly deserve to be up there at the top, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Fifa 09 is rife with glitch team cheaters yet nothing is done by EA (or MS for that matter) despite every third post on the Fifa message boards being done about it. Posting bad feedback or filing a complaint seems to have no effect whatsoever, despite that being the initial course of action.

    It’s got to the point now where I don’t want to play Fifa anymore.

  • Quaranj

    The “un-possible” achievement unlocking needs to be addressed as well. There’s local ads for modders and whatnot that are bumping up gamerscores in your titles here. People with all the Mythic Halo skulls, yet they aren’t in the ODST/Bungie/Microsoft dev group. If someone has all of their achievements within 5 minutes of each other, something is wrong. An alarm should go off if someone’s gamerscore raises at an unrealistic rate. Call it the Stepto Screamer if you will, but please do something. The only reason for anyone to get 1000 in under 2 minutes is if they are playing Avatar.

  • Joergen8

    You mean you can glitch and ruin it for everybody in an Epic game? NEVARRR!! Blasphemy! Cliffy is infallible etc.

    I’m never buying an Epic product full price again. Fool me once, fool me twice, fool me thrice, fool me um..

  • bUbbALoUmCc

    I love when I hear things like this. Hey I just saw think some funny business going on with the trials hd leaderboards. Hope that that gets taken care of to. I mean come on millions of broken bones LOL. I dont think so.

  • Kenjuan

    zatch: I know…I mean there’s not even a “m” in there.

  • wolfzero01

    I’ve read about the rumor where people found a way to download the trial version and unlock the full game without paying for it, but what other cheat or exploit are they talking about? its really pathetic that people need to cheat their way to the top of a game’s leaderboard which doesn’t get you anything for being number one

  • z0rk

    While I don’t condone cheating and/or stealing a game, it seems to also be more than a bit wrong-headed to reset someone’s entire gamerscore for exploiting a bug (that your QC didn’t find) in one game. Wipe them from the SC boards, charge them for the game, and move on. Oh, and look into improving both the patching and QC processes too.

  • SpiralGray

    Count me among the group who doesn’t understand why people feel the need to do this. Has gamerscore become such an important number to people that they judge their worth by it? Will being at the top of a leaderboard get you a better job, a hot wife, or into a better college? What’s the point? Please, I really want to know.

  • Thief000

    I agree pretty much with the above. Don’t get me wrong: cheating is for losers and real gamers look at achievements as accomplishments of their gaming endeavours and get a kick out of it when they “achieve”.

    But why not just brand them as “cheater” and let their gamerscore be or just reset it for the game they cheated on?
    Let me explain: as long as your gamerscore is returned to nill on your often played tag, why not just make a new gamertag that doesn’t have the branding? That’s an easy way out, wouldn’t you agree enforcement team?

  • AblativMeatshld

    I guess I don’t understand how the heck you cheat in this game…