September 15th 2009 9:55 am PT

Video: The Vision Behind Halo 3: ODST (HD)

Content: The Vision Behind Halo 3: ODST (HD)
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: [ESRB: M (Mature) BLOOD,LANGUAGE,VIOLENCE] A Covenant warship dominates the sky over New Mombasa. The evacuated city burns below. You are an ODST, one of the few soldiers ready and willing to drop in and put up a fight. But before you head feet first into the city and experience Halo from a fresh perspective, get an inside look at the creative process behind Halo 3: ODST straight from the strike team at Bungie that got the job done. To complete their mission, they had to explore some dark and uncharted territory of their own. Download this VIDOC and get briefed on the vision, technology and tactics it took to bring the city of New Mombasa and Halo 3: ODST to life.

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Halo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Anonymous

    One more week!!!

  • Supreme Entity

    Adding this to the Queue now…. Looking forward to seeing this.

    Any chance this’ll be on the Zune Marketplace so I can put it on my new Zune HD?

    Also FIRST!

  • Sneeches

    added to queue.

  • Sogeman

    Watched it but damn the german subs are bad. They are nice and small so they dont obstruct the view but sooo wrong. The wrote OAST instead of ODST and Visr instead of Visor through the whole Video.

    I think I need to send an application to them to relieve the intern whose probably doing this now of his job.

  • RKilbane20

    Sogeman VISR mode is spelled VISR not Visor

  • Thief000

    Even though I’m still pissed about the pretty much useless second disc (why no DLC code for Mythic Mappack 2 MS, WHY?), I hope the reviews and sales for Halo 3:ODST are better than good. I preordered mine so only I only have to wait little over a week! WoOoT!

  • rawkerdude5012

    @Thief000 I just pre ordered this and was curious as to why the second disc is going to be useless? I haven’t read anything on Halo:ODST yet… just getting it because some other friends are.

  • Anonymous

    One more week! Bungie is the best dev ever! Halo 3 ODST will own. I have mines already paid in full and will be getting my Sgt. Johnson unlock code. :) Come forth my fellow brothers, ODSTs MOVE OUT!!!!!

  • SeeUInTheFuture

    I love Bungie

  • ZprivateZ

    Should have ordered from newegg cos they allready shipped out copies to people a week early

  • Thief000

    @rawkerdude512 IMHO the second disc is useless because I already have alle the Halo 3 DLC and I like it when I can still go from multiplayer to single player. Thus a 1-disc edition with a DLC code for Mythic mappack 2 would have been a far better option for the hardcore Halo 3 fanbase. Because now you have to swap more discs and have all your previous DLC go to waste.

  • Str8fe

    It’s almost time….