September 15th 2009 11:04 am PT

Xbox 360 Games on Demand: FIFA Street 3 and Virtua Fighter 5

The following Xbox 360 games are now ready for direct download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace:


Content: FIFA Street 3
Price: Check pricing for your region
Availability: Not available in Austria, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan
Dash Text: (Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) Download the manual for this game by locating the game on and selecting “See Game Manual”. FIFA Street 3 brings you the flair, style and attitude of street football like never before. Play as your heroes in unique street environments and show what you can do with the ball at your feet! There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see

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Content: Virtua Fighter 5
Price: Check pricing for your region
Availability: Only in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan
Dash Text: Download the manual for this game by locating the game on and selecting “See Game Manual”. Experience the ultimate 3D fighting game, renowned for its cutting-edge graphics and unparalleled character balance! Customize your characters with hundreds of items and join the fray online! There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see


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Xbox 360 Games On Demand By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • StammyFi

    Major, please discuss about GoD pricing controversy in your podcast.

    Soooo overpriced.

  • Exu

    Hahaha, are you having a ****ing laugh?

  • buglang

    Why can’t I see GoD games in Portugal??? I want Bad Company…

  • Ai Kago

    Lol, still trying to sell this stuff! All I can say is there must be people..sorry, mugs buying it if they keep listing it.

  • EldonTLH

    @StammyFi: What is there to discuss? It most likely costs next to nothing to put these out and if they sell even a few thousand copies (they most likely do, considering there are millions of us out here) then it’s still a nice amount of money rolling in with each release. After all, if even a handful of people are stupid enough to buy, it’d be stupid not to sell. For a Microsoft representative to say that out loud would change absolutely nothing (rather, it would be a personal career suicide) but that’s the way it works; cashing in on suckers can be quite profitable.

    Just the same, FIFA Street 3 seems to be €30 for a virtual copy or €10 for a new, physical copy. Personally, not interested in the game at all but if I was, I think I’d go for the physical copy ^^;

    Commenters on MN’s blog should probably remember that they’re not the casual, uninformed crowd. If someone is too lazy or too rich to go for Games on Demand then let them do so – no harm done whatsoever.

  • Sneeches

    more over priced garbage.

  • IIII Bobby IIII

    Hey Major great games on demand but we need a bigger Hard Disk Drive when is a new HDD is coming ?

  • Chitwood7412

    Need a bigger wallet not a bigger hard drive to start buying these.

  • a peeking duck

    Aw, neither of them are available here so I can’t rant about how I can get them cheaper in the store anyway. ;)

  • twisted poke

    I got a brand new copy of Fifa Street shipped for $15 months ago. Fun game but, as with all the GOD, overpriced.

  • DavidGX

    Still overpriced… /yawn

  • Static Jak

    €30 for Fifa Street 3?! You’re joking right?

  • Soulr3ape

    So $19.99 in the USA, £19.99 in the UK and 30 Euros in Ireland !!? Why are you ripping of Europe so badly, some of these are good games, but even the people coming home from the pub in the middle of the night are not drunk enough to spend that kind of money !! £10 is the sweet spot, and for a game I cannot trade in when finished with it, that is still a lot of money especially as can get them in any shop cheaper !

  • Anonymous

    I bought Virtua Fighter 5 yesterday for £3.50 LOL (With free postage) Microsoft haven’t a clue!

  • Arsenic13

    Pricing FAIL. MS does not understand how Digital Distribution works! No one will buy this!

    *Copy and Paste to start a movement.*

  • Adaptor

    Microsoft do have a clue, you’re just not the one they are selling these games to. EldonTLH is 100% correct if you ask me. If you can find a game cheaper in a store, go buy it there. If you can’t or enjoy the convenience of downloading it directly and don’t mind the higher price, buy the GoD version. ‘Problem’ solved.

  • wiirule111

    These old games on Live can be found in alot of shops new and factory sealed for only 10-12 euro.

    I guess these 35 euro downlad games sells to people who dont know anything about pricing.. some will pay only to get rid of disc swapping.

  • Warrengonline

    Um… Why are some still complaining about pricing? I loved Xbox Originals and it alerted me to games I did not play as I skipped over the Xbox because the controller hurt my hands with extended play (normal play of 45+ minutes in one sitting). I’ve found just about ever game listed far cheaper AND it saves on HD space. I really do not see WHY most are complaining about it. Just go get the cheaper version (if you truly want it).

    Now for my real comment. No way! Why VF5? I hope more people are on to battle with. I would love an 240MB Virtual Fighter Arcade – with Online Multiplayer (with the low-polygons and all to help with lag). I must ask, “Going to be able to buy GoD GiftCards?” Not MS Points, but cards, once entered they redeem the game?

  • XxLightkunxX

    *sees VF the only one of the two missing* Eh, nobody cares about Virtua Fighter anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Overpriced HDD with overpriced downloadable games. What a nice reward to a fanbase that pays $50 a year to use a free service.

  • OPT1CS

    Hey Major, how about “Imports on Demand”? So long as they are not different versions of the same games already released here in the US.

    Sill waiting for Need For Speed Underground 2 on the Xbox Originals category. C’mon, all the NFS 360 titles have already been released. Releasing one more title for the Originals category wouldn’t hurt…. After all, EA is greedy…. so I’m sure they would allow it…

  • Anonymous

    Tekken 6>Virtua Fighter 5