September 24th 2009 8:51 am PT

Demo: Forza 3

Content: Forza 3 Demo
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox LIVE Regions
Dash Text: [ESRB: E (Everyone) MILD LYRICS] In Forza Motorsport 3, live the most realistic racing experience available as you take the wheel of more than 400 of the most-beloved cars on over 100 renowned real-world tracks and exotic road courses from around the globe. With breathtaking HD graphics and advanced vehicle simulation, Forza Motorsport 3 includes a host of driving assists and adjustable skill levels to make the game a gripping pick-up-and-play experience for audiences of all ages and skill levels. Forza Motorsport 3 is where dreams are driven

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Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Exocet Nick

    Mmm groovy. Very nice.

  • Martinspire

    I dont see it on the marketplace yet (Holland).
    Any idea when it comes on?

  • Martinspire

    Oh wait. I see it when i browse to the game Forza 3.
    Its just not showing up at the New Demos section

  • UNSCleric

    This is AWESOME!

  • MeS FEAR

    no demo in germany but its showing the picture in the demo section…whats wrong??? i was waiting for the demo and now i cant download it…

  • MeS FEAR

    OH GREAT!!!! The Downloadlink is working…thx major…this helped me out

  • vinchenzison

    I’m in Germany and I’ve got the Demo – I even got Wolfenstein demo which I was more surprised at!
    Pretty good. Tip:Press left on the D-Pad in the game for drift mode

  • Leksman

    Download link for BrĂ¼tal Legend Demo also shows “Content not found” :(

  • SumHydroponic

    I can has Brutal Legend demo now please?

  • x8Sharrock3x

    hell yes


    Slow download :P

  • A Place for Us

    Oh wow! Awesome! Shame I’ve got to go out, though. :(

  • L0rN

    Looks like Forza Motorsport 2.1 .

  • Ark Hunter

    Wow! Lot’s of sweet demos today!

  • Matthew M G

    L0rN–try downloading the Forza THREE demo, not the Forza TWO demo.

    Forza 3 looks and plays incredible. Thanks for the demo, MS.

  • Sly Jon

    The cars seem alot more stuck to the road than Forza 2………don’t know if I like that. Great graphics & the replays are top notch. I’ll play it some more later to make my decision, it’s fair to say that I’m not blown away by it, but it seems very good.

  • Lynch182

    @Matthew M G LOrN has a valid point so keep your arrogant, 12 year old comments to yourself, to me it looks near enough the same, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing as forza 2 was good, except for the same 5 tracks over and over and over again. shame this isn;t on the playstation, nevermind, GT5 will be out soon.


    for gold only :(

  • Sneltje

    Sweet man,

    Finally the DEMO has arrived.
    Now we just have to wait untill 23 of Oct here in Europe to get the game.
    I can live on one track and five cars for about a month.


  • Digitalspirit

    @Lynch182: Wow, if anyone is arrogant and acting like a 12 year old it’s you. Get a life, it’s only a game.


    @Lynch182: that was totally unnecessary. grow up.

  • DarkTear81

    Overall a good demo, but missing the “sense of speed”, blur effects and a Cockpit-Driving as in NFS:Shift…

  • Meisaku

    Awesome! FM3 demo finally pushed me over the edge – just subscribed to full year of gold sweetness to get this right away :D

  • Naquadah

    ooo nice, now i just need to overheat my 360 to stop it red ringing so i can get this… damn machine!!

  • Gambit3rd

    I haven’t played Shift (please EA, give us a demo!) but, as far as I’ve seen in videos I think it should be better than this.
    I tried Forza 3 Demo. I waited for it, to be honest but I felt pretty sad after a couple of races.

    I don’t like how damages are managed. I set it on max and tried to crash a couple of times. First time with Mini Cooper. My car jumped a little in the air after the crash and landed on the upside. Than my car reversed back to normal and I was still able to drive and real good too. A few damage to my turning and to my engine. It’s impossible in real life to have a car in good conditions after a crash like that. Anyway I made another couple of crash at full speed (about 120 km/h at that moment) and my engine finally decided to end its life. I kept racing, about 10 km/h my max speed. Then I went into boxes and miracle: the animation started and my car was able to reach 40 km/h during the animation (no control over it) before being repaired!

    Then with the fastest car, the Porche… I tried to stop in the start section of a turn, on the trajectory the Cpu follows. I stayed there waiting for the other cars to come. The first one fully hit me in the side. My car moved a little to one side, his continued to race. He did nothing to avoid me, he just followed the suggested trajectory, no matter what, no matter other cars.
    Same thing for the last car. The AI driver just needed to turn a little to avoid me. But nothing. To stay on the trajectory he gave me a little hit…

    Are we sure we want to call it a simulation?

  • metallicorphan

    it does indeed look a lot better than Forza 2,however i found the AI exactly the same,whether they hit me or i hit them,it means i spin and they drive on…i thought the AI was to be improved?

  • Wingman1977

    Downloading as I type this post.

  • Lanmanna

    I guess some of you don’t realize you are playing a demo? This is most likely the version used at E3 and other events, meaning this is not the up to date version. You guys are acting like this is the real thing.

  • MeS FEAR

    i think forza 3 is much better than forza 2…the physics are almost the same but it has much more features…you can tune the cars and do paintshops…so its never forza 2.1 the graphics are amazing too….love it and pre-ordered it!

  • Schooner2000

    Lanmanna – Is it a demo or a beta then? If it is a demo I expect it to be a demo of the final product. How do you know its an earlier build?

  • Trunks SSJ

    For me it was also a bit of a letdown, It’s Forza 2 with better graphics. I expected an evolution in driving too :/

  • Wingman1977

    I purchased part 2 when it was released (actually a couple of months after)and for some reason I couldn’t get into the game. I’ll try it again down the road (have too many games to beat).

  • ZaZeeMan

    Guys, this is the final product. Companies do not release a beta as a demo. That would be disastrous for sales if there were issues.

    Trunks, you need to play the game more…if they changed the way the game played, then it wouldn’t be called Forza anymore. Why change a perfect thing? They tweaked it a bit, added features/cars/tracks, and prettied up the graphics and interface. That’s all that is needed.

  • Ghost of Kirin

    Man, o’ man… This demo is a huge, huge disappointment, and so far, as it stands, it doesn’t live up to how Turn 10 have managed to hype the game all to hell and back! I must admit though, I didn’t at first believe that Turn 10 could possibly improve from Forza 2, but having previously held high expectations for the title after taking a glance at a screen here and there, and a vid over ‘there’, and now this demo, I am totally convinced that this game is more or less still the same formulaic engine that stems from Forza 2. Still the same fuzzy graphics with blurry textures and mipmapping on car decals. The demos backgrounds are pseudo 3D sprites, specifically the trees, and it all just doesn’t stack up when you relive your grandest moment in replay. When I booted this game up and saw the high resolution menu and the graphics interface I was excited. Thinking that they had done away with the low resolution and opted for a crisp high resolution engine… ah well… Looks like I’ll only pick this up when it goes to the bargain bin.

  • Judau X

    @DarkTear81: There IS a cockpit view. You press RB to switch camera modes, one of which is cockpit view.

  • xZepher

    Im supprised you guys havent started chargin for demos. You money hungry punks

  • Ghost of Kirin

    @xZepher, man, don’t provoke them!! :P

    In a diminutive way, they kinda are charging for demos, well, the most recent ones anyways…

  • DarkTear81

    I know there is one… one where you see 1/8 of the steering wheel and some parts of the cockpit… when you start looking around with the right stick that all disappears…

    I really love the look-around in NFS:Shift and the effects velocity gives to your cockpit-view… the cockpit in Forza is awful… but that’s only my opinion^^

  • Shadow0810


    Just like the Lost Planet 2 demo right? That MUST be final product then, despite that it’s oh i don’t know…over half a year from release? 95% of demos are not final product and say so explicitly.

  • ZaZeeMan

    Shadow0810, it’s probably more like 5% of demos “do not represent the final product” as shown as a discaimer in some. For the record, if anything, demos are at least in the Release Candidate stage, not beta. The Lost Planet 2 demo is obviously an exception.

    Forza 3 went gold on September 11th. Don’t you think Turn 10 and Microsoft would release a final representation of one of their biggest releases? I think so.

    That aside, the demo is amazing so I don’t know what all the complaining is about in here. Ghost of Kirin? You must be thinking of Gran Turismo where the mountains in the background are a few high res bitmaps and the trees borrowed from the PS1. Polyphony Digital is the master of creating the “illusion” of good graphics by cheating and they do a great job of it. In FM3, you actually drive into the mountains and hills in the background and the trees look amazing. See comparison here:

    Also, the graphics are amazingly crisp on both my 42″ 1080p LCD and my 110″ 1080p projected screen. And yes, I know the game is only 720p. Rant over. ;)

  • Ghost of Kirin

    ZaZeeMan, thanks for sharing those screens. Yes the trees look adequate enough, but some of the environment shrubs are questionable… anyway, I was making small talk on that regard, since this “IS” a driving game and not a bush walking/hiking one.

    Having said all that though, the grandeur, and indeed, the sensation of speed is not so obvious from the replay theater. Like you, I run the game through a 42 inch LCD TV at 1080P, and it’s somewhat a pity to come across blurry car decals… extremely blurry.

    But to each and their own I guess… Still, I will pick this up when it’s on the cheap, as it will be, seeing as car simulation games don’t at all do so well down under.

  • sho220

    well, a lot of people seem to be disappointed but, i’m rather pleased. i just finished playing the demo, and so far it is everything i expected from forza 1, yes, 1. in other words, they have finally met what i thought i’d be getting years and years ago on the original xbox. i haven’t gone into testing crashes and damages like some other people have but, that’s something that i don’t really care about. what i do care about is how it feels when you’re driving and, to me, it’s perfection. for the first time ever in a racing game (and i’ve played a lot) the car handles how i’d expect it. i don’t have to look at my speedometer and make sure i’m going the right speed to take a corner, the sense of speed is proper and after a lap, you start to learn the quirks of the car. i’m not sure if i’ll pick it up on release because i’m pretty broke and have a ton of other games sitting in a pile waiting to be played. but, it is my favorite of the series so far and the first i will purchase.

  • Wyat Earp

    :-( Gold only. Major isn’t it time MS looked at this policy again? You have customers like me who no longer wish to play online but have bought Xbox/360 from day one and countless MS products (I have 30-40 360 games in my collection and have stuck by the brand despite 3 hardware failures!) Why should I (& other similar silver members) be prevented from downloading a demo? I just don’t get it…

  • Ghost of Kirin

    @ Wyat Earp, you are free to lament all you want, and I do hear you, but it’ll only fall on death ears, my friend. It’s unfortunate, but that’s just how this corporation works, as demonstrated by the numerous amounts of RROD failures. No measure was done to oust the faulty systems out of retail store shelves because MS had forked out an established amount of dollars, somewhere near the billion plus mark to inconvenience customers by offering to have them send the faulty systems for repairs.

    Microsoft didn’t get rich by giving away free stuff. Perhaps when SONY brings their online Play Station Network into gear and up to par, if not succeeding that of Xbox Live – here’s hoping – while having it really make a killing with whatever incentives the PS3 has going for it, will Microsoft then yield to offer such services for free.

  • engell

    Yeah think the demo is great, handling of the cars are very good and i like the track aswell. i will proberly be very tired of this track before the game is released.

    Noticed some things that where slightly annoying
    1: you cant rewind all the way to the start, the recording first start 10 sec after the start but lots of things can happen within those 10 sec that will result in you losing the race.

    2: when you cant rewind, you have to restart the race, and for some odd reason this takes time despite the console already have everything in memory, why?

    3: simulation damage, i think not dosnt look anything like the videos we have seen yes it flips over and gets some scratches. but nothing that really hurts more then hitting the wall normally. when a car flips its race over. after a flip and landing on the roof your only options should be replay, rewind, restart, exit.

    4: load times are a bit long, but guess its ok, maybe my disk is a bit fragmented.

    looking forward to playing the full game, the feeling of the cars are just superp

  • engell

    oooh yeah and forgot to mention the shake the scrren gives when the engine revs up for the first time in the demo, very cute the first time, and ok the second, but then it just becomes triesome to watch

  • Gogs

    great pictures Zman. You just have to look at the carboard cutout trees in Gran turismo to see how much effort the put into making the game rendered realtime. alll smoke and mirrors. forza 3 looks a natural beauty and can do all that at 6 fps ;). as a wanna-be developer that alone impresses me.


  • MeS FEAR

    right…the comparison is showing how awesome forza 3 is…and its showing that the tracks have much better graphics than gt5 has…and its running with 60 fps…i just cant wait to get the full version

  • aXXXXo

    Awesome! Game I can’t wait any more :)

  • JQ 117

    I love the game, but heres an umm odd question, Will I be able at all to actually buy a “Forza 3 Jacket” like the one I got for my avatar :D , or even a hoodie style or long sleeve shirt? I’d buy it :P