September 28th 2009 2:00 pm PT

This week on Arcade: Bust a Move, Football Genius and Military Madness

This week, Bust a Move, Football Genius and Military Madness will be available this week on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 800 points each.




Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • rogXue

    oooo bust a move! Umm Major, going to sound dumb for asking this… but is there a mode for color blind people? Love the game but always have trouble. Peggle spoiled me..

  • KMetalmind

    Yay for Bust a Move!! :DD

  • Exu

    Bust-a-Move – Good, but another case of Taito preloading content to be purchased on top of the game.
    Football Genius – 800 points for a footy quiz? I could just play 1vs100 Extended Play on a football-themed evening.
    Military Madness – Not too sure about that one, I’ll be giving it a go.

  • Sogeman

    You should probably mention that Football Genius is about real Football and not American Handegg ^^.

  • krisxx

    YES! To Bust-A-Move! And Military Madness was quite fun on the T-16, I’ll check this out too.

  • N3WB13 R0N

    Not sure about military madness but lets hope for best for it it looks fun i will give it a try and for bust a move i will probly pick it up my wife loves puzzle games..

  • Ceroc

    One word… meh. Am going to wait until next weeks when South Park: Let’s Go Tower Defence Play! arrives. Will be awesome!

  • N3WB13 R0N

    Military madness reminds me of Advanced wars sort of deal i hope it plays out like this i luved it!

  • bizzare690

    I’ll have to check out bust-a-move, used to love that game, all we need now is cannon fodder to make a comeback!

  • Gambit3rd

    Nice week.

    Bust A Move is a must buy for me, no matther what. I don’t care about Taito policy for this one, I will play it online, never liked this game in single player mode that much. Maybe someday I’d may like the DLC content but for now… Who cares, is Puzzle Bobble online!!!

    Military Madness seems to be a nice game. Gotta try it.

    Football Genius. No, thanks. I’m not a soccer fanatic.
    And, oh, a question to Major Nelsion: why there are no generic quiz games in Italy and other countries? I can’t play 1VS100 neither Smarter Than a 5th Grade. There is only Scene IT, for now, but my friends don’t like movie questions. Trivial Pursuit has no online. Any news? Thanks!

  • Sly Jon



    @ Sogeman: Don’t try to turn this into another stupid, pointless “my football is better than yours” argument.

  • TaygetaVendetta

    Been waiting on Bust-A-Move a long time, can’t wait for Wednesday :D

  • GoldenGod503

    I have it on good authority that Military Madness has a colorblind mode.

  • kuroi albatross

    Great news about Bust A Move, I’m looking forward for it.
    And I second Gambit3rd’s request about quiz games in Italy.

  • NoiZeKilla

    LOL @ Sogeman!

    American Handegg! I can’t believe I’ve never heard that term before! It makes way more sense! Awesome!

  • SyxxPac 1038

    Ugh. I thought when I saw Football Genius, it would be about real football. Not soccer. You know, soccer was invented by English women in the 1700’s so they had something to do when their husbands cooked dinner.

  • Exu

    Don’t worry yanks, for some reason I doubt the FOOTBALL “game” will come out in the US.

    And even if it does, the rest of us will hate it too.

  • Exu

    Oh and SyxxPac 1038? Since you’ve opened the prejudice door for me I’ll walk on in and just state that American Football is Rugby for babies.


    oh Lord, they’ll never learn… *shaking head in disbelief*

  • Mike Kelehan

    I don’t care if Bust-a-Move has zero levels. I’m only getting it to play online. And play online I shall!

  • K04 Passat

    No more downloads, until I hear something about being able to transfer from my 120 gig elite, to the new 250 gig elite.

  • CaptainKicker

    I’ve been looking forward to Football Genious. I’ve put a lot of my life into football (or soccer, whatever) and i know a damn lot about it. So im looking forward to it. + i will buy Bust-a-Move.. awesome game..

  • Thief000

    Wow, another multi release week. Looks like XBLA is getting more and more great games. Any news on when Serious Sam HD will be out?

  • JoJoStarFire

    My daughter has be wanting this game, and look it’s on Xbox Live Arcade and this Wednesday. Mind you she is only 5 and looked up on youtube to see videos on how people were playing Bubble Bobble Neo. She came across Puzzle Bubble Bobble and asked for me to get it. I said they don’t have it on live, and lucky I looked here and found out it’s on Xbox Live Arcade and online multiplayer with avatar interaction… who could ask for more. My daughter will love it, she loves constantly dressing up her avatar.

  • JoJoStarFire

    Hey, Hey you guys got Bust a Move on Xbox Live Arcade… How about Bust a Groove eh, eh, sounds good.

  • Mushroom Jones

    Bust-A-Move is a must buy, even at 800 points. No waiting for a deal on that guy!

  • Exu

    @K04 Passat – You can indeed transfer data from a 120GB to a 250GB, you don’t even need a new transfer kit. The standard one for trading up to a 120GB should do it.

  • Warrengonline

    YEAH!!! Bust-a-Move!! I’m buying that!! No more dragging out my 3DO just to play 30 levels or so.

    Ha ha… “GAS-O versus HEAT!” isn’t 989 Studios still owned by Sony? After Twisted Metal 3 and Twisted Metal IV changed ‘directions'(totally too dark of a background brought to forefront on a TOTALLY fun game), I kind of lost interest in the company. But they did release some awesome games previously before that change of direction. But if Xbox Live did get a version of it for online play – wow! But then how many of the Boom Boom Rocket or Rock Band players would snatch it up?