Fable II Episodes debut today on Xbox LIVE

The first chapter of Fable II: Game Episodes is now available for free to all Xbox LIVE members.
For those who have watched from the outside, unsure if they were hero material, a surprise awaits.  Fable II: Game Episodes delivers the entire Fable II experience in five consecutive installments, with all the Achievements, challenges, and excitement of the disk-based game.  In the first episode, which is completely free, you will experience childhood and the trials of being a young adult in the world of Albion. After completing the chapter, you have the choice to then purchase the next installment and continue your adventure. Fable II: Game Episodes fully compatible with the disk-based, retail version of Fable II, allowing players to enter Albion and continue their story should they purchase Fable II at retail.  The episodes also deliver full compatibility with the previously released Game Add-ons, Knothole Island and See the Future.

Read details on the press release and download the free chapter.





  • Turtle502

    awesome idea. I’ve often thought (and said) that developers should release games as episodes instead of spending 3-4 years developing a single title. Besides, the “free” aspect is a great approach to hook people in. Looking forward to trying this game.


  • PhilESkyline

    Just to be clear. I need to have the Fable II retail disc in order to play this, correct?


  • Blue Thunder28

    I’m interested to see how this works.. but I already own this on disk.. but my friend that keeps bugging me for my copy will appreciate this. This is cool.


  • Exu

    @PhilESkyline – No, this is Fable II, the same as what’s on disc. It is not an expansion.

    I heard that the remaining episodes costs 1120 each, though I’ve not got proof of that so I’m just checking it out myself.
    Still, if so then what a joke, 4480 (£38.08) for a GoD. And then the DLC being another 800 and 560 on top to make 5840 (£49.64).
    Alternatively you can just by the disc-based GOTY for about £20.
    Heck, I got the game soon after launch for £18.

    Also, it’s nice to see that the complaints about L4D CC costing money on 360 have really struck a chord with Microsoft and they’ve responded in the only way they knoew how. By upping the price to 800.
    Yes, I know it’s a mistake, and apparently the price is being “corrected”, except since it isn’t being made free then the price is still far from right.
    Valve’s Chet Faliszek says the fact it costs money is Microsoft’s fault. Return fire and say it’s Valve’s or something.

    Well, that was fun.


  • OutlawEA

    so is this just fable 2 in 5 parts so if i have the disc game i dont need this?



    first episode is 1.79gb and second episode like 4.63gb i think you download the full game on the second episode that all but love the game and thank lion head i was thinking on picking game up and the store but i dont have to now


  • tossetaz

    PhilESkyline, nope – this is the original Fable II game delivered as episodic content – so it would make most sense to buy them if you do NOT have the original fable 2 retail disc


  • Exu

    Ah, nope, episode 2 is 960, or it is in the UK at least, and is also required to get any achievements. Not a problem to me (1350/1350) but still taking the piss a bit.
    Well, assuming they’re the same then 960 x4 = 3840MSP/£32.64 = still far too much.


  • Exu

    Just to confirm, you CANNOT gain achievements in Episode 1 of Fable 2, you must download Ep2 to get them, and the downloadable version of Fable II uses the same achievement list as the retail disc, so you gamerscore whores who already own Fable II don’t need to buy it.


  • Thief000

    Where shall I start…

    While I’m not against the idea of episodic gameplay (if you want to make Fable III like this I’m fine with it), I AM against the practice of breaking an already existing and widely available retail game into episodes.

    When the just released retail Game Of The Year Edition is already available and contains the DLC for a perfect price, releasing this just makes no sense whatsoever.

    Leave this lone free episode as a demo for the game and release a full Games On Demand release of the Fable II when you see fit (and for a price that matches other GoD titles please). I think nobody in their right mind would buy this chopped up game.


  • tabicat

    There is no way I’m going to buy Fable II via DRM-encumbered downloads. I’m treating this Chapter I as if it were a demo of Fable II. If I like, I’ll buy a used copy of the game from Amazon.


  • Mcmax3000

    tabicat has the right idea here. If you don’t like the price, don’t buy it through Marketplace. Use this as a demo & then go out & buy the disc if you like the game. That’s what I’m going to do (or I might try to borrow it from a friend that I know who finished the game months ago).


  • Drunk Ste

    @ Exu
    Yeah I agree 960×4 = 3840/£32.64 is far too much. You can pick the game up new for £15-£20 or the Game of the Year Edition for £30.


  • ScubaKev

    First, I loved Fable 2, great game. I do want more people to try it and see if they enjoy it, but…

    If the people here are correct and the additional four episodes are 960 points a piece, that comes out to $12 an episode or $48 for the whole game which seems VERY steep for a game that came out nearly a year ago especially considering you don’t own any physical media. I would say play the first free installment and if you like it go buy the disc. Right now the disc on Amazon is is $27.99 new or $17.90 used – shipping is $4. If you want the game creators to make their money then buy the new one. Personally, if I had not yet played it I would just buy a used one, play the game, and sell it. You could probably sell it in a couple months for the same price and be out little more than the cost of shipping.


  • Ghost of Kirin

    Before logging into here, when I first saw that the first episode of Fable II was for free, I was immediately in disbelief. Thinking that there had to be some sort of an error or glitch with the pricing policy and Xbox Live Marketplace system. After all, Microsoft never gives away anything for free, now, do they?

    Still, it’s good to have this demo up, which is also compatible with the full retail version of the disc game. I guess the future demos will take this route then, eh, Microsoft? Clever, albeit, a slightly misleading system to entice gamers into believing that they are getting a full episode of an episodic game (demo) for free, hah!

    I do wonder what’s next…


  • ZaZeeMan

    Yep, I’m with Tabicat. Just treat the first episode as a demo and pick it up on sale at retail if you like it. It is $39.99cdn right now, minus the DLC, of course, But I’m sure they will release a Game of the Year edition later.

    I will never buy full retail games via digital distribution due to the fact that you can’t trade it in, pay higher prices, and are stuck with it regardless. Not to mention the DRM on it.

    My last (5th) RROD, the service center didn’t even reset my licenses and they said I should use the license transfer tool. I used it because I have 3 sons who need to use the content and they reassured me that if my console fails in less than a year, that they would take care of it for me. Somehow, I doubt it but they’ll hear from me if/when my console fails again.


  • Roka360

    A question for the major, if i get the first episode and save a game, then i decide to buy the retail disc do i need to start over or can i use that save for the retail disc.


  • itzallgud

    If this works without glitches or technical issues…it’s one of the smartest ideas ever!!!


  • mikee 002

    fable II without glitches lol!


  • darkjester74

    I still don’t understand the business case for this. I loved Fable 2 but in my eyes does not lend itself well to episodic content. You are also re-packaging and existing game in this fashion so it causes confusion all around. I simply don’t get it.


  • Shiaoran

    The time wasted on this could’ve gone to fixing the year old game.



    I could understand if they released Fable 3 like this from the start. They could really create a lot of buzz for new episodes by ending each previous one with a major cliffhanger or something like that. But to do this with Fable 2 AFTER the game has already been out for almost a year now and with the total price of all the episodes costing much more than what you can buy the disc version for now, it just doesn’t make any sense. So yeah, if you don’t already have it, just use this as a demo and then if you still want it after that, buy the disc version for a lot cheaper!


  • moocow21

    Why didn’t they just put Fable II in it’s entirety up on Games On Demand for $30 (it currently retails for $20-30)? Do they REALLY need to try and squeeze that extra $10 out of people by dividing an already short game into FIVE shorter sections?


  • ZybaMan

    So if I play this and buy the retail version, the game saves will transfer and achievements automatically unlock?


  • AutomaticOcelot

    @Roka360. Go read the press release before you ask the Major. It says you can pick right up where you left off with the disc version as well. SEAMLESSLY! Woot.

    Players who decide to purchase “Fable II” either digitally or on disc after a foray into the first game episode will find their saved progress, character profile, and items from the first episode will be transferred seamlessly as they continue their journey.


  • Shinji257

    Just so you know Episode 2 is also available but it is 800 points in the US. I couldn’t get the download started right at that point since it is so large. Will the game give me the achievement once the download is done or will I need to start over?

    Episode 2: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/games/offers/0ccf000f-0000-4000-8000-00004d5307f1

    That’s for those that want to get that one item as well ahead of time. First achievement is apparently at the end of that 5 gold part. It prompts you about episode 2 right there and unfortunately it doesn’t let you queue the download in the background although it really should.


  • technofranki

    I like FREE.


  • Naquadah

    nice to see greed runs deep still, im not surprised people turn to piracy



    I finished Fable 2 on disk.The free version does not load my achievements,weapons,abilities,charecter or anything……
    LAME.So if i buy level 2 does it unlock my old save games????
    I would be a fool to pay for the DD when i can get a used copy for 1/2 the price.
    Lionheads PM is starting to seem more like he has PMS.


  • Lynch182

    this is all about microsoft shafting its customers again, basically they are charging full price for fable II, i don’t understand why the full version isn’t on the GoD service like the others, just milking its fan base for more money. just buy it from ebay, play.com, or some retail store. or even better, get a playstation 3.


  • Anonymous

    its just to get ppl hyped up for Fable 3


  • ImaginedBug

    Okay, I was about to go and get this game, but decided to check how much every “episode” costs. Imagine my surprise to find that on the US marketplace part 2 costs 800 points, on the UK marketplace it’s 960 points, and on the Dutch marketplace (I didn’t check any others) it’s 1120 points. Why? Why are we expected to pay 20% and 40% (resp.) more than people in the US for exactly the same content?

    If I find it used, I’ll get that instead. This isn’t a rip-off, it’s thievery. Maybe Microsoft and Lionhead took advice from Bernard Madoff on how to really screw people..?


  • enemy2k

    I find your comment comparing a person who DEFRAUDED billions of dollars and ruined thousands of peoples lives to a game company whose goal is to make money, hilarious. If you feel the price is too high, fine. Don’t buy it, I won’t be and that is our choice. A thief doesn’t give you a choice. They aren’t stealing anything.

    To compare MS/LH to Bernard Madoff’s ponzi scheme and use phrases like ‘it’s thievery’ is epic hyperbole.


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