October 5th 2009 2:00 pm PT

This week on XBLA: South Park and Lucidity


South Park and Lucidity are the latest Xbox LIVE Arcade games to be released. They’ll be available this Wednesday for 800 points each.



Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Frayteez

    Really excited for Lucidity.

  • Exu

    I like the look of Lucidity, bit skeptical about South Park though. It looks good but at the same time bad. Here’s to arcade trials.

    That’s three weeks and seven games in a row that have been all 800 points now, I think. Keep it up!

  • PsychoFemm



  • clarky456

    X-Live Box Arcade?

  • Major Nelson

    Yea. X B L A. That’s it!

  • ibelievein93x

    I want Plants vs Zombies!

  • ColdMolasses

    I’m excited for South Park, that’s awesome!

  • SoulAssassin808

    are you kidding me? South park XBLAGOTY!!!! This game is worth 1200, just lucky we are getting it for 800.

    Can’t wait for it!

  • Supreme Entity

    I am most definitely looking forward to Lucidity… The gameplay videos I saw were……. “unique.”

  • BrooksterMax

    Demos as a default feature are great on XBLA :)

  • Big Poppa Ryan

    Can’t wait for south park. Biggest Fan Ever!!

  • waitfortomorrow

    Really looking forward to Lucidity. Hopefully it’s a pretty fun game.

  • TaygetaVendetta

    I’ll be getting South Park for sure, dunno about Lucidity. I’ll give the trial a shot, it does look interesting.

  • metallicorphan

    South Park i think and will trial Lucidity


    All Regions? When you don’t say it usually means some of us are getting screwed again.

  • Hoffer

    I have interest in both, but may buy neither. Glad the demoes are there. :-)

  • kuroi albatross

    Really interested in Lucidity, I’ll surely try the demo when it’s released.

  • x409RYAN409x

    nice im thinking of getting both

  • Hargenx

    Oh man, two games I can’t buy because of 80169d94, is just TOOOO sad and COMPLETE frustrated… ;___;

  • Ghost of Kirin

    Lucidity looks surreal and unique, all packaged in one, definitely worth downloading the trial!

    This is cool, something to look forward to this week.

  • Mushroom Jones

    I’ll check out both demos but also eagerly waiting for Plants vs. Zombies.

  • JoJoStarFire

    Downloading both and trying out the trials.