October 8th 2009 11:03 am PT

Avatar Items: NFL Jerseys

(American) Football fans, you can now show your team colors with the Official NFL Jerseys that are now available for your Xbox LIVE Avatar.


Gaming By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • doomsoth

    lol I will still never BUY cloths for my AVATAR.

  • Lynch182

    im sure with players names and numbers, the governing body for the sport own all rights to them, as they own the registrations. i might be wrong, i dont think it would cost anymore to have official players names on the shirts. as with fifa 10 the netherlands governing body finally allowed EA to use the kits and the players names for their country, whereas on 2009 they didnt but the players for the netherlands eg nistelrooy, we’re available for real madrid. microsoft are just tight. get a PS3 :D

  • Oatmeal25

    Achievement Unlocked
    Fool and their Money – Spend 320 MS points on a generic jersey that doesn’t even have a team logo

  • L0ng5h0t

    What, no helmets??!!! C’mon, MS you’re slackin. I’m sure some sucker will pay 800 pts. for a helmet.

    But seriously, you can sell a million jerseys at a buck each or one at a million bucks. Either way you make the same amount of money, but only one way is guaranteed to give you a million happy customers.

    Ah, I remember the avatar golden age when, during World Cup season, We all got a free update of our favorite teams colors. How quickly things change.

  • OPT1CS

    At that price it should be a Home and Away jersey per team.

    How about a free Lombardi Trophy if you purchase like 5 of these… ahaha

    Off Topic: Yo Major, Need For Speed Underground 2 please!!

  • Surly x Duff

    320 MS points!!?? ROFLcopter. Suckers.

  • Vasilii Zaytsev

    Hahaha, you have to be KIDDING me!

  • K04 Passat

    I’ve spent probably $3000 on the Xbox Live Marketplace… Microsoft has really done some things RIGHT. Granted, they’ve tried some things that I didn’t care for… Some of it might have been another publishers fault, but mostly, MS has corrected their mistakes. We aren’t seeing many Live Arcade games over 800 MS points, lately.

    That said, I will NOT buy Avatar items. Never. It isn’t going to happen.

    It might not be considered a competitor, but look at the PC side. It IS a competitor, because that has started getting my attention, my time, and my money. One of the PC download sites has been offering up full, GOOD games at $5.00 USD. Full of win.

    One of the console competitors has free online service, which is only getting better. Fair prices, mostly… Oh, and honest to goodness REAL sale prices. Right now, the Xbox 360 community is the only thing keeping me buying multiplatform games on it.

    Now, let’s look at the TOY. With motion control. With downloadable emulator roms… I bought one, at launch. Bought several roms. When the system lost my interest, I sold it. MS got my business, at that point.

    Who will get it next, if the money grubbing BS continues? MS has another golden opportunity, with Avatar clothing and such. Another way to add value to the games themselves, a GREAT reason to choose the Xbox 360 version of a game, when you go shopping. Or, the opportunity can be squandered.

  • Sausage Villan

    wah wah wah stuffs too over priced …. yeah it is but you don’t have to buy it …. hell you can go back a nes … there’s not an over priced marketplace there or you can shut up and face the fact that we live in a capitalist world and no one gives anything away for free .. personally i am enjoying my panthers jersey … if only they would win a game this year

  • Lord Kam Khaos

    I’ve been hoping this nickle and dime virtual accessory purchasing is merely a phase.

    It is rather difficult to imagine any frame of mind that could suggest it is logical to spend 4.00 on a shirt for your little avatar guy.
    The same goes for all of the other accessories available for sale.
    Also the in-game purchasing like EA’s various nickle and dime gimmickry.

    The only way it is even remotely makes sense is if it offers you skill increases on games. Even that is rather ridiculous in my opinion….but at least I could see why some people will want to fall victim to it in that case.


  • WeezinTheJuice

    How about we quit selling our butts to M$ every time they come out with this stuff so they would get the point? Now we have games coming out with DAY ONE DLC. FOR SHAME!

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Some DLC is definitely worth it…take Forza 3 and Batman AA (not day one, but week2 DLC)…both are FREE DLC, and both games are packed with content already, so the DLC is actually “extra” not “left out”. As far as the Jerseys go, g/t on the back would be cool, but you don’t really see the back of your Avatar much, so I don’t think it really matters. As for numbers, they are NOT licensed, as you can go to any NFL site and get a “custom” jersey with any name/ number combo (with some restrictions on the names, obviously). I can’t believe how many people are still buying iTunes songs and saying it’s a “deal”…I switched to the Zune Pass over a year ago and am loving it. $14.99 a month, UNLIMITED downloads, and, best of all, 10 song credits a month ($9.99 value). Best of all, all the Zune content streams right to the 360, and once the Fall update goes through the video marketplaces will merge…win-win.

  • Smell007

    4 dollahr for a fake jersey? LOL WUT!?

    I can’t even customize it? Sweet baby jesus. Micro$oft it is.

  • metallicorphan

    any chance of English Premier League shirts?..Man United please(as long as it is like the usual Manchester United shirts,not fake rip offs,like the England tops)..get Peter Moore on it with the FIFA stuff!! :D

  • BeeDizz

    I’ll spend that 320 on a couple of Rockband songs.

  • BeeDizz

    And 2 things.

    1- These jerseys are expensive for a reason. There’s alot of people trying to make money off them. EA, Microsoft, not to mention the NFL. There just isn’t enough pieces of the pie to go around with a $1 or even $2 jersey.

    2- I see now why Microsoft went with a points system over cash pricing. 320 points doesn’t sound nearly as bad as $4.

  • kristof666


    Overpriced useless shirt for avatar

    Overpriced DLC that u can get for free on pc

    Overpriced old game on demand

    Great way to reward people that support you M$…!

    Did you know the ps3 is now 299??

  • theuglyteradon

    I actually bought a PS3 recently, instead of using my credit on 360 games. From now on I’m going to be buying where my money is better spent. Hopefully Microsoft will notice and realize the idea of added value for XBL instead of trying to nickel and dime every new addition that is added to it. There is absolutely no way that I would ever pay money for 1 vs 100 or this ‘Tower of ROM’ arcade addition I’ve been hearing about. ADDED VALUE for PAYING CUSTOMERS!

  • wolfzero01

    how hard would it have been for MS to allow people to customize the jersey. I realize that they probably could allow people to put the name of their favorite player due to rights issues, but atleast get the name of the team on the jersey, allow us to pick the number & have our gammertag on the back. then maybe the 320pt price tag would be easier to swallow.

  • Dr Frogmeister

    NHL Jerseys, please!

  • BeeDizz

    “NHL Jerseys, please!”



    I see the PS3 store now have the shirts for $2.99 no additional “points” required and according to the developer “Player named Jerseys will come later”

  • DaytonaTurboJ

    320 points is definitely pricey, though I’d still be tempted to buy it if there were some way to ensure EA wouldn’t get any of my money for the purchase.

  • teH B4Tm4n

    they should just release some NFL TEAM gamerpics for about 80-100msp

  • Frantic Fargo

    @teH B4Tm4n:
    They’re already there… look under the Madden titles. I bought a Jaguars pack a while back, but you know… they suck now… :\

  • JQ 117

    wow major you made it sound like some big awesome new clothin the other day, please don’t do that again, who cares about a couple useless overpriced shirts. & WHERE THE FREHL IS OUR AVATAR AWARDS.

  • bloodnutman

    Look even though I am an Aussie ..I would’nt dream of paying that price for a piece of Avatar Clothing..I will also bet Aussie AFL & NRL Team Jerseys never become a reality.

  • cliftonJONES

    despite the price…if these jerseys actually had player names and numbers on them, i would consider them as a purchase (cutler, hester, urlacher…)…but, i don’t want a jersey with two zeros on it…

  • krisxx

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    October 12th – Hasbro Family Game Night
    October 19th – Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode
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  • tMongoose

    I remember when they said avatar clothes will always be free.I also remember a few years back when Xboxlive went down at Christmas time they said they would reward everyone with some free arcade games. Guess what, Im still waiting.

  • teH B4Tm4n

    @Frantic Fargo
    those were removed along time ago.

  • Warrengonline

    Really? October 19th (a Monday?) – Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode. I’ll check that when I see it, no biggie, but interesting. Zombie Apocalypse and Bass Pro Shops: The Strike will keep me busy until then.

  • WeezinTheJuice


    Actually, they never said ALL clothing would be free. They did say, though, that would attempt to keep it cheap or free if always possible. But now thats M$ for you. As far as the free game from that down time 2 years ago, they did away a free game. I got mine. It was Cascarone.

  • x2i4eva

    I have to congratulate dgmn for her take on the avatar marketplace content… I used to love the idea of buying things for my avatar but since it’s been out I have been weary of buying anything which I am not entirely sure I want. The part mentioning the Halo Hoodie and it being customisable should realistically be true for most of the content on the marketplace – it would at least make it worth more paying so much for it. I know it’s not MN’s fault and I doubt anything will be done about it at least for now but 320MSP for a T-Shirt is just ridiculous. Another thing, most adults will not want to buy from the avatar marketplace because they will see no point in wasting money on the clothes, most kids will want to but won’t be able to because they don’t have much money and parent’s more than likely pay for it… so lower the prices and adults and children will both see more of a reason to shell out… easy!

  • jnzn

    Great stuff, but PRICEY. I’ll pass thanks.


    MS whats with these prices? who ever pays this for virtual clothes is mad.

  • StormJH1

    Did Microsoft even bother to do a comparsion with other DLC to see what a fair price for an avatar jersey should be? 320 points is 4 U.S. dollars. Burnout Paradise (which also provided tons of FREE DLC for well over a year following release) charged significantly less than that to purchase custom cars which weren’t just skins, but new vehicles that could be USED in the game. How do you “use” an avatar jersey? Heck you can’t even see it unless you’re on the specific friends screen that shows the full avatar body. There’s no “Microsoft Home” or other social networking program where it would even matter how your avatar looks.

    I thought it was bad enough charging 80 or 160 points for themes and backgrounds with game-licensed material on it. If I’m willing to put basically an advertisement of your game up as my wallpaper on my system, that should cost me NOTHING. Especially if I’ve already bought the game. You may make a buck or two off these jersies, but with each step in this direction, you set a worse and worse precedent. This is an industry that has crashed in the past (see 1983), and you can only abuse your consumer base so much before they’ll turn elsewhere.

  • mchiefvs360

    I reckon that they should actually be free as they could be sponsored by the team and considered as advertising for them and the co. could put the cost into their ad. budget and make gamers around the world happy.

  • Warrengonline

    Carcassonne was free (at one time)? Hmmm… I bought it (a friend taught me some basic rules), fun game while it lasted when others played. Then what was Aegis Wing and Undertow for?

  • AngelAzrael1977

    Avatars are very much useless and spending a few bucks on them is just a waste of money.

  • tokerTM

    What a complete rip off.
    completely over piced, c’mon get real, things like this you cannot seriously charge more than 80 points ffs. jeez you guys sure like to source as much cash as you can.

  • Gamble79

    When do we get NHL Jerseys?