October 13th 2009 11:05 am PT

Xbox 360 Games on Demand: GTA IV

The following Xbox 360 game is now ready for direct download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace:

Content: GTA IV
Price: Check pricing for your region
Availability: Not available in Japan
Dash Text: (Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) Download the manual for this game by locating the game on http://marketplace.xbox.com and selecting “See Game Manual”. What does the American Dream mean today? For Niko Bellic, fresh off the boat from Europe, it is the hope he can escape his past. For his cousin, Roman, it is the vision that together they can find fortune in Liberty City, gateway to the land of opportunity. As they slip into debt and are dragged into a criminal underworld by a series of shysters, thieves and sociopaths, they discover that the reality is very different from the dream in a city that worships money and status, and is heaven for those who have them and a living nightmare for those who don’t. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see www.xbox.com/live/accounts.

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If you are an Xbox LIVE Member in Japan, Armored Core for Answer is available for 2000 Points.



Marketplace, Xbox 360 Games On Demand By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • moocow21

    Finally a game actually worth the $30 (even though you could probably find it a few bucks cheaper at retail). Too bad I’ve had this one since launch, otherwise it would be the first game on the service I’d consider.

  • Shadow0810

    Eh, even $30’s too much. Especially since you can’t resell it. You can find it cheaper at Gamestop.

  • DeviousBroccoli

    $40 in Canada to download, or $30 (at most) at retail. Time and time again…

  • KiloOscarZulu

    It looks like it’s A$50 in Australia, which is US$45.34 at current exchange rate. Why is it so screwed? Why is it 50% more expensive?

  • ruiner02970

    Great timing, since my disk finally crapped out on me.

  • VisionaryLight

    $30 retail in Canada $40 for the download. Come on! Some one should really look at the Canada to US dollar conversion a little closer.

  • LegendaryMSN

    Its a great game, anyone who hasent played it yet should buy this ^^


    We pay $50 (USD) a year for XBL just to get Games on Demand which is higher the cost then what you can get a retail copy for $10 (USD) less (give or take).

  • Jonah Falcon

    Huh? You don’t need an Xbox Live Gold account to get Games on Demand.

  • Pemalite

    Woot! All my complaining I guess has helped halve the price of Mass effect here (It’s $50 instead of $100). :P

  • Lynch182

    at the end of this month the game comes out with all the download content for £24.99, £5 more than this which is easily covered by the download content prices, also it’ll save 7GB of hard drive space, and you can sell it once you have finished with it. keep laughing microsoft, uncharted 2 comes out on friday. more customers will be spending elsewhere!!!

  • Jonah Falcon

    Didn’t they say the same thing about Metal Gear Solid 4?

  • Agent Charisma

    Finally! A game worth downloading!

  • Velete

    Can buy this used for £5 or £10 new here, plus the version with all the DLC comes out soon for cheaper than the GoD price of this…

    I live in the scottish highlands and can still get games cheaper than your demand service, talk about epic fail

  • Rick Dias PK

    Microsoft, this is getting better. I CAN find it cheaper new in box, but only by a few dollars and it did require a little searching. This is a step in the right direction… if you can find a way to lower the prices a little more, I think you’ll have me onboard for this idea.

  • Sly Jon

    Terrible deal & besides, who DOESN’T already own this game?!

  • zfair899

    Hey, these GoD prices are getting a little better. Woot

    Future DOTW: GTAIV + DLC mebbe?

  • SalarymanDaishi

    @EMFULZ: You pay for online gaming, non-delayed demos, weekly marketplace discounts, and the ability to send instant messages via Xbox.com rather than just from the console. In the near future, you also get Twitter, Facebook, and Last.fm integration. On whole, it’s a generous deal that just keeps getting better. As Jonah Falcon already pointed out, though, Games on Demand is the same for everyone.

  • Jimbo76

    Great! or just buy a hard copy off ebay for a tenner like I did a few days ago. which is half the price, M$ are robbing gits!

  • Jimbo76

    Great! or just buy a hard copy off ebay for a tenner like I did a few days ago. which is half the price, M$ are robbing gits!

  • Fletch955

    Shouldn’t we just not follow Major’s twitter post and buy Uncharted 2, or Uncharted 1 if you don’t already have it? :)


    @Jonah Falcon + SalarymanDaishi, didn’t know that but it’s still ridiculous…
    Now if they were the same price as retail and was stored in a virtual space then it’d be awesome no doubt

  • radiok19

    Games on Demand seems a bit like punishment to early adopters. I wish I could play GTA IV without having to swap discs, even though I did a hard drive install, I still need to insert the disc whenever I want to play the game. Do you think there will ever be a way for us to get the benefit of these games on demand without having to repurchase?


    Yeah,i am loving games on demand overpriced releases.On top of loving limited hard drive space.Until MS fixes both issues Games on demand will remain a joke.
    Heck i don’t have room on my drive for more than a few demos and game content.
    So when i see a 120-250 gig drive for $60 and MS undercuts gamstop i will use their GOD service.
    Until then i will laugh at their newest joke.Funny xbox will even sell you jpegs for money.cha ching.


    SalarymanDaishi wrote:
    @EMFULZ: You pay for online gaming, non-delayed demos, weekly marketplace discounts, and the ability to send instant messages via Xbox.com rather than just from the console. In the near future, you also get Twitter, Facebook, and Last.fm integration. On whole, it’s a generous deal that just keeps getting better. As Jonah Falcon already pointed out, though, Games on Demand is the same for everyone.

    Yeah,we love paying for all that free stuff.I want to pay more for free stuff please.In fact i would love to pay the same as PC gamers pay for online……For the same games.I want to pay for jpegs,clothes for my avatar,tv shows i can watch for free on demand in HD.
    My next question would be ARE YOU STONED?????

  • zRedGemz

    your never gonna see MS under cut their parners. how many parners do you think they would have if they start screwing them over.games on demand is not for every one if you dont like the price then dont buy any iam sure you will change the way MS operates.

  • rastansaga

    Ludicrous pricing.
    You can pick up the game on Amazon UK for £13 compared to GOD price of £20.

  • DeathConvoy

    It’d be interesting to see if Aussies get the standard ‘PAL’ version for their $50, or if they get the censored version. Anyone got $50 to throw away to see?

    Wait, don’t.. once they realise, they’ll just ban the game here (like GTA:SA from Xbox Originals).

  • FleetingFanatic

    Whether the prices are fair or not, Games on Demand is the reason that I removed my credit card from my Xbox Live account. It is far too easy to purchase games by accident by hitting the A button a few too many times. With points you at least have to take the extra step of purchasing the points before being able to do too much damage. Ultimately purchases, whether billed directly to your credit card or purchased with points, should require your account passcode in the same way that you type your password in iTunes to confirm a purchase.

    As it is right now, I have to be really careful about who is on my account because they can do a lot of damage, and even more so if you leave a credit card attached to your account. I have even spent points accidentally myself and now with Games on Demand I do not want to risk having an overpriced and locked down version of a game charged to my credit card when I could purchase it on disc and be able to play it on all the Xbox consoles in the house instead of just one.

    Microsoft needs to look seriously at how they handle credit cards also. The ability to remove a credit card has finally been added, but you can’t remove a card if you have an active subscription, even if the subscription is not set to auto-renew. In my case, I didn’t even use the credit card to renew my Xbox Live subscription, I used a card purchased at retail, and the credit card was still attached to the subscription and could not be removed until the subscription expired. The current setup is not really acceptable. If the subscription is paid up, there is no balance on the account, and the subscription is not set to auto-renew, you should be able to remove the credit card immediately and still be able to keep your subscription active until the end of the term already paid for. This needs to be looked in to.

  • Blue Thunder28

    Awesome! I’ll sell my disk copy and use that store credit to get some MS points to buy this then I can have the complete GTA experience.. San Andreas, GTA4 and both DLCs when Gay Tony is out… and I wont even have to swap disks.. AwEsOmE love it. This is only 10 bucks more than it is at retailers so I like it. Hooray for jobs.

  • Neo X5

    Not bad.

    Also, people need to stop comparing used prices, amazon, ebay, small retailers because these games are priced what the game costs new (the suggested MSRP). Stores offering discounts are at their discretion because they can price the game for whatever they feel is necessary to move the product. They can’t satisfy the “Determined to be unhappy” customer. If people hate the 360 so much because of the micro transactions then go buy a PS3 they have a lot of the same games and marketplace content…and you can upgrade your hard drive much cheaper.

    The service is moving in the right direction I think they need to keep getting newer titles out because the prices definitely didn’t match the old titles that were being released.

    Somehow, I don’t seem them making it possible to unlock installed games (I wish it would happen though) and get rid of the disc process. Yes they made their money off the initial sale but giving an extremely discounted unlock code will leave those games to be traded in. I think the idea is to phase out the used games sales, it will be a very slow process and for those looking for a good bargin…that will take a very long time.

  • Neo X5

    @Fleeting Fanatic
    How is it easy to accidentally purchase something? I just curious. You have to select the game, select buy select confirm….unless you have very young kids who can’t read and are button happy.

  • SalarymanDaishi

    @CRUSADEX: Nope, not stoned. In fact, I’m quite content with just a Silver account. People pay for Live if they think the service is worth it – simple as that. Besides, Gold members are getting more and more perks every year; I would expect them to be happy to get more value for their money.

    As for Games on Demand, consider the prices to contain an early adopter surcharge. Once buying games off the internet becomes more common than buying games from a store (maybe in 2-5 years), digital marketplaces might introduce lower prices and sales and whatnot.

  • mchiefvs360

    Got it already on disc, but if anyone that I know doesn’t have it, I’ll make them download it from Live (and some people still don’t have it, believe it or not).

  • DavidGX

    bestbuy.com has this listed for the same price… but a physical copy.

    Not cheaper than physical copies MSRP = TOO EXPENSIVE! It’s a simple concept guys… come on.

  • DavidGX

    Don’t get me wrong, great game. But if you’re going to spend $30 just buy a NEW, PHYSICAL copy for the same price.

  • wolfzero01

    finally a half way decent tittle, but the price is still to high. Games On Demand needs to be more inline with the price of a physical copy if it is really going to succeed, otherwise what incentive would anyone have to use it when with a little work, you can find it cheaper elsewhere.

  • syn EXE

    I love how everyone assumes MS has control ove the cost of a game NEW in retail. Yes, it’s old. Yes, you can find it USED cheaper almost anywhere that sells it. But believe it or not there are places where you CAN NOT find a NEW copy of this or any other game on the service and it is nice to have the OPTION!! I love all the M$ remarks and how they’re “screwing” you over. IT’S AN OPTION!!! YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY IT!!! I swear, gamers will complain about ANYTHING! If the FALL update gave you free flying powers you’d find a reason to complain about that to!

  • Xx XRAS xX

    is this region free ?
    my console is PAL :(

  • Joergen8

    XRAS: What? MS doesnt sell you non-functioning games on demand. If you can purchase it, it will work. This does not include Bethesda or EPIC DLC.. j/k

    Oh and, there are plenty of kids out there whose mom wont let them buy GTAIV, this is the pefrect opportunity for them to play in secret. No disc or box lying around.. muahahahaha.

  • Xx DARTH xX

    Does anyone know if my old game saves from when I rented the game will carry over or will I have to start all over again.

  • BeeDizz

    @Xx DARTH xX

    It carries over. I bought Burnout Paradise on GoD and my gamesaves from the hardcopy worked fine with the digital copy.

  • Assassinator010

    I found This game for $20.00 used at Ebgames.

    Games on demand is a complete ripoff, i can’t stand Microsoft anymore..