October 15th 2009 11:13 am PT

Demo: Band Hero

boxbandhero[1] Content:
Band Hero Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Not available in Asia
Dash Text: [ESRB: E10+ (Everyone 10+) MILD LYRICS,MILD SUGGESTIVE THEMES] Band Hero features an all-star lineup of pop music featuring the best variety of classic chart-topping hits and current hot artists. This demo features Finger Eleven “Paralyzer”, Katrina & The Waves “Walking on Sunshine" and Taylor Swift “Picture to Burn”. Includes Party Play and the all-new Sing-Along mode. For more information on features for the full-title, please visit www.BandHero.com.



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Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • IconicSoulJA

    Wa???? Activision has got to stop milking francises. Thank God Infinity Ward has a lot of control over their versions of the COD series.

  • threeleggedcow

    They are no worse than Bungie.


    Didn’t they just come out with World Tour not to long ago and a 2 new Guitar Hero’s?

  • Azwethinkweiz12

    Taylor Swift is in it?

    Inb4 Kayne jokes :P

  • Mossiprose

    Let me get this straight,, guitar hero 5, just came out, DJ hero on its way out, and now band hero… this is getting kinda dumb. Harmonix has their deal where they make quality games and release them on a normal schedule.

    Activision, they just seem to want to pump out as much crap as possible. It just makes them look bad. But for me, I gave up on guitar hero after 3.

    Rock Band FTW!

  • Azwethinkweiz12

    You do know in July there was Rock Band:Unplugged, and last month Beatles:Rock Band and NEXT month Lego Rock Band? How is that normal compare to Activision’s schedule?

  • Sausage Villan

    because unplugged is a mobile game , beatles rockband is a specialty game for enthusiasts, and well you got me on the lego rockband but it seems more kid centric
    these are games that do not seek to top the main game

    activistion keeps pumping main titles that are meant to replace the main game … not just specialty titles like metallica and *shudder* van halen and aerosmith

    i think the difference is that rock band makes quality titles to fill a niche , guitar hero keeps shoveling out titles with the apparent hope to destroy the music franchise and juice it all the way down

  • Xebu

    Rock Band: Unplugged was for portables, not consoles so scratch that.
    Beatles: Rock Band is intended to stand in it’s own right as a Beatles only game that happens to use the Rock Band engine, and it actually does a decent job.
    Lego Rock Band, hell they’ve gotta squeek one thing out that “core” Rock Band, at this makes it a little more kiddie friendly.
    Rock Band 2 is still the mainstay game and still going strong with a COMPLETE (barring 2 tracks from RB1) setlist.

    Now Guitar Hero, as well as DJ Hero, Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero you’re also forgetting Guitar Hero: Metallica and Guitar Hero: Van Halen … which I don’t class in the same category as TB:RB because they run on the “a few key tracks and a ton of ‘inspired by’ cr@p” in order to shunt out another generic GH clone under a sneaky name. On top of that most of the tracks aren’t transferable so it’s disc swap hell and no chance of building that dream setlist.

  • Preabo

    And still Guitar Hero 3 is the best.

  • Azwethinkweiz12

    Just to make things clear, I love both Guitar Hero and Rock Band so don’t go around accusing me of being a fanboy. Yes Band Hero is not transferable to GH5 or future GH or even BH games(for now). But Lego Rock Band is $10(800MSP) to export AND you need a manuel code like in GHWT and SH. Last time I check RB1 is $5(400MSP) and had more songs. So as I see it RB is as guilty of “milking” games out. It’s simple if you’re not interested in the game then DON’T buy it.

    GH releases both games and DLC.
    RB releases both games and DLC.

    I get the games I want, and I past the games I don’t. I buy them when they’re less then $20. I think we should stop these “ROCK BANDZ FTW” and “STOP MAILKING” BS some people are doing.

  • TidalPhoenix

    I think they’ve moved the development house to a dairy farm.

  • r3dreck

    What is this?


    the band hero demo you live disconnects

  • VermilionFR

    In less than one year, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero Metallica, Guitar Hero Van Halen, Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero, DJ Hero. Ok, you’ve got the point.

  • Mr Barrel Roll

    The $10 export fee for Lego Rock Band would be a little more of an issue if the game itself didn’t cost only $50.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    @VermilionFR: I have most of the games for both franchises (and actually own, but have never played Rock Revolution…$4.99, why not?), and while you have a point, you forgot Guitar Hero Smash Hits, and the fact that the GH franchise hasn’t released near as much DLC (since it hardly transfers from one iteration to the next). Rock Band, on the other hand, has “milked” just as much, though it is much more user friendly as all track packs (Vol 2, Country, Metal, Classic Rock) can be imported (free with code), Lego Rock Band (fee and code), and 5-10 songs on DLC EVERY week. DJ Hero is a completely different game, with 102 songs, so I don’t see that one as milking, and both Band Hero and Lego Rock Band are designed to be more “family” games rather than “hardcore” rhythm games (look at the setlists, and new “no fail” rule sets for both).

  • JohnnyDethmatch

    Why is this called “Band Hero”? – Guitar Hero World Tour should been called Band Hero – since it was the guitar hero to start using a band. This should be called like… “Pop Hero” or something. It’s not rocket science. Activision needs to fire somebody at marketing/product development.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    …knew I forgot one…AC/DC track pack for Rock Band. Point is, Rock Band is banking on you having either RB1 or RB2 and spending in little chunks (DLC and track packs), GH offers new songs in the form of a whole new game, and is hoping people will pay for “band-specific” games (Metallica, Van Halen) and 1000 GS on every version. My family plays them for fun, so the more variety the better…and of course getting Van Halen FREE was always nice!

  • Shiaoran

    Made me want to watch Futurama…

  • XYullX

    whats wrong with activision!???!!! band hero includes all the pop songs??? WTH who is gonna buy this??? with rockband 2 and world tour u wanna get always better and better and harder songs, but i bet the hardest song here is what? village people – ymca???? come on activision, this is why all the guitar heros are always compare to one rockband… rockband 2 to rule them all. i wonder how many guitar heros game can buy one person. this is just a lame way to lose 50$

  • Makavelo

    did rock band get guitar hero pregnant? whats next, a game called “Rock Guitar”? this is getting ridiculous i really hope this game Fails hard.

    At least with Rock Band you have a HUGE library of music and you are not forced to pay $60 bucks for only like 6 good songs, you have the choice to pay a little fee for the songs you want and that are really worth it.

  • Azwethinkweiz12

    Good example of a blind fanboy.

  • Hoffer

    Why do people care if they come out with a Guitar Hero game every month? Guitar Hero 5 got great reviews and I think it had a good song selection. Metallica and Van Halen are for fans of those bands. Band Hero is for people that are fans of pop music. DJ Hero has been getting great previews. I played it at Best Buy and it’s a ton of fun. Nobody is forcing you to buy any of it.

    Activision puts out Call of Duty and it is an FPS. Does that mean they shouldn’t put out any other FPS? Activision is just trying to grow the rhythm game market.

  • Sly Jon

    @Hoffer, You just don’t get it do you dude?

  • Hoffer

    What is there to get? Please explain it to me.

  • Mr Barrel Roll

    The difference between GH and RB right now is the cost to get songs that I want to play.

    I’ve looked at the GH5 setlist, there are maybe 11 songs that I want to play. Of those, I already own 3 of them through DLC in RB. So let’s compare costs… to get all of these songs added to my RB setlist, it would be 8 songs x 2 dollars each = 16 dollars. To get the same 8 songs in Guitar Hero? Spend $60. Yes, it comes with other songs. I don’t care about those other songs. I’m picky, I’m choosy, I only care about a few songs of the setlist. Which means it makes more sense for me to go with the RB DLC model than the GH ‘buy a disc with other stuff too’ model.

    It can be hit or miss (GH: Metallica RAWKED) but for the most part it just doesn’t make sense for me to pay a bunch of extra money for a bunch of extra songs that I don’t want when I can instead pick and choose and pay a lot less.

  • Azwethinkweiz12

    @Sly Jon
    Tell me dude, please give me your Activision hate please.

  • Makavelo

    Stupid ignorant

    @Mr Barrel Roll
    Someone that actually get it, that’s what I’m talking about, only 6-10 songs are worth on every guitar hero game and some are already on Rock Band DLC, so why paid extra for songs that you don’t like at all and the only time you play them is when your are forced to do so on “Career Mode” when you can just pick what ever song you want as individual items via dlc.

  • Juganawt

    Hey Activision, I’m gonna let you finish, but Rock Band 2 is the greatest music game of all time!

  • A Place for Us


  • Hoffer

    What about the people that like a “Career Mode”? I like playing rhythm music “games”. Playing song after song in quickplay gets old to me. I like to play through the different games to hear music I’d never hear elsewhere. Yeah, some of it is crap, but there are more than 6-10 good songs on each in my opinion. If you honestly feel there are that few, than DLC is obviously the option for you. I own all the Rock Band games and buy DLC for them and I also play all the Guitar Hero games. I honestly don’t like one franchise over the other. They are both plastic guitar games to me. The hate for Guitar Hero is just silly to me. Especially considering how well the game sells. I guess I’m just not Internet Elite enough to hate on it.

  • Azwethinkweiz12

    Last time I check GH has it’s own DLC store. So you’re being ignorant about RB being the holy grail of music gaming and you never play GH5 since it has career mode without playing all the require songs and being able to play all songs without locking them in quick play unlike RB2 where you HAVE to play all songs in order to unlock em and save them since the cheat code disables it.

  • TehBanStick

    Who cares if this series is milked, this game has freaking MR ROBOTO in it.

  • ZprivateZ

    The poor cow they milking gonna shrivel up or they using the same cow microsoft uses cos theirs hasn’t shriveled up yet either. No quality to the game at all just something they can put out to steal your money, same crap different title. I liked the guitar hero games but as of guitar hero world tour the game is just getting old, and the sh#t DLC they keep releasing doesn’t make it any better they just out to nickel and dime people to death quality left the game a few titles ago. Next we will see a guitar hero for every day of the week ” coming out next guitar hero friday” we didn’t get all of your money yet with guitar hero saturday,sunday,monday,tuesday, wensday or thursday so you must buy guitar friday so we can completely steal all of your money. Game companies need to put quality back into the games and quit charging highend prices for low end games.

  • Makavelo


    Yes, it has it but you have to admit that it’s very limited and it’s no where near as big as the RB library, and yes i have played GH5 too and there are like 6-10 good songs on that game and the worst thing is that some of the few good songs are really boring to play (great songs but boring on plastic instruments) so you might as well just listen to that songs on your PC.

    The only good GH games are GH3 & Metallica because they have a great soundtrack combined with the exact amount of difficulty to make you comeback for more.

    GH5 was just a rent not a most have, and now they are making this “Band Hero” that its more based on pop music that anything else and that will be BORING to play on guitar/drums, Band Hero will be more a Karaoke game like “Lips” with music from: Hillary Duff, Lily Allen, Robbie Williams, Taylol Swift and the Village People, where the hell do instruments have a place in there.


    Yeah, FU Activision. What makes you think you can put out a product for consumers to decide if they want to purchase or not? Freakin Dumb@ss Activision thinks this is a free market to put out anything they produce. FU Activison, you’ve caused me many sleepless nights thinking about those guitar hero’s sitting on store shelves(How can I just walk by them without buying them? Ahhhhhh). Who do you guys (Activision) think you are telling me I can buy this product if I want to? You sons a B!tches


    Why don’t all the dumb mfers who think that the only good songs are the ones that they like hit themselves in the head and raise their IQ. All MUSIC is GOOD to SOMEONE DUMBSH!TS

  • Warrengonline

    Honestly, when I saw and heard of this game – it was for the Nintendo DS, I really thought it was a cheap joke, but not that is coming to a console, I must check it out. Rock Band was hot, Rock Band 2 is even hotter. Guitar Hero cool, but too much ‘same rock’, but the feel of each song is awesome. LIPS, not as cool as it was claimed to be, but still entertaining. GHWT – playing along locally seems best in my book, playing online, your friends need to know what they are doing to set it up and get playing. I have them all (except Van Halen, GH5, etc), I do not see what all this fuss is about. Some songs are ‘different’ in each version. RB2’s and GHWT’s Ramblin Man each have a certain ‘twang’ in the voice that makes me personally like both. Now, ahem, where’s QUEEN? Freddie Mercury lives on.

  • LapsonHK

    Not available in Asia?
    But it’s available in Hong Kong, although gold-member-exclusive:

  • TidalPhoenix

    I heard if you are sucked in enough to buy all the games plus all the downloadable content you unlock a cow costume for your avatar with the Activision logo on it. Cool.

  • NvaderJim

    these games would be so much better if everyone had the same taste in music :P

  • WinterSnowblind

    We’ve had three Halo games, one spin off and an expansion in the past 8 or so years. How is that “milking”? Compare it to the amount of Guitar Hero games we’ve had in the past two years alone.

  • Warrengonline

    Does that mean we’re going to get some Viva Pinata costumes?[cheesy grin] Halloween is close, but Mardi Gras is a bit away. Actually I would like the costume Boo wore in Monsters Inc.

  • wiirule111

    The main reason why this suck with monthly new Guitar Hero game, is because it kills online gaming for music games.

    This means its hard to fill a band online in any game now, because players is splitted between too many music games.

  • wiirule111

    Guitar Hero 4 and 5 is both for pop/rock musicians.. and so is Band Hero..
    The DLC in GH 4 and 5 rarely have anything interresting. Guitar Hero 3 is still the best in the series. Rock Band 2..I buy songs nearly every week for it because they release good metal instead of alot of pop songs.
    I used to be a Guitar Hero fanboy, but switched to Rock Band because of of my music taste.
    Still i bought GH2,3,4 and 5, Metallica, Rock Band AC/DC and Rock Band 1+2.. I support both series, but i skipped Band Hero, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Beatles. I will buy Smash Hits when its a budget game, because its tracklisting was overall weak.