October 16th 2009 2:00 pm PT

Limited Edition Xbox 360 Wireless Controller and Play and Charge kit



Wireless & Quick Charge Kit
In case you missed it, Xbox 360 has teamed up with GameStop to design an exclusive limited edition Wireless Controller that will be available next week.  Bundled with a Play & Charge Kit, the controller features a new design which sports black carbon fiber with red accents.  This controller will be sold exclusively at GameStop, EB Games and Micromania retailers in the U.S., Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand. 

The suggested retail price will be US $69.99, and you can place your pre-order here. I’ve uploaded some high resolution photos of the bundle if you want a closer look.



Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Louie

    Its just a controller…

    $70. Not worth it.

  • I Resendetra I

    Ohhh… I think I like that controller a lot. =]

  • Exu

    By god, that thing is disgusting. I hate it!

  • X Ray Hamburger

    That is one UGLY controller.

  • formulaH3o

    No love for the UK :'(

    Has microsoft gone abstract though? Looks like an ugly arty controller.

  • Exu

    Never mind throwing paint at controllers and hoping for the best, have you fixed the d-pad yet?


    Not sold in the UK? Gee thanks.


    Yet Ireland gets it, huh?

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Wireless Controller ($49.99) + Play and Charge Kit ($19.99)= $69.98, so if you are griping about the .01 increase being “not worth it” you have issues. Now if you really wanted to complain you could bring up that the Red or Black combo pack is $64.99 ($5 difference), or that the Wal Mart “Dragon” controller is $49.99 and comes with a headset…but I like this one, as it goes well with either my RE5 console or my Black Elite with the Carbon Fiber faceplate!

  • Turtle502

    I love this design and the colors BUT I don’t like that it’s a Gamestop/EB/Micromania exclusive. >:-|

  • clarky456

    Oh this is a
    VERy nice
    Pice of
    Realy good quality equipment plus it comes with a plug and play kit
    Everyone should get this

    I wonder if this will work properly

  • Lakeshow

    Looks kind of like a resident evil umbrella logo. Pass for me, I’m good on controllers.

  • Lites

    Gamestop and the Microsoft rep who created this must have been color blind or have no sens eof creativity

  • BryceS

    No, sorry far too ugly. Now if there was one which was just black carbon-fibre, _that_ would be cool.

  • Supreme Entity

    It’s OKAY. I’d still buy it, though you could get a cheaper bundle on Amazon.

  • PsychoFemm

    @formulaH3o … i don’t think arty/abstract applies since it’s a radiation warning symbol.

  • wizll

    worse designed color scheme ever.

  • oO MG81 Oo

    If they fix the D-pad and lose the red biohazard logo I’d be interested. Mostly if Microsoft could just fix the terrible D-pad.

  • Baron Brain

    That is… truly horredous on the eyes. *UGH*

    To be fair, I should just say that it’s just not for me. Although the design itself is fine, and the texture-look extremely nice, the color scheme just doesn’ work (which is strange, since red and black usually complement each other nicely.) The real problem here is simply that the overall look is TOO DSTRACTING — we don’t want to be blinded or dazed by our controllers while playing.

    For example, I’d LOVE a controller with this carbon fiber texturing if it was a solid DEEP BLUE color… not a Fisher Price Toy plastic blue, but a really nice deep blue with a velvety quality to it (for example, similar to the Island Blue PS2 controllers that were released). Now THIS would be a stunner.

    I also wish that GameStop would be allowed to sell additional separate packages of the “exclusive” green Halo: ODST controllers. I really wanted one of those — more specifically, I really wanted the entire Game + Controller bundle — but I was too late and unable to obtain it (I’m chronically ill/disabled with a rare genetic disease, and it’s difficult to do preordering when undergoing spinal surgeries and recoveries). Anyway, Major, if you could “suggest” to the power-that-be to reissue this, I would be eternally grateful. (Yes folks, I know this is wishful thinking… so I wishing…!)

  • monosocratic

    Love it or hate it with the color scheme/design, eh? I’ll choose the latter, as it looks like a pair of NFL zubaz pants.

    I love the awesome bargain that is the Walmart art controller. It looks great, too, but I want you to bring back the pink and blue, please.

  • NavComm81

    I actually like the colors quite a bit. Gives of a Resident Evil-ish appearance. However, I bought 4 MS Wireless Controllers over the summer for $9 each brand new, so I have no need for a new one. Hell, 3 of those are still sealed. :)

  • Sly Jon

    Not in the UK eh? Well thats just typical

  • Anonymous

    That’s the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I don;t know why people outside the US even want that turd looking controller. Good god.


    Is everyone high? That controller is BITCHIN!!! Look at the high rez photos up close. To each their own, but I LOVE IT!!!

  • virtualjustice

    I now have this uncontrollable need to vomit…

  • Mike Kelehan

    I actually asked Mark Coates at E3 if they knew the d-pad was a problem. He said that they recognize that “hardcore” gamers demand something more, but they “wouldn’t say there’s a problem.” Blows my mind that MS still doesn’t see that it’s an issue. I’ve had casual, casual, CASUAL gamer friends tell me that they’d rather not play their games on the 360 because the d-pad just feels awful.

    Seriously guys, the d-pads on my guitars are better.


    So you are high then…. ;-)

  • ZprivateZ

    If it has anything to do with Gamestop you know its a rip off

  • Pemalite

    So far I have a Red Controller, the green ODST controller, White Controller and a Black Controller. – This would fit perfect with my color scheme, except for the fact it looks like it rolled around in a pot of molasses, then flushed down the toilet where it ends up in the sewage treatment plant.

    Plus I refuse to shop at EB Games or Gamestop, as they don’t Ship the games directly to me (And I am NOT traveling 8 fricken hours to one of there stores!), I’ll stick to Gamesmen.com.au, if they don’t have it, well tough luck!

  • UnarmedGorilla

    About time they bundled the charge kit with the controller… however.. that thing is U-G-L-Y!!!

  • ShaggyB

    Im waiting for Dc Comics to sue for the Two Face design on that controller.


    i was hoping for this controller to eventually be available, not that horrible looking thing.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    They have been bundling charge kits with controllers for about 3 years, at least…I’ve seen them in white, black, and the “limited edition” red, and all those bundles run $64.99 just about everywhere (including Amazon).

  • teknomusik

    Whatever happened to the updated controller that was part of a MS survey that went out a while back?

  • StabaCadaver

    Not a fan of Gamestop so I’ll pass.

  • WinterSnowblind

    I’m not a fan of the design, but it’s at least unique. I could see some people liking it a lot and some people (clearly) hating it.

  • b12arr0

    The high res photo does make the controller more appealing. I wish they had one with just the black checkerboard texture though.

  • Zacabeb

    Carbon fiber and red would seem like an appropriate combo for a Forza 3 LE controller, but this just seems… random, and at a very random time. It just oozes randomness.

    A red radiation logo plastered over a carbon fiber texture? I can’t think of any game genre, let anone any specific title to which this controller would relate. The closest thing I can think of is that wireless controllers do emit a small amount of radiation.

    But red and black are part of GameStop’s color scheme, so I guess that’s one piece of the puzzle. And the radiation logo is probably there to warn us about something.

  • Anonymous


  • Lynch182

    hahaha, i actually thought this was a joke, no? if only it had modern warfare on it they’d be able to sell it to the “hardcore fans”, hahaha.

  • VisionaryLight

    It a bit expensive because the batteries with the play and charge kits are awful. Mine lasted 6 months and I used to have the hardest time trying to get it to start to charge. I just use regular AA rechargeable batteries now with no problems.

  • Rossa AU

    I would like it if it didn’t have the red bits, a full carbon fiber one would be cool :)

  • Herby247

    $69.99 are you friggin kidding me!!!!

    In the UK you can buy a BRAND NEW wireless controller for £19.95, even with the charge kit this is a RIP OFF!!!!


  • MrSt33l

    My God, man! That is fugly.

  • Blue Thunder28

    I agree with BIG DISPATCHER. I pre-ordered it, looks so sweet and it’s limited so I’d hate myself for not having it.

  • SpaceNinjaDino

    I got my girlfriend the pink 360 controller and pink DS Lite. She actually hates pink and loves purple. She doesn’t mind the 360 and DS Lite pink colors since they are a dull offset, but really, really wants purple.

    She has her own reasons for hating Sony and is pissed they they are the only ones using purple for the PSP. Why can’t MS or Nintendo make purple products?

    Even I like purple now. Warning: magenta is not purple — that’s just puke. Let’s pick lavender because it’s hard to screw that shade up. Don’t make it a design — just a solid color.

  • SpiralGray

    I like the appearance but I use the Quick Charge Kit to charge my batteries, so a Play and Charge kit is an unneeded extra expense for me. I’ll pass. And for the reading who said the controller was $49.99 and the play ‘n’ charge was $19.99, you need to check Amazon. The controller is under $40 and the play ‘n’ charge is $17. Also, you can get the black controller w/play ‘n’ charge or the “limited edition” red controller with play ‘n’ charge for $50. So yeah, $70 is too expensive.


    My local GameStop told me about this on launch night of Halo 3: ODST. Looks like an Umbrella Corp controller. If your friends didn’t know it was GameStop you could fool them into saying it’s the limited edition Resident Evil controller :P

    $70 is pricey and already have to many controllers. Maybe when all of them break then I’ll think of this.

  • Lanmanna

    Funny, those who don’t live in a place that can’t get it want it. Those who live in a place where it is available hates it.

    Sounds about right to me. ;)

  • XxLightkunxX

    So…….this took what, 5 minutes to come up with in Photoshop huh Major? Who the hell is in charge of designs for your products? If this was an actual black controller with red accents (I do not count the stupid biohazard sign as “accents”) I would’ve considered buying it but no, it looks like complete ass. Also, MS is the only company I know that makes its accessories “Limited Edition”….I don’t get it.