October 27th 2009 11:04 am PT

Xbox 360 Games on Demand: Dead Space and DiRT


The following Xbox 360 games are now ready for direct download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace:


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Content: Dead Space™

Price: Check pricing for your region
Availability: Not available in Japan
Dash Text: (Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) Download the manual for this game by locating the game on http://marketplace.xbox.com and selecting “See Game Manual”. When an immense mining ship, the USG Ishimura, comes into contact with a mysterious alien artifact in a remote star system, its communications with Earth are mysteriously cut off. Engineer Isaac Clarke is sent to repair the Ishimura’s communications array, but he arrives to find a living nightmare-the ship is a floating bloodbath, the crew unspeakably mutilated and infected by an ancient alien scourge. Clarke’s repair mission becomes one of survival as he fights not just to save himself, but to return the artifact to the planet … at any cost. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see www.xbox.com/live/accounts.


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download Content: DiRT
Price: Check pricing for your region
Availability: Not available in Japan
Dash Text: (Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) Download the manual for this game by locating the game on http://marketplace.xbox.com and selecting “See Game Manual”. DiRT™ is an off-road racing game. The player’s role is to race their way through the world of off-road motor sport, increasing their fame and prestige on their way to becoming the ultimate Off-Road Champion of Champions. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see www.xbox.com/live/accounts.


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Marketplace, Xbox 360 Games On Demand By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • monosocratic

    Wow. Dead Space is only $20. Games on demand are finally becoming competitive with the pricing.

  • N3WB13 R0N

    great price for deadspace i agree.. But in canada dirt is $40?

  • erichsouza76

    USD 30.00 for Dirt???? WTF!
    I’ve got a better deal for Dirt 2 instead!
    Go figure why those prices…it just doesn’t make any sense.

  • DarkTear81

    Dead Space – $20 but 30€???
    You know $20 is like 14€ right? And you don’t have shipment cost…
    Pretty lame offer.

  • oO MG81 Oo

    You can’t even begin to say these prices are getting better or fair. They’re still at least 50% overpriced compared to the hard copy bought from a store. For all the DRM restrictions the consumer has to deal with and all the extra profit the devs and Microsoft get, these games should cost FAR less.

  • Blue Thunder28

    Awesome. Dead Space rules and DiRT was cool.

  • TaygetaVendetta

    Wow, Games on Demand finally gets a fairly priced game (for the US anyway, I don’t know how it stacks up for the rest of the world) with Dead Space. I just got it a few weeks back on-disc for the same price, though.

  • faultrd

    So $20 = £19.99? Really fair.

  • bUbbALoUmCc

    I have a few questions about these games on demand. If I was to recover my tag at a friends house. Then dl a already purchased games on demeand game at there house is that possible? I mean if I had the physical disc I could take my games to my friends and play it there. They could get achievements and everything. If this is not possible than this is a even a lesser product that should really be a lot cheaper. Any help?

  • Lynch182

    you say $20 for deadspace, its £19.99 here, $20 = £12.23. so what is the excuse for the £7.76 extra on the uk price?? i’m not buying anything else for my xbox but still, this is just poor microsoft, it seems even worse for the europeans, @darktear81, i share your dismay, i think you should purchase a PS3 chief.

  • MeridusBeta

    RIGHT. I’m sick of this. Someone needs to tell these companies that $1 does not equal £1 does not equal 1€. You’d think global corporations might know about currency differences.

    The US may be getting a better deal with Dead Space, but for us in the UK, it’s the same price as everything else. Excuse me, I’m off to Amazon to get the same game brand new for half the price, with a box and physical media.

  • darkjester74

    Dead Space for $20 is a decent deal. Too bad about the bad currency conversion tho.

  • Lynch182

    @bUbbALoUmCc i haven’t purchased any of these (overpriced) games on demand games, but the way the arcade games go, you can recover it on any xbox 360 with your gamertag, but only your gamertag will have full access to the game, and i believe even if you are signed in as well as a friend, if your friend starts the game i think it still shows up as trial as it doesn’t belong to that console or gamertag, it has to be your profile who starts the games. i assume this is the case with the (overpriced) games on demand games. hope this helps. PS3 :D

  • theuglyteradon

    Dead Space is a twenty dollar game, currently. This isn’t a deal as much as Microsoft actually knowing the right price for a game… Dirt is probably still retailed at thirty… which is ludicrous seeing the sequel is now out.

  • Oatmeal25

    I picked up Dirt for less than $20 this past spring and I’ve seen new copies of Dead Space for $10.

    The reason why Games on Demand prices are higher is because it would take a bunch of business away from brick-and-mortar stores. The prices won’t be as low as MSRP and the difference should be considered a convenience tax.

    That said, I won’t be buying any of these titles. I can’t afford the cost or the disk space on my 20GB drive.

  • BeeDizz

    Obviously you just have to decide if any of this stuff is worth it to you. Yes i think DiRT is too high, along with pretty much everything else. But i’m ok with both Dead Space as well as GTAIV and will be getting those, while passing on others. So far, even though Games on Demand was my most anticipated new feature, i’ve only bought one Games on Demand game. Burnout Paradise.

  • XenoLair

    $20 = £19.99 ???
    ok if you say so…

    and i never get it why games like this aren’t available in japan… Its not good for the sales, ill tell you that

  • AtheistCanuck

    best thing to do is to buy these games one a friends console with your account that way you can play the game on your account and since the licensse is on a friends console they can play the game too at the same time and you can go halfers on the price tag. ive done that for 6 of these games already

  • Spargo CXVII

    Dead Space for $20.00….I’ll buy that!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I just picked up DiRT a couple weeks back for $16 brand new, these prices are a f’n joke!

  • zfair899

    Crappy prices, but people really need to try out Dead Space, whether they get it retail or via DLC.
    The game was one of the best releases of 08.

  • KEV2O9

    By my calculations $20 should be about £12… not one dollar a pound! lol

  • wargamer17

    If I had the room on my drive for Dead Space I’d buy it, but I don’t(only have a 20GB still). Even if it was $19.99 at the store I’d buy it, but for some reason here in Canada(where i’ve looked) it’s $29.99. I’ll pass for now.

  • rastansaga

    unrelated to Games on demand, but there’s an ad on my xbox 360 says that the SkyPlayer is finally being released in UK today!

  • twisted poke


    Off topic but check out the link. Microsoft is set to charge for the same content that will be available for free on PSN.

  • moocow21

    I don’t care what price you can find it for at retail or used, $20 is a steal for Dead Space. That game is simply fantastic and is worth every penny.

  • shane86

    $20 in America, €30 in Europe????

    Seen the exchange rate lately? €30 is $44! We’re paying more than twice the U.S. is. Sort it out.

  • LinuxUser

    I just picked up Dead Space at Future Shop for $10.00.

  • xZepher

    DiRT is price FAIL

  • xZepher

    MS would charge for free stuff. Hell what do we even pay for GOLD? Everything we get the PSN eventually gets. I might just switch and be dont with Microsofts crap.

  • LinuxUser

    Twisted I just read your link. Not only do I NOT pay for PSN, I am also getting DLC for free. Why am I still paying for Xbox live???

  • Tyger Cheex

    Yes the pricing of a LOT of these games is disappointing. £20 for a game that is LOCKED to your profile forever… or around £12(inc Delivery) for a 2nd hand disk or £15 for a new copy from play.com both of which can be lent to friends or even traded in against another game at a later date. Personally I feel that games from the G.O.D. service need to be about £10 at the VERY most. I have never played Dead Space (never got round to buying it) but want to. I’m lazy, but not lazy enough to pay £8 over the odds. There’s a recession on people! VOTE WITH YOUR WALLETS!

  • Neo X5

    @Lynch182 & bUbbALoUmCc
    From my experience the game can be recovered on another console by your gamertag. Other gamertags can even access the full game and unlock achievements…as long as you are signed in with YOUR gamertag with them. Once you sign out the games goes to a trial (for arcade games anyway). In the case of ‘Games On Demand’ I can only assume they wouldn’t be able to open, much like a video purchased from the marketplace (just generates and error).

  • Neo X5

    @twisted poke
    Yeah that pretty nice of them but you have to point the blame at EA as they set the prices for their content and the content is free for a limited time for Brutal Legend according to that article.

  • Ai Kago

    Bah, when you look on STEAM for the PC, you can get some amazing bargains, games for like £3.99 etc..think STALKER is that now?. I don’t see MS offering any real bargains like it could.

  • twisted poke

    @Neo X5
    Based on prior proceedings (Left 4 Dead and Castle Crashers to name a couple) I assume that EA probably pitched the same deal to MS who declined. It is well documented that MS is against free DLC. Whatever the reason, it will definately be interesting to see folks reactions once the content releases.

  • Velete

    Both can be got for around £10 new in the uk and half that used :)

    Games on demand pricing = fail

  • Neo X5

    @twisted poke
    That is why it is nice to own both consoles.

  • Monhegan

    This is a good price for Deadspace. It is indeed a fantastic game. If you haven’t played it yet, right around Halloween is the perfect time of year to try it!


    I might pick up some games on demand, when they become cheaper then the retail copy’s. :P
    I find it really ridiculous that digital copies would cost more then physical. Not only are you paying more for the digital but you give up HDD space and what happens when you get bored of the game and want to trade it in?

  • Neo X5

    Games on Demand is getting newer games at this point than I thought they would. I was actually thinking about Dead Space, might have to check it out.

    I never understood the benefit to trading games in…some pay $60 new and trade it down the road and get like $5 for it. I guess it is more beneficial to buy cheap used and trade those in…but I can’t imagine it being that beneficial either.

  • Kenjuan


    re: “…taking a bunch of business away from brick-and-mortar stores.”
    I knew that was the reason why we haven’t seen any “day-and-date” releases, but I was hoping they might be more flexible with their older titles.

    re: “…convenience tax.”
    Only problem is that most of what I personally consider to be conveniences are associated with the physical retail copies (e.g. cheaper prices, HDD installation is optional, lending or resale is possible, printed manual). For me, the only “plus” in the Games on Demand column is the ability to re-download at a future date.

  • toopro4show

    20$ for Dead Space in Canada is a fair price… it’s a start.

  • Chitwood7412

    I may buy Dead Space. It was $17 at Gamestop used and you and tax to that. It is a good price if you ask me. 30 bucks for Dirt is a no-go. Sorry.

  • A Place for Us

    WTF. DiRT is so cheap now to get. Ridiculous price tag!

  • Vasilii Zaytsev



  • sho220

    you guys are too strong on the hateraid. dirt’s MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) is $30. dead space’s MSRP is $20. the prices have NOTHING to do with microsoft or how much you can buy it for anywhere else. the publishers set the price.


  • Tyrant Dunn

    Sweet,but you can find dead space a little bit cheaper used at gamestop.

  • My Big Boss

    Hej can’t see Dead Space on my xbox?
    I can see DIRT but not Dead Space?

  • Exu

    Twenty quid? You can commonly find Dead Space for £15 and often when the likes of Zavvi have a sale like Mega Monday the price drops below £10!
    As for DIRT, never really paid attention to it but I know I’ve seen it for less.
    Go away, try again.