November 6th 2009 2:00 pm PT

Twitter, Facebook, Last.FM and Xbox 360 Family Settings


As some of you might be aware, those under the age of 18 are not able to access Twitter, Facebook and in our public preview. I want to you let you know that this will remain the case when it launches to the world soon. We made this decision because as it stands now, parents aren’t able to use Family Settings to customize which of these applications their children can access. In order to offer an age-appropriate environment for everyone, we decided to turn off these applications for those Gold members under the age of 18. As expected, this has been a hot topic with the preview users. We want to make sure everyone was aware, however, that the development team is working on an update that gives parents the choice of which social applications their children can access. This means that Xbox LIVE members between the ages of 13 and 17 will be able to use Facebook, Twitter and as long as their parents approve. The team hope to roll this out several weeks after launch and I will update you on the exact date as it gets closer. 


Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson


    mmmm , i bet 98% of the parents that pay the live gold for their kids dont even know how to use the family settings or even a controller.

    i can already see the headline “Kid gets killed by a sex offender after communicating using the Xbox Live Facebook and twitter features”

  • xmacnofu

    is to golds or silver and gold?

  • HenkvdWeerdt

    Always nice to see new functinality on Xbox dashboard been added.

    Also nice to hear that Microsoft is taking Family settings important

  • Skidpro

    @CFR currently my 12 year old son doesnt have a FACEBOOK accout so it’s not a big deal, but when he turns 13 he is saying that all his frends at school use it, I think that’s my point, ok he is 12 now, but when he turns 13 he will want that but by then MS should have sorted some Parental controls. Luckily, I did not say my 12 year old had a FACEBOOK account but he has said it to me that his schoolfriends do, whenter they are 12 or 13 or I dunno…the latter I should think.

  • IRL Spitfire

    From reading the comments I have read that microsoft has taken these measures to block facebook/twitter to minors “to protect themselves” as facebook/twitter have “questionable content” and they don’t want to face a lawsuit. How many lawsuits have been filed against Sony and Nintendo for having full INTERNET BROWSERS in their systems where you have the potential to access anything on the internet! (which we all know hosts some VERY questionable content)

    And another thing, twitter is a microblogging site for posting short little messages that all your friends can see which are probably 10 times more family friendly than the racist and offensive material heard on xbox live and seen in player’s bios/mottos.

  • santi6911

    sure hope Facebook & Twitter will up their bandwidth & servers to accomodate the influx of users up & coming (accessing via another way of internet)..and hope the team at XBOX is ready for these goodies to come our finger pointing its FB’s fault, its Twitter’s fault..ahh the xbox team messed it up…keep testing and get it right for the launch :)

    as for the message thread you closed on NO BLU ray drive for the 360, guess you had enough truth for one Blog thread huh?…i guess we’re supposed to DL all our content, never give any retail stores any money as we dont need any stinking discs…oh I have XBOX to DL all my stuff, why would I ever get a BLU player and or discs, or DVD’s anymore…your streaming media on Netflix is shabby at best and by no means anything to pat yourself on the back with, and lets not start a soapbox diss on your download speed on your content stuff…When you cannot even settle a fix for the XBOX guide intermittent lockups..dont expect the masses to NEVER buy Blu-Ray (and i didnt say PS3) and or DVD’s…Sony has heard some of our gripes BLU players have come down in price (all be it not good ones).. Deal with the fact that HD is here to stay, how Microsoft handles the stance of ignoring a form of media is solely on you guys…

  • Symbiote Prince

    nice post major keep up the good work on keeping people informed

  • CoWb0y FrM HeLL

    hope this applies worldwide, because actually the service in México sucks big time

  • Skunk175

    At first, I thought the title meant it would be age-exclusive.

    It’s nice that they are fixing it for all ages, but why the heck does this take three weeks to do?

    Also, still annoyed with the M-rated demo thing, I might just convince my father to make his gamertag for Xbox Live.

  • xrynoramagex

    wow this sucks. I’m the one who set up my child account with my parents email and password, trying to do the right thing by not lying about my age and i only get hurt in the end.. i can’t download a lot of content that even my parents would approve of and now have to wait an extra few weeks to use some new features I beleive I deserve to use.

  • RAMPAGE 00

    Is anyone else having trouble with the Zune Marketplace on the dashboard. For some reason it says “Service isn’t available. Please try again later.” Is this feature out yet?

  • colbyisfly

    I totally agree with the decision too. kids these days.
    To bad I’m only 17…

  • colbyisfly

    I totally agree with the decision too. kids these days.
    To bad I’m only 17…