November 9th 2009 3:00 pm PT

This week on Arcade: 0D Beat Drop (Updated)


0D Beat Drop will be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade this Wednesday for 800 points.


Update: I just found out that Encleverment Experiment (800 points)  & NBA Unrivalled (1200 points) will also be released this Wednesday.


Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • HenkvdWeerdt

    Well a nice Tetris / Columns game.
    Don’t know about how many different game modus there are.

    Function to play with somebody on xbox live is really nice, but there is one other title to play… let’s think. ah… COD6 :)

  • deltawing12

    When is the original Call of Duty coming out?

  • Vegivo

    Looks kool

  • A Place for Us

    Hmm. Think I’ll be a little busy on another title. ;)

  • ibelievein93x

    I want Perfect Dark and Plants Vs Zombies!

  • Julio Ernesto

    I Was waiting Call of Duty® Classic and/or Call of Duty® Classic

  • WantedNZ

    Does anyone know what happened to Vandal Hearts? It was supposed to be out last month last I heard.

  • Julio Ernesto

    Sorry, i mean to say: I Was waiting Call of Duty® Classic and/or Joy Ride

  • VanIslePimp

    What about NBA Unrivaled? Tecmo Games just announced it will release this week on XBLA through their Twitter account. And what about the press release last week from Blitz Arcade stating November 11th was the release date for their XBLA title Encleverment Experiment?

  • RammsteinGunner

    uh yeah so where is COD classic or Serious Sam? and when this winter is Perfect Dark coming out?

    So many questions and no answers

  • Disco Penguins

    I know I’m repeating what’s been said, but seriously, where is Call of Duty Classic? Where is Serious Sam HD? Where is Joy Ride? Where is Plants Vs Zombies? What about NBA Unrivaled or Madden NFL Arcade? And Perfect Dark… you’re killing me! By this time, I was expecting each of these to come out one at a time for the next numerous amounts of weeks.

    I’m a big time Arcade spender, and I’m just itching to spend my Points! But not on anything besides the already listed items.

  • Zaphus

    Hey Major/Litheon, it’s probably been asked before – but is there any way to make those links for the weekly Arcade titles work for other regions ? They regularly fail for Aussies and probably others – they take you to a ‘page not found’

    here’s where aussies get redirected to:
    (which fails at the time of writing this) whereas this works

    That or give the Aussie site people a nudge to update their site quicker!

  • BrooksterMax

    Perfect Dark XBLA remake? That is due in Winter still?

  • Xbob NL

    These games are not gonna sell… CoD6 will rule them all! With them I mean the sale charts :D

  • Tjoeb123

    Hey Major,
    Do you know if/when those who got the Hardened/Prestiege editions of MW2 can redeem their codes for CoD:Classic?

  • metallicorphan

    i am just waiting for COD classic now,as the shop i pre-ordered MW2 weren’t doing the Hardened edition,and i didn’t wanna pay out for the prestige

  • Exu

    Ugh, another non-starter week for XBLA.
    0D: I’ll give it a whirl but it looks like everything I’ve seen before.
    Encleverment: Get this Wii-grade crap off my proper console. I saw the trailer for this and was appalled.
    NBA: Overpriced, and only good if you like basketball. I don’t like basketball.

  • Vegivo

    NBA UNrivaled looks like a decent arcadey basketball game but 1200 ptns Cmon

  • Sneeches

    what a horrible week for arcade!!!!

  • Disco Penguins

    All right. That’s more like it. Lets just hope Call of Duty Classic or Serious Same HD come out next week.

  • Steve CTID

    I’m pretty sure its already been hinted at in a few places that COD Classic wont be avialable for a good few weeks unless you have bought the Hardened edition of MW2.

  • ElektroDragon

    I’d rather have anything from the PopCap backcatalog that these. Where is our Bookworm Adventures Vol. 2? Zuma’s Revenge? Plants Vs. Zombies? It’s like PopCap and Microsoft don’t want money!

  • doomsoth


  • mchiefvs360

    Never heard of this game.

  • r8erfan

    NBA Unrivaled. 1200 points? When did it go up? It was advertised as being 800. May have to pass on this now.

  • Gambit3rd

    I’d take a look to NBA if it was 800. No way for 1200, I don’t like Basket that much.

    Encleverment Experiment could be funny but I fear it may not come in Italy. And, if it comes out, I think it will only allow “national” online multiplayer (if crosswords are translated, no way for an Italian to play with an American, for example) so Italian servers (if any) will be empty. Anyway, I think the game will only be released in English and/or USA only. Going to try it out, anyway.

    0D Beat Drop… I think no way for me, too much games for this genere.

    I’m REALLY looking forward to Vandal Hearts and hope to have some REAL good deal for Arcade games on Xmas time!

  • El Cid

    XBLA has been very poor since the Summer of Arcade? Where are all the games that were announced months ago like Serious Sam HD, Quake Live and Call of Duty Classic?

  • ElektroDragon

    Good question, I want Serious Sam HD and Quake Live also. And more PopCap!

  • Garratose

    Give me Perfect Dark

  • SuperNaffyDuck

    Not to repeat pretty much everyone else… but, Where’s Call of Duty Classic? It hit the PSN for everyone earlier today.