November 12th 2009 4:00 pm PT

Xbox LIVE Update coming Nov. 17th


I know some of  you are already enjoying many of these features through the Preview Program, but I am happy to announce that the next update that contains Facebook, Twitter, and Zune video will be available to all Xbox LIVE members launch Nov. 17.


Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • TheJuggla17

    I’ll never use these features but it’s cool there coming to the dashboard. More power to the users who will actually use these features.


  • EveofLight

    LastFm is about the only cool thing since I rarely use Facebook and Twitter, but those who like that will enjoy it.

  • HazyCloud

    Awesome. I’ve really been enjoying Last.FM on my console. Glad to see it finally releasing to the masses.

  • Gam3r Evolved

    I’m using the features all the time.. :) I’m looking forward to when LastFM is coming to Norway :) But Facebook and Twitter is brilliant.

    One sidecomment though.. I would like to have the ability to send messages and read my inbox on the Facebook app. And maybe an inline/offline friends list. Except that, I love it :)

  • Living Corp

    Will this include the launch of the music game stores on the dashboard?

  • Euphoric Fusion

    I have had the preview for a while and it’s nothing to shout about.
    Facebook is pretty basic in it’s functions and Zune is just a huge annoyance when you have to wait for it to load before you can view the content on your hard drive or browse the video marketplace.
    Last FM is probably the best feature but seeing as you can’t stream it whilst playing single player games it’s pretty limited too.
    And as a final thought all these addons make the dashboard seriously cluttered.

  • Danshadow9

    How about an update that allows party chat in MW2.

  • vinchenzison

    LastFM doesn’t work for me (Germany) :( Hoping that will all change! Why tease me with the option and allowing me to login if it won’t let me play songs :(

  • moocow21

    Never used Twitter/Facebook/, so I doubt I will on my 360. I really wish they would just add a internet browser, though.

  • Insimbi

    Cool – will be a great addition to the 360.

  • Xclusivekill3r

    @Danshadow9 Thats IW they are the ones that put that in the game. I don’t think MS has any control over it. I hate it too, it really makes no sense.

  • AtheistCanuck

    @Danshadow9 and @Xclusivekill3r IW put that in to cut down on people calling out where people are once they are dead. It was a cheap way of getting the upperhand on a team that isnt in a party with all 6 players.

  • Ganon255

    I love this update

  • batkinson001

    i am in the preview, and never got with it. from reading here it sounds as if some did some didn’t…

    I just hope that when the update does launch that My xbox will get, as with everything else M$, Canada gets the shaft (Zune, Zune Marketplace, original video marketplace etc.).

  • AriesDog

    The best feature no one’s talking about: Now video content you buy on Xbox Live can be shared with your PC using the Zune player software. Like iTunes, you don’t need to have the device to download the free player software.

  • AriesDog

    @moocow21. Have you tried browsing on the PS3 or Wii? It’s awful. Consoles just aren’t meant for it.

  • oxymoronx420

    “the next update that contains Facebook, Twitter, and Zune video will be available to all Xbox LIVE members launch Nov. 17.”

    So you’re saying will be available to ALL xbox live members 11/17??

    Because this lack of is complete ISH! They told us worldwide, and now it’s US/UK, so which is it Major? And if it’s not worldwide, then why? It’s not because of licensing(it works on my pc, located IN canada)

  • Gambit3rd

    Facebook function is developed bad, my PDA (Windows Mobile) version has more and more functions.

  • r3dreck is great the rest, hm ok… never use Twitter, FB is kinda slow so don’t bother using it.

  • Sk3tch33Bamaman

    I would like to see the ability to update Twitter from within a game. Sort of like you can send a message while you are in the game. Also, it would be helpful to integrate the photo side of Twitter, like Twitpic adn yfrog, so that you can view pictures posted by your friends on Twitter.

  • JohnnyricoMC

    @atheistcanuck those who really used party chat for that will just resort to different means, like VoIP or TeamSpeak.

    Microsoft adds functionality and then it gets taken away, plain stupid.

  • CosmicSea

    I didn’t try the update preview but i know that i’ll never use facebook or twitter at all,in fact i really don’t want everyone’s on my facebook friend list to know what game i play,how long,ect.There’s already too much privacy concerns with facebook,and if we added a console link to my xboxlive account, im concerned.But the LastFm feature sounds like a very interesting feature,i just hope there’s Heavy Metal,Rock and Hip Hop.I don’t want pop rock,pop music,or country music only,and please tell me lastfm ain’t full of ads.NBA Live 10 have so many advertisings it’s very annoying.Sorry for my poor english,but im sure you understand me.

  • Doug DeJulio

    Major, I am not in the preview program… are the folks who *are* in it under NDA? And if so, when does that NDA get lifted? I’m curious as all get-out, and those folks have had plenty of time to poke and prod the service, so…

  • Fletch955

    I want something really worth while, this and the Sky Player are all stuff I’ll never use on the 360..! All the ideas they’re coming up with recently would be great if PC’s / Laptops didn’t exist, but sadly they do.

    Where’s the free Joyride game for Gold members too?

  • AManOfFewWords

    I’m in the Preview Program and I can’t find The Guild in Zune Marketplace and don’t seem to have any way to get to the classic Video Marketplace to download it.

  • L0ng5h0t

    All I really want to do is copy my digital music files to my Xbox HDD so I don’t have to A) Rip them gain; and B) Waste bandwidth streaming musing while gaming.

  • Perixon

    Major, just what do you mean by being available to “all” Xbox LIVE members? Do your buddies in the European Union count or have you guys failed to negotiate yet another deal for us? :/

  • WinterSnowblind

    Last.FM is great, but we really need to be able to keep it running over games.

    I don’t use Twitter/Facebook a whole lot, but it’d be nice to see more game options integrated with them.

  • Helvedeshunden

    Remember that is ONLY available for people in a few countries unlike what was previously announced (“best of all will be available to Xbox Live gold members around the world later this year at no additional charge” – John Schappert)

    Yes, I’m bitter.

  • Red Phoenix 104

    Awesome!! Very excited for Facebook & Twitter integration. :)

  • slambert15

    Nice! is my favorite new feature, I was really surprised by that.

  • backofthepack8

    Without a browser, Facebook and Twitter will get boring quickly and without being able to play Last.FM in the background of playing a game, that is a miss also. I had such high hopes for these updates and they fall very short of my expections. Facebook and Twitter are mostly about people attaching links and videos, which aren’t supported on XBox. The ability to look at photos of friends is one of the cool things you can do on Facebook.

  • DesertBear360

    @Danshadow9: You can do party chat in MW2. My friends and I did it 2 nights in a row while playing multiplayer matches and I was on the other team.

  • DesertBear360

    Overall they need to provide a lot more features than just the few that they offer in Facebook. Come on only News Feeds, Update Status, Like options, comments and looking at photos. How about Live Feeds, Wall, the ability to write on a friend’s Wall, and inboxes. For the Facebook app to be of any real use these features need to be added quickly.

  • BillyMagnumFOD

    Lets hope a LOT of the problems are fixed

  • DarkTear81

    Hopefully with a full dashboard integration and not this half-baked preview version.

    And even more hopefully w/o the random disconnects I have since the preview. That screwed my experience a bit…

  • HenkvdWeerdt

    Last few days almost every new game is giving updates and sometimes even Xbox live itselfs. Sometimes i hope for new stuff in the dashboard.

    Will this also be for Europe people?

  • PGRZ

    How much i$ it going to co$t? Micro$oft $eem hell bent on ripping off it$ cu$tomer$ a$ much a$ po$$ible lately therefore im pre$uming it$ going to co$t u$ a fortune ju$t to acce$$ the$e feature$.

  • Neo X5

    What are you going on about? These features are included in the Gold Subscription.

  • DesertBear360

    @PGRZ: These features are free.

  • DavidGX

    Dumbest update ever.

  • PGRZ

    Oh, they’re for free? Im amazed. Well done M$.

  • eggcup

    does anyone know where the guild episdes have gone in the new dash, cause i cant find them anywhere on zune?????

  • nonfatnonfat

    The Guild is in Zune Marketplace. I think it was in the independent video section?

  • Anonymous

    Loving all the features.

  • rastansaga

    is it me not understanding it all properly, but is twitter not well integrated into the whole experience (maybe facebook as well, but I’m not too interested in that) – there doesn’t seem any way to automatically see friends twitter accounts, or receive tweets whilst playing games. I can understand the reasons why that might be difficult to enable this late into the 360, but still disappointing

  • RidinSlow

    i dont understand why facebook & twitter are restricted to Gold members. especially when the competition offers free alternatives. the services have been devalued on the 360. i’ve never used, so i wont put that one past.

    the worst part of all this is that non of these features run in the background while you play games. i assume ms is working on that for a spring update, but it would help keep some value to have it in at launch.

    i’m certainly not going back to Gold just because these services aren’t available to Silver members.

  • rfi99

    Is this the update where “unauthorized” memories will be disabled?

  • stststststq

    Perhaps the people moaning could suggest some features that could be added that everyone would find useful? There’s always people moaning when they add stuff that they don’t want (and the moaners seem incapable of understanding that other people might find the additions very useful), but they never seem to suggest anything that they should add.

  • Gytis

    I deleted my account 5 months ago, didn’t even know about the xbox360 program then.. shame :(