November 17th 2009 8:00 am PT

New Xbox 360 features now available (Twitter, Facebook, Zune Video and Last.FM)


We’ve just released the latest new features for your Xbox 360.  In case you’ve been off the grid for the past few months and don’t know what is in this update, allow me to give you the some of the highlights: Facebook, Zune Video, Twitter and Last.FM.  Here is how to find ‘em: Facebook and Twitter will appear automatically on your dashboard in the new My Community channel, Zune Video is in the Video Channel and Last.FM will be found under the Music Channel.


Assuming you have the latest Xbox 360 system update from Xbox LIVE, these new features will automatically appear sometime over the next few hours. Availability of these features will vary by region.

Remember, if you are under 18, you’ll have to
wait a little longer for some of these features.



Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Sim31

    Woooo! The Fall update is here! The preview program was awesome! Hope everybody enjoys the new additions to your XBox Live Console! Ready for the next preview.

  • DarkGin87

    Now the Beta is out the way, can we get a sneak at joy ride……….i been waiting for this arcade game since E3

  • RICE md

    Yay? I guess…The one feature I liked in Preview form was the Zune Video Marketplace. fbook and twitter were not so great. I do like the Xbox is continuing to evolve. So Yay for Xbox makers of cooler stuffs.

  • Blue Thunder28

    Finally I wont be the only person on my list with the new features! Looking forward to Zune video Parties!

  • xXxsoccerxXx

    No in Germany :(

  • mnemo

    It would be REALLY nice if the features would be directly integrated into the dashboard instead of having separate apps. Sony is integrating Facebook directly into XMB. (I’d never thought I’d use Sony as a good example. Meh!)

  • MasterAbbott

    Enjoy it .. ive had it for the past 2 weeks and it’s great .. but us Aussies miss out on a few of the featus like Zune Video and Last.FM .. everything else is there and working happily .. now back to MW2 ;)

  • Pr3ggas

    Cool things just keep getting better.

  • mnemo

    BTW, will people with in the preview program get a new firmware, too? Mine didn’t update and I have Dashboard V2.0.8955.0

  • DavidGX

    Such a lame update. I really miss our old spring/fall updates.

  • DavidGX

    Such a lame update. I really miss our old spring/fall updates.

  • DarkGin87

    @mnemo – Okay you use Sony as an example then did you forget Sony isn’t making netflix intergraded to the console (least not for a while)they are sending out streaming disc you have to keep in youre console while you watch which is far worse than and APP. Least the way Xbox is doing it if you ain’t going to use the feature you won’t download it. BTW i think twitter was the only thing they make a downloadable APP for

  • vinchenzison

    Why tease me with LastFm, allowing me to log in etc but then to tell me not available in my region when trying to play a track!!

  • s1lentb0bUK

    I thought JoyRide was going to be released the Fall Update? Anyone any idea as to when it actually comes out then?

  • Cronan

    Thanks to everyone who worked hard on this. To those posting about firmware, this is not a firmware update, it’s just a set of new apps (please correct me if I’m wrong, Major)

  • Cronan

    Also, some of the links not working in the UK:

  • Kyaizen

    I’ve been using these updates since the preview program started, and I’m quite disappointed. If you could integrate what you’ve been playing [XLN and Raptr do a great job already], and if you could tweet/facebook WHILE in a game, not on the dashboard, then this would be an amazing update… But the fact is, I haven’t used any of the features [besides Last.FM while cleaning] since I tested them out.. If you upgrade these features, and make them easily usable in-game, then you’ll have a hit on your hands.. otherwise, it’s a pass.

  • Cronan

    Some constructive comments: on the 360 is great, but it would be amazing if it worked in the background – I would love to be able to use as a custom playlist in a game.

  • Cronan
  • Glenn ZA

    I’ll sadly only get to see it once I get home from work later this afternoon…

    ;) 8-)

  • Karamutengo

    This update is lame.
    I tought you could check and update your status while you are gamming but you cant. You need to return to dash and then use the facebook/twitter. While for twiiter i use an API (i think now is the same on the xbox fall update) that every achivament i get its automatic updated in my twitter and facebook. Zune video is “ok” but all the movies avaliable i already have on DVD or Blueray. isnt avaliable in Switzerland. So for me this update is good as nothing.

  • xxREAPERxx35

    What a great first preview i was in and hope its not the last. Glad its full release now WOOP!

  • NBA Kirkland

    Feedback on Cool, but useless to me unless I can listen while I play a game. Please work on that for the next update. Thanks.

  • Cronan

    Constructive feedback 2: Xbox Live devs, once you’ve made run as a custom playlist would you please make Twitter on the 360 as easy and quick to use as the Messenger integration? Thanks in advance.

  • r3dreck rocks, though some of the kid’s channel songs are questionable.

  • m la taupe

    Does it include Halo Waypoint?
    If not are teher any release date planned for Waypoint outside of the US?
    (I searched the intertubez but could’nt find any official statement regarding it)

    Thanks for any answer anyone can provide.

  • BlackMage66652

    Man I would kill for an in-game player. Although, reading all of the info about bands is kinda fun to do while listening to music.

  • Rotmm


    LastFM works fine in the UK as far as I can tell (and has done since the preview). I don’t know why it says the song you tried is not available in the UK. Maybe just restart and try again?

  • DePetri

    @m la taupe,
    Halo Waypoint is available in Europe. At least here in Finland it is.

  • Vinnie PT

    @ m la taupe Waypoint is available in Europe. I have it (it’s in English though).

    Is this new update going to be available outside the US, CA and UK?

  • MysticWeirdo

    I didn’t get the update this morning. First time an update hasnt been available when i got up in the morning.

  • Fonou

    Yeah !!!
    Already tried all of them (except Last FM, it does not seem available for France…) and love it!

  • JoJoStarFire

    @DarkGin87 already have my copy of the PS3 Netflix disc. An inconvenience I can adapt to.

  • SkinnerY2K

    Yawn, nothing exciting there

  • OSKAR1983

    No lastfm for Sweden? Does video rental work for us in Sweden?

  • backofthepack8

    I agree with most, the Facebook is ok, but with no browser, the links the people post are useless. Twitter the same. Last.FM would be so good if you play it in the background like you can do on your computer.

    I was in the beta program, but honestly, I don’t use any of these much. Disappointing, I hope MS is watching what Sony does with FB.

  • Schooner2000

    No update here yet.

  • robincognito

    From what I’ve heard about this update it seems like the most pointless thing ever to come to Xbox. When I heard about these features I thought, “Oh cool. I can listen to music during games through and tweet achievements etc”. But now, unless I’m mistaken, it seems that Facebook, Twitter and are all apps and they aren’t integrated into the dashboard at all. Is this really true? What’s the point of having these features on an Xbox when the exact same features, are more, are on the PC. It’s ludicrous. The only useful thing is the Zune Marketplace.

  • ageha stg

    For all that are wondering about, the free radio player is only avialable in the US the UK and germany, users from any other other country have to pay to use the player (from the PC) and I think that’s why it will not come to a 360 from any other country until the guys change that again.

  • N3WB13 R0N

    no for canada.. =P I wish we could but we cant..

  • I Yova I

    No in Spain :(

  • GhStRdR2k

    How do I follow someone using twitter on the 360? There is no option to follow someone. Guess I will just stick to posting tweets on my iphone.

  • Lord Of Blah

    Awesome, I’ll download it right after Support fixes my xbox. So… 3-4 weeks. I was in the Preview, and I was somewhat disappointed with I wish you could download songs and buy it, or at least let you use the Playlist out of the page. (Like on the Dashboard.)

  • TSA jpicard

    I Have to say this is the most pointless update besides the ZUNE, facebook n twitter, most people have it on there phones or the computer that’s near the freaking xbox why bother ?

  • Lord Of Blah

    I wish there was some way to enable a web browsing feature onto the 360, otherwise the links on Twitter and Facebook are utterly useless, and links is usually what I look for on those sites.

  • The Brit

    That is the biggest problem with the twitter and face book apps – going to a separate tab / application to open them is very counter productive and so 2005.

    You need to be able to hit the jewel (at least for twitter) and just make an entry – its an online, always updating program – having to back out of what your doing and going to the dash each time is just backwards.

    Twitter will get used for a few days and then it will have been a waste of the devs time in my opinion because hardly anyone will use it.

    And guess what, Sony will see that, implement twitter how WE want it and then they will have gained another step on xboxlive. I really don’t understand why it was implemented like this.

  • wolfzero01

    I wish some of the features were optional. Not everyone cares about Facebook or Twitter, so why should we be forced to have these. the Last Fm is cool, but I really wish it was available while I was playing a game

  • FTA Talisman

    I haven’t checked it yet but i’m kind of looking forward to just tweeting and updating facebook from my X-Box. Nice little treat but I’m sure the effect will wear off pretty fast.

  • DarkTear81

    No real changes since the prev. program, so this update is lame.
    Oh and I finally got some Vodafone-commercial in my blade… this sucks.

  • WeezeeWare

    What’s up with joyride ?
    Really looking forward to that!!!