November 20th 2009 1:37 pm PT

Demo: Jurassic: The Hunted


Content: Jurassic: The Hunted Demo
Price: Free
Availability: United States
Dash Text: Jurassic: The Hunted is an epic, story-driven first-person shooter set on a dark, mysterious island that connects the modern world with the age of dinosaurs. Players take on the role of Craig Dylan, a weapons and survival expert, hired to protect a research team sent to study the strange temporal energy of the island and recover whatever is left of the expedition lost on the island over twenty years earlier. Every minute is a fight for survival as Dylan must scavenge weapons, defend barricades, and battle titanic dinosaurs to return to his own time.


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Demo By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Grind Axis

    Oh yes! Must play! Everything with dinosaurs is practically an insta-buy!

    This is a Halo killer right here!

  • MANOSbr

    Looks good, let’s wait

  • happysnowman163

    I actually wanted to play this, but I’m in Europe and its US only. Has anyone played it?

  • MANOSbr

    Looks good, let’s wait

  • RageKage657

    This game is a turd.

  • PuppyT

    hahahaah Grind Axis, PLEASE tell me your kidding :D if anyone is thinking of buying this game, watch THIS first! Giant Bomb Quick Look of the game. Need I say more? :D HAahahahahahaaaha :)

  • CFR

    It’s Nazi zombies with dinosaurs. Only not as good.

  • z0rk

    Wow – never even heard of it. The video doesn’t impress much, but I’ll try the demo anyway.

  • Blue Thunder28

    US only? damn I wanted to try this.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    I haven’t played it, but have a few friends that said it’s much better than they expected. Definitely going to try the demo out.

  • Drunk Ste

    Great I’ll start downloading it right now……oh wait never mind US only, again.
    Obviously the best way to promote a new game is to only let 5% of the Earths population have access to the demo.

  • Master Blud

    Not really looking forward to another Turok Game since that game is basically dead now. I mean they really tried to bring the game back by making a Turok that hasn’t been popular since N64. And I really don’t see the fun in shooting dinosaurs….I would rather shoot zombies. My opinion of the game is where is this guy going to get ammo in the Jurassic period for his guns. I am just wondering if he is gonna be an ultimate time traveler like in the Darkest Times game or what. I mean time travel isn’t really that great.


    Love Master Blud

  • Oh baby 1994

    Sucks BIG time!!

  • CochransLac

    This game was a waste of time, dont bother unless dinasoars are your thing.

  • CochransLac

    This game was a waste of time, dont bother unless dinasoars are your thing.

  • mchiefvs360

    Sounds a lot like Turok…

  • Warrengonline

    Hmm… Wow.. I just looked this up last week on gamestop’s site keyword “jurassic”. The graphic models of dinos look too ‘hollywood’. The T-Rex in King Kong was awesome! This does not look that appealing, but I’m glad I can give it a try. Hopefully the sounds/music are good enough for a purchase. Jurassic Park Operation Genesis (Xbox Backward Compatible) is a handful, but awesome sim. It won’t hurt to try the demo.

  • Tyrant Dunn

    Omg! this a halo killer!

  • calicheese


  • mchiefvs360

    Nothing can kill Halo. Halo is awesome! Halo is the beast!

  • Velete

    The dinosaurs are able to travel through time portals themselves?


  • GS HaXoR

    I have no idea why people like Modern Warfare so much – for me it’s, whoever sees the other person first gets the kill, & campers are a nightmare, not much skill required imo.
    The manditory game chat pisses me off so much – that is the dumbest thing ever – not a have to listen to all the idiots on Live, including the high pitched voiced kids that shouldn’t even be playing the game. It’s rated 18 for a reason FFS – kids should not be playing it.

  • Grind Axis

    Jurassic: the Hunted was here.
    Modern Warfare 2 is a loser.

  • mchiefvs360

    MW2 is a great game, and no matter what anyone says, everyone’s still going to be playing it’s multiplayer for the next two years (or until Halo: Reach comes out) and this Jurassic Game sounds almost exactly like Turok. If you want an open world survival shooter go play Far Cry 2 and make sure you patch it first.

  • sleepydumbdude

    This game is sure to sell over $550 million its first week.

  • CDN Crockett

    I had a blast playing Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis from OXM demo disc, man that was good times!

  • Twilight Miasma

    This game just looks like N64 Turok, I wouldn’t be surprised if it had N64 fog.

  • ElektroDragon

    Another pathetic Activision low budget cash grab attempt foisted on the ignorant gamers of the world. They have no standards compared to EA or Ubi. I have to give them credit for offering a demo, though.

  • AutomaticOcelot

    “What the Foxtrot is going on here…?” :)

  • I Yova I

    Activision should think US people will be the only one in the world to buy this game :P

  • Wingman1977

    This demo is worse than the King Kong Demo (before it was removed from XBL for it being broken).