November 25th 2009 10:09 am PT

Arcade: Madden NFL Arcade


Madden NFL Arcade Content: Madden NFL Arcade
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: Feel the excitement of the NFL with a fun, fast-paced, 5-on-5 football experience. Madden NFL Arcade brings the 10 best players from each of the 32 NFL teams on offense and defense together to battle it out on the gridiron. No penalties, no clock, just pure adrenaline, as each team has four downs to march 60 yards downfield for the score. Catch your opponent off-guard with Game Changers that allow you to break the game wide open in a single play! Play with 1-4 players on a single console, or take your game online with ranked/unranked matches, lobbies, leaderboards, and more. Madden NFL Arcade takes everything you love about your favorite NFL stars and stadiums and brings them to life in a fun, high-scoring gridiron battle! There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see


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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • SumHydroponic

    meh I’ll pass

  • MCHammer XIII

    Sweet. Downloading from marketplace now.

  • Jay ITFC

    Thought it was gonna be 800 like the ice hockey (400 last week DOTW!). Will pass at 1200. Having tried the trial not sure it’s as fun as hockey anyway.

  • I Yova I


  • Liu Ouija

    ill try it, but it had better be good for 1200 pts.

  • LanerGT

    Still no release dates for either Call of Duty Classic or Serious Sam HD?

  • theuglyteradon

    I’m still waiting for Perfect Dark to come to XBL.

  • Anonymous

    Call of Duty Classic releases Dec.2 2009

  • The Real Napsta

    I’m pretty amped for Perfect Dark too, I’m guessing it won’t make it out by Christmas though, or we would have heard something about it by now.

  • Oh baby 1994

    This one is a pass (no pun intended) for 1200.

  • Hedfix

    Come on in Perfect Dark!

  • Gambit3rd

    Demo is really nice, but not that nice to make me buy the game. Still no championship mode or something like that.

    Maybe I will buy it someday… But not today.

  • ColdMolasses

    @ LanerGT: dont visit xbox marketplace much eh?

  • TBizzle4Shizzle

    Nowhere close to the fun of NHL 3 on 3. Pass.

  • DelTrigger

    Is there more content in the full version? Why is it 500MB for what little is there? $15 is WAY too much.

  • Wingman1977

    Played the demo. It’s cool but not worth 1200pts. It should be 800pts the most.

  • Gonzo345

    This cannot be true. 1200 this game? lol no

  • Sly Jon

    Wow, does anybody actually buy this crap?

  • LanerGT

    “@ LanerGT: dont visit xbox marketplace much eh?”

    Please to explain. Both games I inquired about are listed as “Date: TBD” on

  • Ganon255

    I found this on Wikipedia:

    The first version of the game was published in 1989 for the Apple II series of computers and titled John Madden Football. The development team originally wanted the game to have six or seven-player teams, but Madden insisted on having 11 players per team, stating “I’m not putting my name on it if it’s not real.”

    So 5 players is OK, John?

  • Gambit3rd

    No Black Friday deals, this year?
    Don’t tell me Peggle and Death Tanks are the deals…

  • deltawing12

    NHL Arcade >>>>>>>> NFL Arcade

  • Dark Tonino

    It’s a shame that I no longer buy microsoft arcade since ignored me and did not fix a serious problem

  • Disco Penguins

    I absolutely love this game! I’m total rubbish online, but it really is a fun, old-school feeling football game. A very nice difference from the current Madden games.

    But like many others, I can’t WAIT for Perfect Dark and Serious Sam HD.

  • Disco Penguins

    Also, I’m a much bigger hockey fan than I am football, but this game did something VERY right compared to 3 on 3 NHL Arcade. They have TEAMS with the top players attached to those teams. Not Blue vs Red.

    3 on 3 NHL Arcade would be my absolute favorite game on the marketplace if I was able to play AS the Penguins. Not just pick Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Zdeno Chara, and Martin Brodeur on the Red team. Stupid. Why can’t I have my team? And it’s obvious that it could have been done, since Madden NFL Arcade is only 500MB and has more players per team than 3 on 3 NHL Arcade does.

    After playing both, I honestly have to say that Madden Arcade is the better deal of the two, because it’s catered to the fans. NHL Arcade forgot about the fans, and just wanted to get a washed down version of NHL 09 out there… without the teams.

  • Shonk

    If its anything like NBA arcade i will pass

    pushing games every time i quit really
    grinds my gears
    they have my cash and are are pushing for more

    shove it ea

  • Ghostwize

    Yeah….not that good.

  • dizzy lazy bone

    hi to all
    dont know how to search for the proper forums
    but just wanted to ask (off topic)
    about my recently bought tekken limited edition elite console (120g)bought last week
    its regarding about the jasper chip
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    thanks for the replys
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  • Shonk


  • Anonymous

    No thanks. Think I’ll save my MS points for the Call of Duty: Classic.

  • xZepher

    well ,once again M$, PRICE FAIL

  • HenkvdWeerdt

    Is this a Madden game just like the old skool snes Maddens? I liked those.

  • CrazyWhitie

    Very Fun , Way better the Madden 10, there are still alot of flaws but this is normal with anything Madden… hopefully they update this game soon