November 29th 2009 8:33 pm PT

Show 341: The one with e & Stepto discussing how they got into the industry

While I was on assignment last week, e and Stepto produced this show and chat about (among other things) how they got into the Videogame industry.

The entire crew returns next week as we get back on schedule. 


Host : e (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)  
Host: Stephen Toulouse (Xbox LIVE) (Twitter

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Char-Broil 08101480 The Big Easy Oil-Less Infrared Turkey Fryer 


Podcast By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • KineticOnline

    Any chance on commenting on the reports in the UK that the BBC iplayer is being held back from the 360 because the BBC refuse to allow Microsoft charge for its use. (when its already available on the wii, PS3 and several other platforms free of charge)

  • Waffle Slayer

    Nice Friends reference in the title of the show.

    Thanks e and Stepto for putting out another show. I’ll definitely be giving this a listen tomorrow.

  • StratusNZ

    As mentioned above, thanks to e & Stepto for the show but also thanks to e for also reminding me that I’m also stuck in the silos on veteran in CoD4!
    Now I can’t start MW2 until that is done.

  • Rlan

    Do they mention which games are available this week on XBLA? I skipped through it but didn’t find it.

  • mchiefvs360

    Thanks. I want to work in the game industry, so, this really helped.

  • Spargo CXVII

    This show was Of Exceptional Merit. Thank You so Much!!!!

  • ABomb

    Thought I was listening to a cooking show for awhile tonight. I wonder just how many college dropouts work at Microsoft?

  • Ganon255

    Thanks guys for the show. I really got a lot from your work histories.

  • Ganon255

    Thanks guys for the show. I really got a lot from your work histories.

  • GS HaXoR

    Microsoft are just plain greedy.
    The BBC iPlayer is free on EVERY other platform & yet Microsoft still want to charge for it’s use!

    I hope the BBC stick to their policy & not allow it on the 360 unless it’s free.
    Microsoft are the ones missing out – the iPlayer is something it’s competitors have that they don’t. An extra bullet point they could have on the box, but sadly their greed means this will not happen.

    Oh well, i guess i’ll just have to use my PC or PS3 for the iPlayer :)

  • LittleBlueAlien

    The BBC iPlayer fiasco will be the defining moment of the demise of Xbox Live.
    Even though we lose out – British subscribers are standing behind this decision and Microsoft takes 100% of the blame for not introducing the iPlayer to the 360 when it is FREELY AVAILABLE ON COMPETING CONSOLES! At the very least, could Microsoft not have allowed the iPlayer for silver subscribers as well instead of trying to trump up the ridiculously overrated gold service with a value-added feature that’s subsidized by the British Taxpayer????

    Through design, apathy or sheer stupidity and greed – The Xbox 360 has become the gaming world’s laughing stock.

    I am ashamed to be a 360 onwer.

  • Casserole

    It’s like paying for the same product twice, or even thrice if they were charging it in addition to your Gold membership. Though to be fair, my PVR gets used far more often than iplayer on the PC does.

  • Nelsondude6

    What is the opening and song and artist, cos I hear Modest Yahoo lol

  • mintmate

    Ha ha. Fairly entertaining.

  • Mr Too Fresh

    I loved the Modern Warfare and Left 4 Dead stories. Great stuff

  • mintmate

    This podcast covers a lot of material. Values and priorities are important.
    Though best as responsibility (over) technical skill.

  • desi k

    Modern Warfare 2 was, IMO, much easier on Veteran than MW1 (or WaW for that matter). The silos is where I got stuck at in the original also, I feel your pain. I had to help both of my brothers AND friends from our LAN parties to get past it on Veteran. I refused to help them on the Mile High epilogue though, two weeks of starting, stopping, yelling, and resetting was all I could stand.

    Good show, all around. Thanks for keeping me occupied at work.

  • Skunkslayer

    Good show. Brought back a lot of memories from working IT in the 90’s

  • NumberedJester

    At least I know what I’ll be listening to now.

  • Jayrossss

    I have a question:

    Why will Xbox live not let me download the Left 4 Dead 2 demo, but is perfectly fine with letting me buy Mass Effect 1 for $20?

  • Dark Tonino

    The question is if some day they are going to arrange the problem of the corrupt achievements.I go months denouncing a problem and neither the major nor nobody of microsoft helps me.

  • DGDean

    E and Stepto, thanks for covering your career history. As an IT professional of a similar age the descriptions you guys put together brought back many memories (some good, some bad), particularly the config.sys, himem.sys and Novell Netware comments. And whatever happened to Banyan Vines? (and does anyone remember Borland Paradox and Quattro…definitely dating myself now!)

  • The Phazer

    I’d also like to see MS try and justify this ridiculous block on the iPlayer on UK 360s. It’s really clumsy thinking by Microsoft UK that will really hurt the console’s market share over here given the Wii and PS3 both have it.

  • Defy1ng Grav1ty

    Enjoying the show so far. As a vegetarian who was getting tired of all the meat talk, I had to laugh at Eric’s reaction to Stephen serving duck for Thanksgiving dinner.

    And, at our house, we still call it “stuffing” even though there is no bird anywhere nearby.

  • tbs0

    great show!
    made my day :)

  • neda

    Awesome show, I had a really good time listening to it. My wife truly thought something was wrong with me, kept laughing out loud. Loved the Left 4 Dead 2 stories :D

  • drudaddy

    Great show guys, but part of the podcast made me very hungry with all of the food talk.

  • Major Moyo

    Inspiring show, and good flashback stories, God bless ya with your jobs!