December 2nd 2009 12:05 pm PT

Yes, you can haz Pony


4151058475_0936d934da_m[1] We’ve just announced that Pets are coming to the Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace. Tomorrow, the first shipment arrives and you’ll be able to choose from the following Pets at 240 points each:


Large Dog, Pug Dog, Dog in Bag, Cat, Siamese Cat, Long Haired Cat, Goldfish, Guinea Pig, Monkey, Bird, Snake and yes….a Pony.


I’ve uploaded a few examples to my Flickr site, but look for these new additions tomorrow on the Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace.









Edit: Added link to press release

Gaming By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Candy Bling

    I just want a German Shepherd or a longhaired Cat like Maine Coon couse siam cats are really ugly

  • Kickimanjaro

    Yay! You took my idea (I’m sure others thought of this too though…but I did post it back in the old update preview program forums) Awesome.
    – Kick

  • AriesDog

    Can we select the color of the cat?

  • BillyMagnumFOD

    ^^of course you cant choose a color. M$ frowns upon free customization

  • SkeletalRaider

    I actually think it’s pretty cool… I’m sure that my son will love having a dog with his avatar

  • NecronomiconUK

    Just a personal request for a German Sheppard Dog and a Rabbit please

  • waldo15

    Pets? That makes sense… you cannot have Horse Armor overpriced DLC without the Horse…

  • metallicorphan

    we need to be able to customize our Avatar pets,because if a Tri-Color/Tortoise shell moggy isn’t there,then its no buy for me

  • Kickimanjaro

    Can I have a free dog? lol…

  • Anonymous

    Em i want a BEAR please Grrrr! LOL

  • AutomaticOcelot

    What I’d love is a penguin. Might not happen anytime soon though. ;) Can we name them? lol

    If there can be unicorns, then my vote is a dragon, thanks.
    All of this makes me think the next Pinata game will have some incredible unlocks.

  • Agent Raven77

    I own an cat so this is a good ideal for animal lover.

  • Starcade

    No baby dinosaurs? Awe…

  • Vociferous Hobo

    Is there any way for Canadian (or other non-US) users to get the Chocobo pet? When I try to register I get the following message:
    You cannot sign up for FF XIII Promo – US because this program is not offered in your region.

    How about some love for your friendly northern neighbours :-).

  • Gonzo345



    What Gonzo said..

  • Logic Squirrel

    A penguin would be nice.

  • Vociferous Hobo

    To update my previous question: the promotion is actually available outside the US (in Canada and the UK at least), you just have to use the correct region-specific link.

  • Binarynova

    No offense Major, but we can buy up to 3 Indie Games or we can get a pet people only see on the off chance they look at their friends list? The only time I really look at my friends list is not on the NXE window, but in the plain gray box. Not a very hard choice for me. But truth be told I’m saving up to replace my PC and then I’ll only be buying exclusives (not timed ones, I can wait) for my 360.

    While many (I hope) people won’t be interested in buying these I bet I know something we’ll all almost pay for: A faster, cleaner, smoother interface.

    Bah, what am I saying? They won’t care about any of this. If people will pay more to change their brown dog to a black dog then MS will happily charge them. Who am I to change their minds?

  • bloodnutman

    Pity I cannot have a pet cow. I would call it Microsoft…Because they are good at milkin money from consumers

  • HFC

    Australian consumers DEMAND a bilby. Demand it we say. And a Roo. And a Sheila.

    Can we also have ‘on the arm’ Supermodels? I want some of what Tiger Woods is having ;)

  • Teh ShadowMan

    @HFC LOL Seconded!

  • Crashin Dan

    i want a koala

  • Exu

    @Shlugendah – I like your thinking! If all the points spent on certain items went to charity I’d be willing to part with some points. I’d happily donate to the RSPCA for an avatar animal.
    Until then, I’ll be sticking to my Monitor and Chocobo. Charity is a worthy cause, you are not.

  • HFC

    Everybody loves Bilbies, I know I do-woo-hoooo
    Everybody loves Bilbies, most Australians have 32
    Bilbies, bilbies, bilbies
    bilbies, bilbies, bilbies.

  • HFC

    A’hm originally fae Scotland ken ya bass

    Ah want a haggis. Tae pit in mah sporran Ken.

    And where’s mah Avatar kilt? Eh? Clan McRadge colours ken.

    Noo Ahm off. Tae get pished and batter mah missus. Kilts MSFT or i’ll stitch ye.

  • HFC

    Dear Mr Nelson,

    I’d very much like to see the 8 inch Australian one eyed trouser python appear as part of this release. It is my bestest pet ever and I know it is a huge hit with the ladies.


  • oO MG81 Oo

    Pet monkey?, sweet!. Waste of money?, yes!.

  • Jamjag

    I’m so going for the “Large Dog” hopefully it’s a Dobermann

  • aXXXXo


  • mycool 360

    I am normally of the opinion that paying for “Virtual Items” for my avatar is absurd…with that said, if they had a Dalmatian I’d be all over that puppy!

  • mchiefvs360

    Don’t know, doubt it though, like my Waypoint awards.

  • LittleBlueAlien

    Do people actually buy this crap? 240 points??? LOL!

  • Candy Bling

    So the Pets are Live but they don’t look real.
    Labrador is not a Labrador and longhaired Cat has not really long Hair….

  • Kenjuan

    trixie360: I actually requested that exact feature, when aceybongos & majornelson first announced the pets. Oddly, neither has gotten back to me, yet.

    DarkGin87: Your JoyRide window idea is cute, but how would you implement the other pets (eg. bag o’ dog, the bird, the pony).

    Veg1vo: Doh! Oh, yeah there already is a FREE pet, the Final Fantasy baby chocobo. I still would love to see my pet rock. I think it strikes the perfect balance of giving a pet to ALL members, while also goodheartedly penalizing us non-subscribers. :-p It should just lie there on the ground doing absolutely nothing despite the increasingly frantic attempts of your avatar to interact with it.

  • nodii

    Major – My suggestion for a pet is a Black Panther!


    For 240 pts, I wanna at least be able to RIDE that pony. And c’mon guys, you can’t have Avatar pets without a pot-bellied pig on that list!

  • BMF Irish ace

    this is sad soon ur going to have to get a job for ur avatar to buy all this crap

  • biggadeesanch

    Can I haz Bayonetta demo instead? :)

  • zeDuffMan

    I’d rather have a pedobear.

  • Sogeman


    1. The Props need to appear instantly when you look at a friend. I’m not staying on there for 10 seconds just to see if he may have a prop.

    2. Use more than one Prop and let it cycle through the ones you chose.

    3. Why cant I pan the Gamerpic-Camera down to my frickin dog. I want to use it as my Gamerpic but I cant pan down to my feet. I hate you

  • biggadeesanch

    Speak of the devil, the Bayonetta demo just turned up on Live :)

  • biggadeesanch

    Speak of the devil, the Bayonetta demo just turned up on Live :)

  • biggadeesanch

    Speak of the devil, the Bayonetta demo just turned up on Live :)

  • Phantaxus

    What happened to the Guinea Pig? Its not on the UK marketplace

  • Anonymous

    They forgot to feed the Guninea Pig, it is now an Ex Guinea Pig!

  • accolondotnet

    Yeah, I’m missing the Guinea Pig, too!


    That would have been cool if the proceeds from these pets went to some kind of charity or shelter for animals. It would probably generate some great press for the 360 and even the avatar haters would jump on board.

    Anyway, I want the monkey from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  • teH B4Tm4n

    I cant take a gamerpic of my pet its too low.

  • Gambit3rd

    Cute idea, pets are nice even if they could be rendered/designed better.
    The charity idea would be great!