December 7th 2009 2:16 pm PT

Deal of the Week: Rock Band No Doubt "The Singles 1992–2003" Album



Sonic The Hedgehog™ 2 ArcadeXbox LIVE Gold Members can purchase Rock Band No Doubt “The Singles 1992–2003″ Album for 1200 points this week. 





Add No Doubt “The Singles 1992 – 2003” Album to your Xbox 360 download queue



Deal, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Xebu

    Still showing as 1600MSP in the UK.

    I keep buying it but this stuff is bloody expensive!! Even with 25% discount it’s twice the price of the CD from Amazon, and I can’t even put this version on my iThingy.

  • Perixon

    Major, I’m sorry to say this but giving a 25% discount on stuff that – presumably – a minority of all Xbox 360 users own in the first place is hardly a deal in any sense at all.

    If you are really serious about these “deals”, you really have to sweeten them the way Valve does every single weekend – aggressive pricecuts (which means discounts in _excess_ of 50%) on software people are interested in. That leaves DLC out of the picture, Major. The community asks for cheap arcade games – not DLC.

  • Abe

    I would have jumped on this, had I not gotten 12 of the songs from Pepsi caps last summer. Im always happy to get an XBLA game, but Rock Band makes me happy too.

  • Xebu

    @PerixPerixon: I have picked up a few drops of DLC on these deals, but in general I’d vote for putting these deals on full games as well. You only have to look at the huge sales hikes the iPhone generates when they run discounts.

    This one is actually worse than most. Rock Band now has over 1000 tracks, a paltry discount on a dozen or so in a overpriced fixed pack is just an easy week off from temptation.

    On the other hand 25% off the whole catalogue and a buying spree may ensue.

    Even worse, on UK prices 25% off is actually no discount compared to the PS3. Last I checked all RB tracks on the PSN are 99p, about 117MSP, compared to 160MSP on XBL.

  • Anonymous

    I cant wait to see the crying that’ll come from this deal….

  • sleepydumbdude

    Oh well no reason to purchase any points this week and can use that money towards something else.

  • Radical R

    uk users can get and of these using the codes below
    £30 off £60 spend using code ZG003 or
    £15 off £25 spend using code ZG156 or
    £20 off £50 spend using code ZQ293
    at (same company that own littlewoods, probably uve seen the adverts around on tv with holly and ferne?) using the codes. Works only on ur 1st order. perfect way to get some cheap MSP. :)

  • Vegivo

    SWEET!!!Ive been wanting this album.Now i can finally make a purchase :D

  • trickybuz93

    Come on. How about we get some better deals like good arcade games people want or games on demand games?

  • AblativMeatshld

    Now you too can rock out playing horrible pop-ska!!

  • Shonk jr

    I have 3700 odd points on my profile
    and 21000 points in sealed cards sitting here
    and havnt got anything new in ages
    due to bad deals / prices

  • Major Moyo

    Xbox should put something brand new…not add-ons for the “deal of the week”..preferably arcade games…

  • captainjy

    Wow, not a great deal. Everything on Live is getting way out of hand. Major seriously, as a Gold subscriber where are the perks? How about how a free Holiday Theme or free Holiday Avatar gear? I am really disappointed with the lack of perks and bonuses as a paying member. As greedy as MS and Xbox Live has become with Avatar clothes, and so-called “Deals of the Week”, it’s almost embarrassing to be a paying subscriber.

  • Exu

    No Doubt? The Singles? Plural? Could have sworn they were known for one song…

  • PriusGuy2004

    No Doubt I’m gonna stick to the “Simple Kind of Life” and go on “Running” away from this deal this week because “It’s My Life”. Summary: yawn.

  • Susurration

    Would buy if I didn’t already own. Would love to see more rock band deals, though.

  • Resident Cynic

    “uk users can get and of these using the codes below

    £30 off £60 spend using code ZG003 or

    £15 off £25 spend using code ZG156 or

    £20 off £50 spend using code ZQ293

    at ”

    Just tried and you have to create a store card account (credit searcj) and the codes are no longer available. Very dodgy 40% interest charge as well if you don’t pay off. It’s a site designed to steal from council estate mums. Account insta-cancelled.

  • dogbomb

    I can only speak for myself, but I thought this was a great deal. Songs I don’t have, for a game I’ve only just started getting into… fab.

    Obviously every deal isn’t going to appeal to everyone, you have to take the rough with the smooth. Sometimes it’s great for you, other times it’s not so great and other people get the benefit.

    Oh well.

  • MrT820

    @Resident Cynic / Radical R is part of the Littlewoods group, and they make their money by offering great sounding discount codes, but they charge you the full amount, and only refund you the discount later, and only if they’re feeling really generous (otherwise, they’ll just say you didnt meet the criteria for using it). Avoid with a barge pole! You can get points cards for usually £15 from or, delivery takes about 3 days after dispatch.

  • Resident Cynic

    MrT820 – Cheers for the info, but I usually buy my points from Delivered by E-mail and usually always within the hour in my experience.

  • HenkvdWeerdt

    Nice music from Nou Doubt, but price can be a little nicer :)

  • Rayzilla69

    Major, Qix is pronounced ‘Kicks’, I remember reading that back in the 80s when it was released.