December 8th 2009 6:40 pm PT

Demo: Guitar Hero Van Halen


Guitar Hero® Van Halen® Content: Guitar Hero Van Halen Demo
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: [ESRB: T (Teen) MILD LYRICS,MILD SUGGESTIVE THEMES] Guitar Hero® is back and you get to rock with the ultimate party band, Van Halen! Experience the hot licks and scissor kicks that made Van Halen the legends they are today. 25 epic Van Halen tracks, three scorching Eddie Van Halen signature solos, and 19 guest acts give fans the most comprehensive arena rock set list to date.


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Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Abe

    This is a great game for the fans of the band, I got it free with GHV. Considering that is is the newest, it seems like a step back as the GHV engine isnt used, it is the world tour engine.

    I liked GH:Metallica better, and I think the other acts were better chosen on that one.

    You will need to know how to HO-PO on this one, and some songs I thought would be impossible are actually quite fun.

  • Computerdude103

    Hey good news. The live outage I predicted has already begun (confirmed by If you people ever learned from your mistakes it would be amazing. Lets hope this is enough of a wake up call to beef up your stuff before Christmas.

  • Snoogins

    +1 to Abe.

    This game has been taking it on the chin in a lot of mainstream reviews, and I guess in some respects rightfully so – this should’ve had everything in it that GH:Metallica did at the least. However, as a *huge* fan of VH, I am having loads of fun with this game. The note arrangements are great, and it strikes that balance between being accessable and difficult. If you like the songs, give it a try. I can’t put it down. :)

  • TBizzle4Shizzle

    Assuming there are 3 as always, what are the tracks featured on the demo?

  • DavidGX

    Can we just… let these guitar games die already?

  • Chakaal Starr

    I enjoy GH VH, I really think they should have had Sammy Hagar also in it though. It just doesn’t seem to be right to completely leave him out. Same with Cliff Burton on GHM.

    DavidGX, people have been saying the same thing of GTA and Halo too. Fortunately, money talks, and these games still make money as does GH and RB.

  • Major Nelson

    ComputerDude: WHAT live outage? What are you talking about?

    We are all green here:

  • Sneeches

    one of the worst bands in history gets a whole game of them…. blah!!!!!


    Computerdude103 forgot to pay his bill.


    According to who Sneeches. YOU…AND WHO ARE YOU?

  • XandizitxU

    @ComputerDude stoping using things that makes u imagine stuffs.

  • eiVaL

    the words to describe the 2 other bands on this demo would probably be censored automatically if not, Major Nelson would definitely ban me

    arent these other bands suppose to be ones that influenced the band? i dont remember any Weezer or Killswitch Engage albums from the late 70’s and early 80’s

    atleast Metallica had a few good songs from GREAT bands on their game.

  • Susurration

    Bleh, its too bad they don’t just do song packs like in Rock Band. With the exception of Beatles, all Rock Band songs (RB1, LRB, song packs) are playable in RB2…why doesn’t GH do this?

  • Soulr3ape

    Enough with the Guitar Hero’s this year ! Why dont you just take stock and come up with something actually worthwhile upgrading for and until then just release song packs.

  • eiVaL


    if you notice, all the songs from the supporting bands, are all from previous GH or RB games, lol

    and why does GH feel like they cant release just the 1 bands music?

    i mean so far the greatest 1 band spinoff has been the AC/DC rockband disc, their greatest hits nothing else.

    an it only cost like 20 or 30 bucks an you could import them to RB2.

    Metallica an VH would of been better off doing this.

    or release their entire albums, like the Beatles are doing.

    you cant tell me that the first 4 Metallica albums wouldnt of sold like crazy, or the first 6 albums of Van Halen(except maybe Diver Down) rather than these sampler games

  • Halwende

    Cover looks like Guitar Hero: Spiderman at a glance… wait, that doesn’t make any sense

  • Ark Hunter

    Shhh, don’t give them any ideas Halwende.

  • AriesDog posted a review way back in October. It’s a solid 4/5.