December 9th 2009 7:15 pm PT

Twitter, Facebook and Last.FM updates for those <18


A few moments ago we’ve released an update to the Twitter, Facebook and Last.FM applications on Xbox LIVE for all Xbox LIVE countries except for the US.  With this update, as promised, if you have a child account and you get parental approval, you’ll be able to have access to these applications. At this point, all Non-US Accounts should have access to them at this time. If you have a child account in the U.S., you will receive this update on December 15th, when these applications will appear in your Xbox 360 dashboard. Be sure to set Automatically log in or Remember me when setting up the application for the first time, otherwise you will be prompted for parental permission every time you launch the application


Thanks for your patience as we worked to develop the best solution to ensure that we are able to offer an age-appropriate environment for everyone on Xbox LIVE.



Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • neda

    well done, thanks for taking the time to allow even more users to enjoy the features in a smart, responsible way. Having read the preview program forums, I know many users out there will love this update

  • Skunk175

    While it’s silly this wasn’t there when it came out, nice it’s here at least.

    Now do something about the child account ban on videos and demoes, I can’t download FF13 stuff. >_>

  • Skunk175

    While it’s silly this wasn’t there when it came out, nice it’s here at least.

    Now do something about the child account ban on videos and demoes, I can’t download FF13 stuff. >_>

  • Anonymous

    It’s a shame the “Automatically log in or Remember me” resets everytime you move your gamertag to a different console (either by moving the HD or MU) and then use any of those features. Otherwise they might actually be useful for people like me that have more than one console in the house.

  • Frag Monger

    Nice. This will make quite a few underage gamers happy campers. :)

  • CyberKnight

    Hmm. So does this remove the requirement to enter the parental override code when accessing those features?

    Does this affect Waypoint (which I need to enter my override code *twice* when I want to launch)?

    How and where do I (as a parent) grant or remove access to those apps?

    This is starting to get complicated…

  • Killev

    i have a question? actually i have named my country as US in my xbox but i actually dont live in US I LIVE IN europe so will i still get an update

  • Gooser711

    I’m in the US and got this update just now even though I’m apparently not supposed to but it keeps saying update required over and over and over again. I must have applied the update 10 times already. Still can’t access because it says update required. So does this mean I can’t access until the 15th now?

  • Gooser711

    Smooth move on the quality control Microsoft

  • Gooser711

    Workaround: Re-downloaded the application, applied the update and now I’m in finally… Shouldn’t have to be this way

  • VIP0R

    I Still haven’t been able to log onto Zune Marketplace Via Xbox 360 and I thought maybe in some strange way this was the problem (Even though im 22).

    Any ideas why I still can’t Access Zune Marketplace, even though other accounts on the same 360 can access it?

  • Wikkiwild1

    I haven’t received the update yet. I am in Canada, I am hoping that there will be Last.FM but I am not holding my breath.

  • Wikkiwild1

    I am in Canada and I just got the Facebook update, but nothing for Twitter, and no Last.FM.

  • FTA Talisman

    Alright, I am under 18. I have a question or two about this. I see Facebook and Twitter on the “My Community section. TO be able to use it, do I have to go to family settings and set some new function that allows me to use these things. Or is it that since I already had everything enabled now I can use Facebook, twitter etc. Just a little clearing up.

    By the way. i was rereading that and I hope it makes sense to whoever reads it.

  • Computerdude103


    Did you create your account before you were 18? If so, you need to “promote” it to an adult account since you’re now over 18. That can be done somewhere in the dashboard. If you’ve already done that, then I’m really not too sure what would be stopping you from accessing Zune..

  • ggwenlan

    yay!! bout time!! still not sure on how to get the last fm though..

  • DelRiego

    still no in Mexico

  • NvaderJim

    any one else notice the like button is missing in this update?

  • bUbbALoUmCc

    I am writing this to try to get some help for my cousin and his wife. They were mad that they couldnt use these features so they will be happy about this news when I tell them. There is other problems. They made a account and they put there sons info in and he is 11. They let him play Halo and also other M rated games if they check the content and ask me Q’s about it first.
    Here is the problem. They cannot download any M or RP rated game video’s or Demo’s. They did not know when they set up the account that there would be a problem like this. They were under the impression that they would use the parental settings to control things. They have 6 or 7 months left on there Live and there has to be a way to transfer that if they have to make a new account that is above 18.
    It is not fair because they are just now running into all these problems and they were able to buy Ultimate Mortal Kombat (M rated) and also Fable 2 Episodes(M Rated) which my cousins wife really feel in love with and got all the DLC

    Is this selective or what? So as long as you pay money it’s OK to buy M rated things? What is going on? This is Stupid!!!

    Please any help would be great.

  • i tomek i

    Now, if you can’t launch xbl in Poland, plx release update to remove stupid “This item is not available in your current location” bs on xbl for non xbl supported countries.

    Why i can not download doom or cod classic from xbl? I’m not german or japanese…

  • Ark Hunter

    I got an update on the Facebook app today and I’m in the US.

  • nate22692

    It’s sad that those of us who signed up using our real birth dates are penalized for doing so. I used to use my 360 for watching new game trailers and demos until they stopped letting child accounts download M and RP rated content(unless you pay for it). We had to wait for Windows Live Messenger because it initially didn’t let you use a child account. Now with the latest update we had to wait for Facebook, Last.FM, and Twitter. Microsoft says they want parents to choose what is appropriate for their children. Really?! From where I’m standing they’re looking a little hypocritical.

  • Bazajaytee

    Why is region locked out of Sweden by the way?
    I can create an account on the website so it isn’t blocked on PC.
    I tell you what guys, Microsoft has messed up region locking (see CoD Classic) in the last year and it is annoying the hell out of me.

  • IKiddo

    @Baza Go onto the site and see if you can do more than scroble music. Aka listen to the actual radios. That is probably because has changed from being free world wide to free in certain places to listen to the radios.


    Why don’t you guys just promote your child account to an adult account?
    There is an option on the dash, in the accounts section I think – not sure exactly where as I don’t have a child account.
    You can also call up MS & have them do it for you.

  • rastansaga

    Will Major comment on the fact that if you purchase Qix++ you only get half the game? The trial “help” pages mention non-existent modes and make no mention that you’ll have to pay EXTRA for these at a later date. It’s “Bait and Switch”, just like Taito tried with “Exit” if I remember?

  • VIP0R


    Yeah I did that the day it went live on the Ye Olde Dashboard, but ever since then the odd thing doesnt work because of it.
    I just wish I waited 3 days and created my account on my 18th birthday all them years ago lol
    Never really thought anything like that would cause a problem! =[

  • Perixon

    Major, does this update mean that the European Union will finally get access?

  • Anonymous

    im in uk and i can see facebook and the rest, but when i click on them it says this is blocked for your age group????

  • twpps

    From what i know.. wont be available in canada due to CRTC restriction.
    if you want on your xbox in canada you have to file a complaint to the CRTC..

  • Killev

    i still havent got the update? i live in middle east

  • Anonymous

    OMG this update is shocking i have to keep asking my mum to come in and put her password in whenever i want to go on something! :@

  • xX GOJAG Xx

    Major, where do I stand with my two 11 year old children – still blocked for another 2 years??

  • yodasodayo

    It is about time this update came out. I was so mad when I found out child accounts could not get to Facebook! Now I just gotta wait until Tuesday.

  • Bazajaytee

    @ IKiddo, thanks for the heads up, I’ll give that a try.

  • MrSmith1956

    I am in the US. When I tried to access the Facebook app last night the download screen appeared. It said I had previously downloaded the app but could download it again. In other words the app was gone. I downloaded the app again and when I ran it the update prompt came up. Downloaded the update and all is working again. Still don’t understand where the app went though. I am wondering if it had anything to do with being in the preview program. I know I accessed it after the preview was finished but for some reason it disappeared.

  • JoJoStarFire

    Free Christmas Prop in the Avatar Marketplace. Just letting everyone know, who doesn’t already

  • Anonymous

    Haha. I didn’t really notice an age restriction.

  • Assassinator010

    Meh, new Facebook isn’t anything special.