December 15th 2009 4:34 pm PT

Twitter, Facebook and Last.FM now available for those <18 in the U.S.


In case you missed my post last week, I want to remind you that as of today Twitter, Facebook and Last.FM are now available for Xbox LIVE members with child accounts. If you have a child account over 13, and you get parental approval, you’ll be able to have access to these applications. Be sure to set Automatically log in or Remember me when setting up the application for the first time, otherwise you will be prompted for parental permission every time you launch the application.  Enjoy and thanks for your patience.


Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Uzumaki15

    Are we supposed to be able to see them in the my community because I still can’t see them.

  • warlost

    What is going on with Last.FM in Quebec?

  • Air23Maxx

    Where have the “Live Activity” charts been for the last few weeks? Anyone?

  • Dark Tonino

    Instead of things as the facebook, the Twiiter that they do not serve for anything. He might microsoft allow a player to repair his gamertag after suffering an error. Of course it is important and not to have the facebook in the Interface of Xbox 360.


    I got the facebook update but not the one for or twitter..How can we access the applications if they don’t appear under My Community (or music marketplace for Also when do we receive a notification for the update..when we startup the dashboard and sign-in to xbox live or when we startup one of the applications?

  • EveofLight

    The update kept asking me to update even after I accepted it so the way I fixed it was deleting Facebook from my memory and then redownloading it again and I didn’t need to update after that. This is just in case anyone else has those problems.

  • sickspider1

    woooooooooo cant wait to try it out

  • toopro4show

    @ warlost is only available in Canada in the form of a 30-track trial on the website, and nowhere else, since March 15 this year.

    Sucks, I know. :\

  • oue

    Anyone know why Major stop doing the TOP 10 games? I miss it!

  • A Place for Us

    Air23Maxx: No point keep copy/pasting your comments each time. Seen that comment in other entries. You made your point clear already.


    Now that Modern Warfare 2 has buried halo 3 and odst Microsoft stops sending out the top ten Live activity for the week. Coincidental? Yeah right!

  • mchiefvs360

    Halo FTW

  • mccalejk

    OUE, he is probably just too busy.

  • modemman11

    learn to read, MN clearly said WHEN YOU LAUNGH THE APP you will get the update

    Yes, we know, you want the activity charts, stop saying it over and over in every post

  • warlost

    @toopro4show: Quebec, is a province of Canada, you know…


    @modemman11 actually he didn’t specifically said when the you receive the prompt for the actual update to was only mentioned that everytime you launch the app you will be prompted for parental permission..theres a difference

    anyways i got everything to work now..twitter and facebook now appear under my community and is under music marketplace…thanks major


    Please make Last.FM available to us Europeans!!

  • Serblander

    Hi Major, any news or possible dates of when we would be able to get in Australia (if ever)? Haven’t heard nor read of the status of this for Down Under. Thanks