December 22nd 2009 5:01 pm PT

Play 1 v 100 for FREE and the new Games Music Marketplace


As many of us prepare to take a few days off around during the Holiday Season, I wanted to let you know that 1 v 100 Live will have a special Holiday episode on December 26th @ 9p ET/6p PT that everyone can play…for free. 1 v 100 Live will be free for all Xbox LIVE members (Gold and Silver) from Dec. 24th to the 28th (in regions where it is available.)

Additionally, later today when you sign in to Xbox LIVE, watch for the brand new Games Music Marketplace. Look for specific Music stores for games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Lips.

When you’re browsing your dashboard, you can enter the the stores from this image:


Look for this...


That will bring you to the Music Games stores.


Music Game Stores



Here is the official press release on this and more.


Have a great Holiday and I’ll see you online.


Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Vegivo

    Those Music stores are what we Music game fanactics have been needing thx :D

  • HsitH

    I downloaded the RB Music Store, the fact that i don’t have to put my RB 2 disc to check the DLC difficulty makes it all worthy. Thanks Major.

    P.S. Holiday deal of today (Stargate episode) sucks!, throw more game offers. Please

  • Julio Ernesto

    There will be Achievements?

  • Vegivo

    @HsiTH ppl have already pointed out that the Stargate they have for 80 Ms points is free online and netflix also WTF!!!And im agreeing with you also.More game deals PLZ!!!

  • Vegivo

    @Julio nope there arent just like Halo waypoint no cheevos


    I’ve had these Music Games Stores on my dash for a while now…

  • hied

    A few days of 1 vs. 100 free for silver during the holidays? Nice. Thanks, Microsoft. Maybe I can finish the free 200 points of chievies. (Jeeze did I just say chievies?)

    Now if you could just fix your awful policy of not letting people delete their credit cards from their account I might go gold again. If you buy a gold subscription directly from Microsoft, the credit card number you use can’t be deleted from your account until you go back down to Silver.

  • theuglyteradon

    Touché, Major!

  • MeridusBeta

    Thank god! Now all the song packs won’t clutter up the actual addons section. Finding something that isn’t plastic instrument based in there is a nightmare at the moment.

  • Rykin Poe

    Does the release of these Game Music Marketplace apps mean that the music games will finally quit dominating the Game Add-Ons in the New Arrivals section? It can be really annoying to see that section full of nothing but music game stuff. The newest Brutal Legend DLC was on that list for one maybe two days before the weekly deluge of music game stuff pushed it off. If this doesn’t fix this issue then please how about you pass on the need to separate the normal game add-ons from the music game add-ons to the Dashboard team?

  • PiMD

    Rykin Poe, I agree, I would like to look through the New Arrivals without all the Music Game songs. Though it is easy to just use the browse function too and just goto the let of the game you are looking for. Simple enough. How about instead of spending more time fixing stupid things like that we get NO ADVERTISEMENTS on live since we are paying for the damn service.

  • modemman11

    I would also like the music game DLC to stop dominating the new releases section. I mean, there were several times I would look on the new releases screen for a DLC I wanted to buy on the day it was released, just to not see it because there were 20 songs released that day for the various games, which made the music DLC just push the DLC that I wanted all the way off of the list, and I had to browse to the DLC the long way. Didn’t the old blades dashboard just list the game, then you had to click on it to see all the new DLC? Why can’t we bring that back just for music games?

    Also, I don’t see the difference in the music store. I click it and just get taken to a list of games, then when I click one it takes me to the regular downloads list screen, just like it’s done for weeks now.

    Oh, and LOL @ thinking these will have achievements.

  • hied

    Julio Ernesto may have been asking if 1 vs 100 live will have achievements. It does include 200 achievement points for this season. I would assume silver would be able to get the achievements but I’m not sure.

  • modemman11

    Another thought: is it just me or are these music store apps pointless and stupid? Why can’t I just go the the marketplace on the dashboard, go the the game I want, show all downloads, and sort by newest first? What’s wrong with that? I still don’t need to load up the game that way either, and sometimes it’s actually faster than waiting for an app to load.

  • shadaik

    As a heads up, for some reason at least Germany is not getting Stargate Continuum for 80, but Rocky instead (tbh, I would clearly have preferred Stargate).

    Also, I second everybody’s hope that the music games will finally stop cluttering the list of new add-ons. With five major music game franchises getting several songs weekly, it became a mess.

  • shadaik

    Whoops, sorry, that last post was in response to Major’s twitter. I somehow mixed that up into this entry in my mind.

  • Quaranj

    We got the standard def cut of Killer Klowns form Outer Space here in Canada for 80 points.

  • theuglyteradon

    Aren’t all of these movies already available on Netflix (streaming)?

  • VirtueTek

    “Games Marketplace” = Brilliant!!

    Now we won’t see the “Game Add-ons” filled with tons of new songs for the music games. Good thinking boys!

  • TidalPhoenix

    Games Music Marketplace – superb idea! That person deserves a Christmas Bonus. Very cool!

  • VegazDragon

    Free 1 vs. 100 is nice but not allowing silver to download the GH CHRISTMAS SONG until after Christmas is quite the grinch move especially when PS3 folk get it at the same time.

    Maybe when that rewards program comes out the ~$500-$600 worth of DLC I’ve bought will mean I’ll stop getting treated like a 5th class citizen because I don’t want to play online.

  • DelRiego

    Stupid arbitrary regions

  • A Place for Us

    Does this mean the newest additions to Game Add-Ons won’t be cluttered with all the music games?


    Not available in NL cause we aint real customers..

  • x SHORTY x

    This is annoying, I use my remote to navigate my Xbox 90% of the time when I am not playing a game, but the Rock Band marketplace doesn’t support the commands from the IR remote… Even Uno lets me play with the remote! Why can’t I buy music with it!

  • ElektroDragon

    Thank goodness! Does mean we won’t be bombarded with dozens of panels of music downloads every time we look under New Releases in the Games marketplace? God, I hope so.

  • rastansaga

    Good to see Microsoft rewarding those who pay for Gold with… free sessions of 1 vs 100 – which is already free for Gold. Merry Christmas yourself

  • Melted Forest

    Hurray MS,
    For not letting the country that invented 1 vs 100 play.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Karachi King

    @modemman11: I can only speak for the Rock Band store, but it offers much better sorting options (band, song, etc) for people new to the game, or people who want to find older DLC easier.

  • wolfzero01

    about time you got something like this, it will make it easier to find stuff

  • I Yova I

    music game stores are cool but I hate them being listed as played games on my gamercard