December 24th 2009 6:14 pm PT

Demo: Dante’s Inferno – Gates of Hell Demo


Dante's Inferno™Content: Dante’s Inferno – Gates of Hell Demo
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: Dante’s Inferno The Gates of Hell Demo – Discover an epic adventure based on the first part of Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece, “The Divine Comedy”. Playing as Dante, you must defeat Death and arm yourself with his scythe as you prepare to descend into the nine circles of Hell and rescue the soul of your beloved Beatrice from Lucifer himself.



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Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Vegivo

    Demo is awesome cant wait for retail release :) and why arent US gamers getting the Isaac Clarke costume?

  • Stickybean

    Sweeet its downloading now but i did notice its not showing up in the new demo section. I don’t see it at all but the link through on the pc works.I cant wait to try this game out. Thanks major for the info

  • Neo003

    Too late, already played on ps3 week ago.

  • Major Moyo

    finally some Devil May Cry look-alike…can’t wait!

  • Supreme Entity

    I must say that after playing the PS3 version, I too am looking forward to this game. Downloading on the X360 to compare/contrast differences, if any.

  • Vegivo

    @MasterBoy90 dont you mean God war look-alike lol and HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!

  • QualityJeverage

    I’m giving it a download, but it’s gonna have to be pretty frakkin’ good to make me want to buy it, I’ve had about enough of EA’s pathetic marketing campaign insulting my intelligence. How stupid do they think we are with that garbage?

  • Azwethinkweiz12

    It’s not appearing the demo section in the 360. And the Disney avatar collection isn’t either.


    Yeah I’m downloading it now, but so far the Marketplace link here is the only way to access it. I looked everywhere on the Dashboard and couldn’t find it.

  • PAT2K9

    I loved the demo. I will have to buy this game when it comes out.

  • A Place for Us

    It was up here in Europe for me earlier today on new game demos.

  • kuroi albatross

    UNO Rush is still 800 here, and it’s already 11 PM… -_-

  • Anonymous

    finally, decent demo

  • Shonk jr

    Uno rush was 400 earlier but would error when trying to download it
    now its back to 800

    please get this fixed

  • Major Nelson

    The team is working on fixing Uno Rush. Sorry about the delay


    Just played the demo, and it’s shameful what a blatant God of War ripoff this game is, but it’s still fun if you like those kind of games.

  • Boe2

    Those calling it a GoW ripoff really should play more games of this genre. Or are you also going to call Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden GoW ripoffs?

    That being said, the demo was pretty fun. Combat does not feel as smooth as Ninja Gaiden (actually, this game is surprisingly easy), but the mood is pretty nice. Shame we didn’t get to play in Hell in the demo.

  • zenoplex

    hey major
    you sure its “all region”?
    Can’t seem to download from Japan :(

  • Anonymous

    this demo eats Divinity 2 alive

  • Xlrking

    This game is gonna get a lot of publicity and news reporters complaining that its a truely ”evil” game and such.
    Cant wait.


    @ Boe2: It’s precisely because I’ve played the GoW games and their knockoffs that I can tell that this is yet another one. But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to play though.
    @ TigerKneeCrush: Apples and oranges. You can’t compare the two.

  • ImaginedBug

    I tried the demo on PSN a while ago, and really didn’t like it. Perhaps the excruciatingly long time it took to download and then install the demo had something to do with it too (gotta love the 360’s download & play), but I’ll still leave this game alone.

  • KazamaSogetsu

    Yeah, DI’s gameplay reminds me a whole lot of GoW, it’s like Bayonetta to DMC. While a game showing such similarities sounds bad, it’s not so bad as long as they’re doing a good job on mimicking the good parts and expanding it by their own mechanics.

    Personally I’m getting it because of the gameplay (unholy & holy exp system) and story.

  • D4rth T Man7iz

    First, I must admit I had my doubts about this game, after giving the Demo a try, I have to say that it resembles God of War, which is a good thing and story-wise is really gripping and interesting. The graphics are pretty awesome, the game play has very good mechanics something you will get used to arguably fast. The type of cut scenes are just gorgeous, I hope these appear throughout the game.

    I only have 2 complains so far, first; the are some enemies that have weak and simple animations when they are a few seconds away from dying, what I exactly mean is that they corpses dissapear way to fast, and at the end it looks kindof cheap.

    Second; whats up with the blood?, it may be because after having played Ninja Gaiden too much, the rest of the action/adventure games look like Viva Pinata, but come on Dante’s Inferno could receive a lot of improvement in this aspect, just look at it and you will instantly know what I mean.

    All in all, it seems this is a title worth picking up, especially for all the true/hardcore action/adventure games fans out there, if you enjoy playing Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry, God of War or Bayonetta, then DanteĀ“s Inferno is a good choice for you.

    I highly recommend you downloading and beat the Demo several times, in order to make up your mind, just be fair with your judgment ;-)

  • Ghost of Kirin

    This game’s not for me… A pity really, since I really loved the story aspects and the narration of the title very much! I just found the gameplay to be somewhat mediocre – been there done that – kind of formula.

    I guess after playing Bayonetta, everything else in the same category just pales by comparison. While Bayonetta fell short and suffers from story narrative, it more than makes up for that kudos deficit with it’s gameplay mechanics. And since video games are more about what you play; how you interact with a controller, and NOT JUST with perusal or gazing at a game like a movie, then, one has to factor in the gameplay mechanics here. Of course, that goes without saying that it would be wonderful to have a game that’s almost perfect in every department, story narration, graphics and sound to perfect gameplay mechanics, but these titles pop up once in a long, long while.

    So, in short, Dante’s Inferno just lacked that extra excitement in its gameplay mechanics to hold a candle amongst the greatest titles out there.

  • Anonymous

    keep crying

  • Renown Recon

    Lol, I can’t believe we can actually get a gamer pic that says “Go To Hell” on it lol. I wonder if I’ll get suspended for using it? I’m sure that it will tick a lot of people off.


  • Twilight Miasma

    Game is freaking awesome! It can give God of War a run for its money >:)

  • MeS FEAR

    love the story,the gameplay,the graphics,all of it is like god of war. A Must Have to me

  • Renown Recon

    Ok, so I played the demo and I really like it. I found it to be really nicely put together, and wonderful cut scenes. I was a little shocked to see that this game has nudity in it lol. (I guess I really shouldn’t be considering the gamer pics.)

    Overall, I find the game to be lots of fun, and I may just purchase this game in Feb.


  • Jonabob87

    Played the demo of this last night and…it’s utterly ridiculous. It is connected to Dantes poem only in name and in that it has hell in it. Virgil is in it I suppose but I don’t remember him ever teaching Dante magic spells(and I’ve read the poem).

    It doesn’t even stay true to Christian mythos. Death as a living character? Sooo stupid.

    Not buying (clearly).

  • DavidGX

    Game is pretty BA. I love it.


    This demo was cool. It seems the demos are always a bit less than what the actual game would be , so I think this game will be a winner. I wish it had some multiplayer in it though.